Kumkum Bhagya 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshay and Ranbir warn each other


Kumkum Bhagya 25th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Akshay tells Abhay that he can’t bear if someone will try to snatch his prachi from him and then he will kill that person. Abhay says this is happening since kumkum incident and asks him not to let the negative thoughts come in his mind. Ranbir looks at Prachi and thinks of her words that Akshay was wiping kumkum from her forehead though she had said that it is paining. Akshay asks Prachi to try the saree and says it is good. Ranbir signs her that it is not good. Prachi go

Ranbir looks at Prachi holding Akshay’s shoulder. Akshay looks upset at Ranbir. Ranbir moves his foot from the saree. Akshay picks it and cleans with his hand. He then gives the saree to Prachi for the trial. Prachi goes inside the trial room. Akshay tells Ranbir that he wants to talk to him. Ranbir says even I want to talk to him.

Mihika asks Divya to hold the stuff chosen by her. Divya says I have come here for you. She says even I have come for shopping and asks her to hold the dresses while she selects the dress for herself. Mihika senses someone’s presence there, and the guy is seen walking there. Divya asks if you are ignoring me and says she will go. Mihika asks her to be with her. Divya asks if you are okay? Mihika says she has a feeling that someone is keeping eye on her. Her hands start shaking.

Ranbir asks Akshay what is his problem? Akshay says you. Ranbir says I know the reason, but wants to hear from you. Akshay says I have a feeling that you are trying to come between Prachi and me. Ranbir praises his guts to ask this question from him. Akshay thanks him and says I have shown my courage and asks him to show his guts. Ranbir asks him not to challenge his guts and says the question is good, who is coming between whom? Akshay warns Ranbir and asks him not to do it. Ranbir asks him not to do it. Akshay asks what is your problem? Ranbir says I had applied kumkum in Prachi’s maang mistakenly and your behavior became weird suddenly. Akshay asks if Prachi told you. Ranbir says no, everyone of us saw your behavior and asks him to stop it. Akshay asks him to stop his foolish acts as he don’t like it either.

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Mihika tells Divya that she likes the dress. Divya says even I like it. Mihika asks her to keep it, and then says she will try the dress. Divya says ok. Mihika is going to the trial room, when suddenly that guy comes infront of her and takes her to side. Mihika looks at him and says Mayank….you. Mayank says yes, I love you and knows that even you loves me. He says you loves me.

Prachi comes out wearing the saree and tells Sunita that the saree is not good, and asks her to show some other saree. Sunita gives the saree to her chosen by Ranbir. Prachi says it is good. Sunita says it was selected by that Sir, he is good, your ex. She says we, girls can feel and asks Prachi why she didn’t marry him and says you shouldn’t have left him. Prachi thinks of her moments with Ranbir and tells Sunita that he left me for someone else, not once but many times. She says what it seems to be good, is not always the same.

Mihika asks him to leave her hand. Mayank holds her hand tightly. Mihika gets afraid. Mayank leaves her hand and tells that she used to send 500 messages to him. He says he used to come to her house to cheer her up. Mihika says if you had loved me, then wouldn’t have married some other girl. Mayank says so what, and tells that he will love her only. He sees Ranbir and says he had come to my marriage with you. Mihika says yes, he is my boyfriend and asks him not to touch her again. She goes to Ranbir and asks if he likes the dress, like she is his choice and is best. Mayank gets angry and injures his hand.

Precap: Akshay asks Mihika to control her boyfriend and asks why he is staying away from her. Mihika offers help to Prachi to tie her lace. Prachi says I will do it. Ranbir is inside the trial room and asks shall I go now. Mihika hears Ranbir and asks if he is here.