Kumkum Bhagya 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshay tries to instigates Prachi against Ranbir


Kumkum Bhagya 18th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ranbir making the rangoli. Mihika says we shall fill colors in it. She goes to get the colors and lifts the cloth as if dusting it and the color goes in Prachi’s eye. Manpreet and Ranbir get concerned. Ranbir asks if you are fine. Prachi says I am fine. Ranbir comes to Prachi and cleans her eye with Manpreet’s saree pallu, blows air on it and keeps it on her eyes for the warmth. Prachi thinks Manpreet is doing, and says Maa…Mihika gets angry. Mihika takes her away from there. Manpreet asks Prachi if she is fine. Prachi opens her eyes and sees Ranbir. Ranbir asks if you are fine? Prachi goes. Ranbir says she shall thank me. Ashok asks where is Akshay? Manpreet says don’t know where he went. Ranbir hears and thinks where did he go. Mihika gets angry and tells that Prachi is hurting her, Ranbir is hers and he has still Prachi in his heart. Vishaka comes there. Divya says you don’t know what is happening? Vishaka says she is her mother and asks her to go. Divya goes. Vishaka asks what you was saying? She asks if you love Ranbir, or vent out your anger on Prachi, what is necessary? Mihika says she wants Ranbir. Vishaka asks her to keep this in mind and asks her not to do any foolishness. Mihika says she is angry on Prachi. Vishaka asks her to keep her anger in control and says every fight/battle can’t be win with hatred, few fights shall be won with love. She asks her to be so good with Prachi, that she don’t do bad with her, and so that she don’t steal Ranbir from her. Mihika says if she steals then also. Vishaka says I have brought you all, and tells that Prachi is not a bad girl and will stay in her limits, and will not cross it, but I don’t trust Ranbir. She says he is opening saying that he loves Prachi, and asks her to become dear to Prachi, so that she don’t do wrong with her and don’t let others do wrong with you. She asks her to make Prachi as her shield. She says you have to vent out anger when the hammer is hot. She says this is the time to fulfill our aim.

Prachi climbs on the high stool to tie the floral decoration well. Ranbir decorates Kanha ji and asks Ashok to ask her to get down. Ashok asks her to get down. Manpreet also asks her to get down. Prachi says she can do it. Ranbir asks Prachi to get down else he will make her fall down. Prachi says you don’t have right on me and refuses. She gets down when he shakes up her stool. Ranbir gets on the stool and ties the flowers right. Ashok tells Manpreet that Ranbir showed anger to make her come down. Ranbir asks her not to talk about rights else he will show what right he has on her, as he knows so much and she didn’t. Later Prachi comes to his room and knocks on the door. She asks what is going on? She asks how can you say that? She gets inside. Ranbir asks do you think that I have right on you and I shall have it. She is about to fall, when he holds her and says I will not let you fall and will hold you whenever you slip, like this always. Mihika and Vishaka see Ranbir holding Prachi.

Mihika comes inside and tells Prachi that what does she think of herself? She says she has told her, that whatever she likes is hers. Prachi asks what you are saying? Vishaka lies that Mihika was fighting with me for giving liberty to Akshay. She tells that Prachi is so good and infact great to be here just for the family, after hearing so much. She keeps her hand on Mihika’s hand. Mihika asks Prachi if she is sacrifice idol and asks her to fight with Akshay if she wants and says she loves all of us. She says I got Ranbir because of you and I thank God for giving you a golden heart. Vishaka says you are boon for my daughter and for your daughter too. Prachi says my Khushi is my Khushi, my life is complete with her and says I miss her very much, and says if I could then I will bring here here, and wants her to celebrate all the happiness with her. She says I wish she would be here. She hears anklet sound and see someone running from there. Ranbir asks Prachi, what has happened? Prachi says Khushi…They come out and run behind Khushi, who is in Kanha’s costume.

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Everyone smiles and gets happy seeing Khushi. Ranbir and Prachi get emotional seeing her. Prachi runs to her and hugs her. She says I missed you so much. Khushi says even I missed you. Prachi says I was missing you and you came. She says how did you come here, who has brought you here. Khushi signs at Akshay. Prachi says you have brought Khushi and thanks him. Akshay says I know you was missing her and that’s why I brought her home. Manpreet says we all missed her. Khushi touches their feet and hugs them. Vishaka hugs her. Khushi sees Ranbir and says Shiv. Ranbir says my baccha, and asks whys he has become lean? Khushi says she wants to talk to him about something personal and serious, in the room. She tells Prachi that she is hungry. Prachi says she will make something. Vishaka says she is little and wants to talk serious thing. In the room, Khushi tells Ranbir that she is angry with him, as he was not with her. Ranbir says I understand. Khushi says I am angry and sad, as you left me and says I want us to be a family. Ranbir says Khushi, trust me, I wanted us to stay as a family and apologizes to her. Naata tere mera plays….Akshay hears them. Ranbir promises Khushi that they will stay as a family. Khushi says I love this family very much and when Akshay Papa and Mamma stay together then I love them more. Akshay hears her and thinks she loves me and my family very much, that’s a news, it is a lottery, this girl will be useful. He goes. Khushi says I love you also very much and Akshay Papa too. Ranbir says I can understand and says sometimes if we get something very easily, and gets snatched too.

Akshay talks to a goon and says he will give him photo. He asks him to send the goon there. Prachi comes there and says she had gone to bansi kaka’s shop as Khushi likes chole and bature from his shop. Akshay acts good and says sorry for the past few days. He says I am your Akshay, who can do anything for her, and who wants to keep her happy and thinks what he can do for her. Prachi says you already did it and tells that she doesn’t know if she will give him happiness which he deserves. Akshay asks her to give him forgiveness. Prachi says it is past, you have realized it, it is a big thing, and says we shall focus on the present, and says you know what Khushi means to me, today she is with me, infront of me, and says it is a big thing, I will celebrate Janmasthami with her, else they (orphanage people) wouldn’t have let me take her. She says you are her first adoptive parent of Khushi. Akshay promises that he will always support her, and tells that her happiness matters to him a lot, and finally it is back on your face. He says I want to apologize to you and says Ranbir was talking to Khushi as if she is his daughter. Prachi says she is his daughter only. Akshay says Ranbir was making Khushi feel that they are not together because of you. He says he shouldn’t have said that to Khushi, and says may be I am overthinking. He asks her to spend time with Khushi and give her chole batura. Prachi thinks of his words. Akshay smirks.

Precap: Akshay tells Vishaka that Ranbir feels that Prachi will snatch Khushi from him, and Prachi used to feel that Ranbir will snatch her, and says he will take advantage of their insecurity. He hires goon to kidnap Khushi and asks him to come during Krishna’s janmasthami. The goon eyes Khushi. Akshay then accuses Ranbir of kidnapping Khushi.