Kumkum Bhagya 27th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Vishaka loses her cool on Ashutosh’s family

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Kumkum Bhagya 27th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Sheela telling that A is written on Poorvi’s hand. Vishaka says yes, it is A. Diya says no, it is RV’s R. Everyone is shocked. Beena checks Poorvi’s mehendi and says it is RV’s R. Ashutosh’s Dadi says the mehendi will not be on her hands, clear mehendi from her hands, she will not get mehendi on her hands. Beena says take off this mehendi, when Poorvi is marrying Ashutosh, how can you write R on her hand. Suresh drinks while walking in the corridor. Ranbir follows him and asks if this is the way to talk or behave. He asks if this is your manners? Suresh asks what did I do? Ranbir says if you had apologized to me once then I would have forgiven you, and says if I had done mistake then I would have apologized to you. He says you want to misbehave and get rude, I was about to go from here and stayed back as you told that you have a son, and asks if your son will learn respect and manners from you, and asks if you teach him this. He says you will have bahu at your house soon, and tells him that no person become small or big if says sorry, and says you will be called as respected guy if you say sorry. Suresh says I don’t need your lecture, I will tell you how much respected I am. He says I will call my son, wife and my bahu’s mother to prove how good and respected I am. Ranbir says I don’t think that anyone of your family have manners, and asks him to bring his family to his room no. 101. He goes.

Ashutosh is with his friends and asks if he shall change his clothes, as he asked his students not to wear such clothes. His friend tells that he is looking good and shall wear such clothes. He tells that if he was a girl then he would have propose him to marry him. He says you are looking handsome. Other friend says Ashutosh is getting married and is patnivrata (dedicated to wife). Ashutosh says he will see other girls even though married, and says what my wife will do. A lady dancer comes there and tells Ashutosh that she likes him. Ashutosh says he likes her too. She says I am the last sight of your bachelorhood. Ashutosh says she is hot. Just then light goes.

Ashutosh’s Dadi asks the designer if she had written R or A. The designer says she had written A. Dadi says but it has become R. Diya says RV’s R. Beena asks what do you want to say and asks Servant to bring the bowl and says they will wipe the mehendi. Diya says mehendi is good. Ashutosh’s Dadi tells that Manpreet ji just explained about the importance of the guy’s name initial on the girl’s hand and says Ashutosh is in her destiny so his name shall be on her hand too. Bijli brings the bowl and water. Beena washes Poorvi’s mehendi with water. Diya says may be RV is in Poorvi di’s destiny. Prachi asks her not to joke. Ashok says I will make her understand and asks Diya, why she is saying this again and again. Diya says don’t know why I am saying this, and tells that she has this thing in her heart. Ashok says if RV or Poorvi want to marry each other then would have told us. Vishaka says if RV wanted to marry her then he would have brought his alliance for Poorvi. Divya says else he would have such a situation then when we get them married. Beena says the mehendi is gone, but the R is printed on Poorvi’s hand with mehendi. Beena asks the designer to draw some flower on R, but the designer tells that the design will be ruined, and she can’t rectify it now. Jasbir tells his guard that his name’s last alphabet is printed on her hand. Vishaka asks Jasbir to bring juice for them, thinking him waiter.

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The dancers start dancing in the bachelor party. Ashutosh looks at the dancers. The dancer dances with Ashutosh and takes off his jacket. Jasbir comes there and sees dancer dancing with Ashutosh. He takes the dancer to the room. The girl says she is just a dancer and is not such types of girl. Ashutosh says he is good and is one woman man, and says he is rich and buy 1000’s of girls and can spend night with them, but I will not do it, as I love my Poorvi and will marry her. He says the guy with whom you was dancing, Qutub Minar is Poorvi’s fiance and today is their sangeet. The girl tells that she will not marry him. Jasbir tells that your bad days haven’t come, and says he is tall and will spend half of the time to set his specs. He asks her to sit and tells that he just wants her to dance with him, so that he can talk to Poorvi and make her understand. He says it is a good deed to unite two lovers. He gives him a bundle of notes and says I will give you more, you have to just dance with him. She agrees. Jasbir says you are cute, but dont know how you will look after taking off make up.

Vishaka says enough and says I believe in the rituals more than you, and asks if the marriage shall be called off if any of the ritual go wrong. She says what is this drama about the alphabet and asks Susheela, Beena and Sheela if they want to cancel the marriage, as the alphabet didn’t get removed from her hand. She asks them not to waste time and say it fast.

Precap: Jasbir kidnaps Poorvi and takes her from there. He shows his face to her and says I am Jassi. RV comes there and tells Jassi that Poorvi doesn’t like him. He gives him last warning and asks him to go.