Kumkum Bhagya 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 21st November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Prachi coming inside the hospital. Ranbir senses her presence and says Prachi. He turns to look at her, but she also turns her face at that time. They couldn’t see each other. Prachi’s purse falls down. Ranbir helps her, but doesn’t see her face. Prachi says thank you and goes. Ranbir calls driver. Prachi calls Poorvi. He thinks why he is missing Prachi. Prachi thinks Ranbir is not here, and if he was here, then he would have come to me surely, truth is that he is not here. She sees Poorvi and asks if she is fine? Poorvi says she is fine and asks her not to take tension. Prachi gets worried seeing the burn on her hand and says she did wrong to trust Ashutosh. Poorvi says Ashutosh didn’t do any mistake and says she went from there. Prachi says Khushi and you are both same. Poorvi says she has just a small burn. Prachi says why did you go there, and asks her to tell. Poorvi tells that few kids was caught in fire, so I went there to save them, and RV came there and rescued them. Prachi hugs Poorvi and apologizes to her. Poorvi says you have given me good values, scolds me and then apologizes to me. Prachi gives her money. Poorvi takes half money and tells that the guy who helped her paid the half amount. She says he was upset and was missing his wife and daughter, and then he realized that he shared his feelings with a stranger. Prachi reminisces Ranbir asking her not to share her feelings with stranger. Fb ends.

Nurse gives Ranbir’s call to Poorvi. He apologizes to Poorvi for leaving her alone there. Poorvi says I shall be stopping you, you got late. Ranbir asks her to say sorry for calling him rich and scolding him. He says don’t be sorry for that also, as someone scolded me and showed right for the first time. He says he will send driver. Poorvi says my mother has come. Ranbir asks her not to forget about their deal and promise. She asks which promise. He says you lie too. She laughs. Prachi says if Ranbir was here, then he would have felt proud of her. Ranbir tells that he is proud of her and praises her values. He asks her to give call to her mother and says he will give her complement. He says hello. Prachi says hello, but network goes, and the call gets disconnected. Poorvi says she will get his address and will return his money. She asks Receptionist to give Krishna Kakkar’s address and clicks the form’s picture.

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Jassi is angry on the guards for bringing such jeep in which he couldn’t follow RV. The guard asks him to calm down. Jassi threatens to kill him. He says RV insulted him infront of Poorvi, and says he wanted to become hero, but RV became a hero. He says my fire will set off inside me, when I kill him and then my respect will be increased in her sight. He says Poorvi thinks me as goon, but I am not goon,and yearn for her so much, and loves her so much. He says he will look at her and will look at her face for hours. He says I had convinced her to marry me, but RV came there. He says sorry to his guard for scolding him and asks him to take her there. The guard asks him to sit. Jassi says I will kill you. The other guard says we will take you. Jassi faints. The guard tells the other that they shall take him to his home.

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