Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update:

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The Episode starts with Ranbir sitting in the hospital. Poorvi asks if he is missing his wife and daughter. She says I felt this with your both reactions. She gives her reasoning and says I felt that you are missing both. Ranbir asks if you are a teacher as teacher can only explain this way. She says her teacher’s training is going on, and tells that she found her dad today, and then says dad like. She says you didn’t reply to me, did you miss your wife and daughter? Ranbir says very much. He says my wife, daughter and I used to stay together 20 years back. Poorvi says sorry to ask, why did you separate? Ranbir says they wanted to stay together, then an accident happened, and my all life changed in that, but one thing didn’t change…that memory. He says even now when I think about it, my heart wrenches. I couldn’t forget it. She gives him tissue paper. Ranbir says my blood….Poorvi asks what? Ranbir says may be my blood fell on you. Poorvi says it is my blood, I got the injuries. She asks what is your name?

Ranbir thinks of his real name and then says Krishna Kakkar. Poorvi goes to sign to complete the formalities of the patient admitted in the hospital. Prachi is worried for Poorvi. Divya tells that she has only one daughter and says her BP will be raisd and she will get heart attack. Manpreet asks her to talk positive. Divya says we don’t know what happened to her. Diya comes there and sees Ashutosh and her mom. She is about to go, when Prachi calls her and asks where is she going? The nurse asks Poorvi to give 5 K bill amount and says this is private hospital. Poorvi says she will make a call. Diya asks for water. Divya hugs her and gives her water. They ask about Poorvi. Just then Poorvi calls Diya. Diya says tiger and tigress have surrounded her. Prachi takes the call and asks Poorvi where is she? Poorvi says she is in the hospital and tells that she had taken the patients, to the hospital with the help of someone, and tells that she is asked to pay 5 K bill. She asks her to break her piggy bank and get the money and rest of the money please give. Prachi says she will come there. Ranbir comes to pay the money. Poorvi asks him not to pay and says he had done so much already. She says her mother is coming to pay the bill. Ranbir looks on.

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RV tells Yug that he feels that someone compromised with the Ravan intentionally. Jassi is following him and asks the goon to drive it. The goon says we shall not go, the day is not good. Jassi scolds him. Ranbir asks why he shall not pay? Poorvi says you have done so much for them already. Ranbir says I have brought them here in my car. He says he don’t want argument. Poorvi says we shall share the bill equally. The nurse says the bill needs to be pay for the treatment to start. Ranbir says he will pay now, and she shall pay the half amount to him later. She asks promise? He says yes. She says her original liner about Promise. Ranbir gets impressed and says I will take copyright from your mother. Prachi is coming there and senses Ranbir’s presence there.

Jassi sees RV going inside the Police station. Ranbir tells Poorvi that he has a meeting and has to go. Poorvi asks him to go, and asks how she will pay the money. He says later. She says Papa. Ranbir turns to her and goes. Poorvi tells that if her Papa would have been alive, then he would be like him.

RV complains to Inspector that someone has compromised with the Ravan as it was bent down towards the pandal. Inspector asks if they had any loss, and says he might be knowing being the sponsor. RV says the lives would have been in danger, but a girl saved them. Yug teases him for remembering her name. Inspector says he will find out. Jassi takes the hockey stick to hit RV, but sees Inspector coming out and stops. He signs Inspector. Prachi comes inside the hospital. Ranbir feels her presence and says Prachi.

Precap: Diya tells Poorvi that when she asked her to choose one, she has chosen RV and not Ashutosh. Poorvi looks on.