Kumkum Bhagya 20th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Prachi arrives at Ranbir’s house

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Kumkum Bhagya 20th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Prachi telling Ashutosh’s Dadi that when Jasbir was marrying Poorvi forcibly then nobody from this room came to help her, but RV helped her. She says when RV is in need of help, Poorvi and I and anyone of us will go to help him. She says I don’t think Poorvi has done wrong. Ashutosh’s Dadi asks who else want to marry Poorvi, and tells that RV is a big businessman and Jasbir..we have seen him in newspaper and on TV. She asks Prachi, if she sent Poorvi’s alliance for Jasbir, and he might have rejected her, and now when our Ashutosh is marrying her, Jasbir might be thinking that the girl is slipping from his hand and that’s why he wants to get her. She says Jasbir might be good, but Ashutosh is a diamond. Ashutosh hears the door sound and opens the door. Jasbir hears her and tells that he is a diamond mine. He says thousands, lakhs and crores of diamonds is Jassi. He asks why you all are looking at me this way, and says if you all miss me so much from heart then I shall appear. He says I am joking and says I am searching Poorvi since 2-3 hours, and thought to take her from here. He warns Ashutosh to stay away from him else he will send him so far that even telescope can’t find him. He asks Poorvi is of whom? He says I know everyone is thinking she is mine. He comes to Prachi, calls her sasumaa and tries to take her blessings, but Prachi slaps him hard. His guard gets angry. Jassi stops him. He tries to touch her feet again, but Prachi slaps him again. She says first slap was for that day and the second slap is for today.

Jassi says Poorvi had slapped me twice and even you. He says I can’t do anything for now, but after my marriage if you do something then…..Suresh asks what is this misbehavior in my house. Ashutosh asks him to be quiet and says when two elder are talking, one shall not interfere, else I will break your hands. He then apologizes to Prachi and tells that he respects her a lot since she refused for his alliance for Poorvi when he sent it for her. Ashutosh’s Dadi asks she refused MLA’s son. Jassi asks if my photo was published in the newspaper. He says no problem, but do you think that someone else can reject me for Poorvi? He then asks her to stop the marriage drama with tomato peel. He asks her not to slap him as he is bending down for her blessings. He then bends down infront of her. He then threatens Ashutosh that he will kill him and his family and goes. Ashutosh then says get out from here, and says mannerless guy. He tells Prachi that he is saying Poorvi Poorvi and says I will not bear anything against Poorvi. He says useless fellow, don’t know from where he came. He then apologizes to Prachi and asks her not to break the alliance, and tells that he will take care of Poorvi, and he is the right guy for her. He asks her not to break the alliance and promises that such thing will not happen again.

Doctor comes to Ranbir’s house and asks driver Vinod why he didn’t go with him. Vinod says he is his driver, but as Saheb wanted to go alone, he thought to make food for him. He says Saheb has nobody here. Doctor says he called me as someone met with an accident. Vinod asks if you are his mother. He says he was fine and called for someone else. Just then Ranbir and Poorvi bring RV there. Ranbir asks Vinod to help him. Doctor asks Vinod to move and says he will handle him. Ranbir and Doctor take RV to the room. Vinod asks Poorvi if he is your would be fiance and he made you wear the ring. Poorvi nods her head.

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Manpreet, Prachi and Diya are in the auto. Manpreet asks Prachi if we did right by giving them a chance. Prachi says they have realized their mistake. Diya and Manpreet ask if they do this again. Prachi says if they do this again then we will not let this marriage happen. She calls Poorvi. Poorvi picks the call and tells that she has found RV, but his condition is bad, he had much blood loss and he is unconscious. Prachi asks if you have taken him to hospital. Poorvi says she brought him to KK’s house, as the latter helped her and took RV to his house due to the traffic jam and called doctor here. Prachi asks why you are worried? Poorvi says nothing wrong shall happen with RV, he is really good and tells her that Jasbir has done this. She says don’t ask me how I got to know about it. She tells that just as she came to know about RV, she couldn’t stayed back. Prachi asks her to message KK’s address and tells that she will come there. Vinod prays to God to make RV fine and says if anything happens to him, then Poorvi can’t live. He says their Jodi is good.

Ranbir tells Poorvi that RV looks calm resting and tells that he knows him and doesn’t like him professionally, but personally he is a good guy, cares for his family, clean hearted and good character. Poorvi looks on. She then tells Ranbir that she has called her Mother here for RV. He recalls her mother (Vishaka) scolding him saying they like Ashutosh. He says its ok, she is coming to meet RV. Poorvi asks Doctor how is RV? Doctor says he will be fine after the treatment. Poorvi thanks him. Doctor says I want to make a phone call. Ranbir asks why everyone is taking my permission. Doctor says no, I am telling you, my friend. Ranbir asks Vinod to make coffee for Poorvi. They go from there. Poorvi turns to go, when RV holds her hand. Song plays….

Ranbir asks Doctor, how is RV, when he will get fine. Vinod says he is a strong guy and is fine. Ranbir asks Doctor, you didn’t tell me that he works for you. Vinod says I work for you only, was just telling. Ranbir asks him to bring coffee for Doctor.

Ranbir asks Doctor about RV. Doctor says he has much injuries, needs treatment urgently and he is calling his staff and medicine. Ranbir says he will send car. Doctor says they will come by themselves.

RV asks Poorvi how she reached accident spot. She tells that she was at her sasural home and was making dinner for them. RV says I thought you went for dinner there. Poorvi says yes, but as Ashutosh’s Dadi want to know how I cook. RV says you came here leaving cooking. Door bell rings. Poorvi says Maa has come and goes. RV tries to stop her. Prachi rings the door bell. Ranbir is talking to Doctor, and asks shall I call staff from other hospital. Doctor says my staff will come. Ranbir excuses himself to open the door. Vinod comes running, slips and falls down. Poorvi tries to help him get up, but she can’t help him, so asks Ranbir to help him. Ranbir comes to Vinod and Poorvi opens the door. Prachi looks on. Ranbir helps Vinod get up. Poorvi says Maa. Ranbir turns and looks back.

Precap: RV tells Poorvi that she will get much angry on him. She asks why? He says when I take revenge from you, and will put you in such situation where you will hate me. Vinod tells Prachi that he told Malik (Ranbir) that Malkin came and Poorvi is her daughter.