Kumkum Bhagya 25th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Prachi stays back for Akshay’s family


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Then Episode starts with Ranbir saying that Akshay has insulted me too, and has assassinated my character too. He says Akshay said that I try to trap you and asks if I do that. He says I don’t do all this, and says I am not asking you to apologize to me on his behalf, and behaving nicely with you then why you are behaving this way with me. Pallavi asks with whom you are expecting this, and tells that she is not favoring Akshay or trying to save him. She says Prachi will leave this house and will not stay back here. She says what she knows to do rather than giving pain to everyone and can torture everyone. She says Akshay will have the same thing which happened with….Dida stops her and asks her not to lit the fire. Vishaka asks Prachi what is our mistake in this, and says Ashok and Manpreet love you a lot. She says Manpreet has slapped Akshay and he realized his mistake. She requests her to give a chance to Akshay. Ashok says I trusted you so that you can mend Akshay’s ways and brings happiness in the house, and says you did this too. She says if you leave then this house will become lifeless. He says we all will make him mend his ways, and asks her not to leave. Manpreet asks Prachi to leave if she wants to leave, and says where there is no trust, there is nothing, where there is no self respect, there is nothing, and tells that the problem is in her and her upbringing, and says I couldn’t give good values to him. She says I couldn’t teach my son, how to behave with women and that’s why I don’t deserve to be forgiven too, asks her to go and punish her. Prachi cries and asks her not to apologize to her. Akshay says I am really very sorry to you, and if you want then I am ready to bend down on my knees and apologize. He asks her to give him a chance if he has done something for her, and says he is ready to rub his nose infront of her. Prachi stops him and says she is staying back for the family and not for him. She hugs Manpreet and cries.

Ranbir drinks wine. Aryan comes there and asks what has happened? Ranbir says how dare he to say this to Prachi, and says Prachi has a clean heart. Aryan says it happens in jealousy. Ranbir says I know their relation, and tells that Prachi should have slapped Akshay and says she should have leave the house, but she stayed back. Aryan says Akshay had apologized. Ranbir says I will talk to her, when I had doubted her, she left me and today she stayed back when Akshay insulted her.

Dida comes to Pallavi and confronts her, saying if she has hatred for Prachi still. Pallavi says I don’t trust Prachi and says I am sure that Ranbir is doing this marriage so that he stays near Prachi. She says I heard them talking. Dida asks what they were talking.

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Akshay comes to Prachi thinking about Vishaka and Manpreet’s words. Akshay comes to Prachi and says sorry. Prachi asks him not to do, and says if had any doubt on me then should have talked to me, but you insulted me infront of everyone in party, and says you did wrong. She says we are adult and mature individual, and says you have accused me infront of everyone. She says we are not husband and wife, and that’s why we don’t know each other and can have misunderstanding, but we shall handle it. She says Khushi is in my life because of you. She says I don’t want to hurt you, you are my friend and has done many favors on me. Akshay says I haven’t done any favors on you. Prachi says you have done many favors on me, and asks him to go, says they will talk later. She cries. Akshay goes.

Dida asks what they were saying? Pallavi recalls Ranbir and Prachi confessing love to each other, and Ranbir telling that lets elope, and Prachi telling that she just wants to be with him. She says people doesn’t lie in drunkard state. Dida asks if Ranbir said that he is marrying Mihika to stay closer to Prachi. Pallavi says Ranbir didn’t regard me as good mother, but I am a good and truthful mother. She asks Dida to say if Ranbir could love someone else, and says his heart is still beating for Prachi, and she got married to Akshay and is staying with them. She says Akshay’s mother loves Prachi so much and regards her as her daughter, and not her son. She says Prachi has everything and Ranbir doesn’t have his family. She says Ranbir lost everything and Prachi got everything, including Ranbir like lover who loves her madly and you say that she is good. She says I will not let Ranbir stay there, and will bring him back.

Akshay recalls Prachi’s words that his sorry doesn’t mean to her. Ranbir is going from there. Akshay stops him and says I want to talk to you. Ranbir asks what? Akshay says I want to say sorry to you. Ranbir asks her to keep his sorry in his pocket and says I will not forgive the guy who doesn’t respect woman. He says it is not our personal fight, you have insulted Prachi. Akshay says we shall talk tomorrow, as you are inebriated. Ranbir says yes, I am so angry that I want to end you. Akshay asks if you like my wife. Ranbir says yes, very much…I like Prachi a lot and asks him to do whatever he wants to do. He goes from there. Akshay gets angry.

Precap: Prachi asks Ranbir, why he don’t understand that she don’t want to talk to him. Ranbir says I want to talk to you, as I love you. Akshay sees Ranbir holding Prachi and says you have shown your value, now I will show who am I?