Kumkum Bhagya 15th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Ranbir questions Prachi and Rhea


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The Episode starts with Prachi coming to Rhea and hugging her. Rhea pushes her and breaks the hug. Prachi asks what you are doing, if you are angry and want to fight, and says we have entire life to fight. She says we are sisters and met after a long time, and says do you know how much I missed you. Rhea asks her to stay away from her, and not to do this typical behavior. She says let me clear it, and tells that she has not come for her, and is very clear what she wants. Pallavi says even I am clear, what you want, you want our house’s pain and sorrows and says you have come here to bring troubles and problems for us. Rhea says you are very very wrong, I have come here for my rights and I wanted it for forever, my rights. She says if Ranbir is not with me, then will you take advantage of the situation, and asks if you are serious, Ranbir and Mihika? She says Ranbir can’t become of someone else, until I am here and says Ranbir doesn’t know what he wants, but I know what is right for Ranbir. Prachi hears her. Mihika hears her from far and comes near her, and asks who are you, to know so much about Ranbir, what is right or wrong for him. She asks who are you? Rhea says hi…Mihika, nice to meet you. Mihika says I thought you are with dance troupe and didn’t know that you know Ranbir. Pallavi says she is Vikram’s friend’s daughter. Prachi says she is Ranbir’s good friend. Mihika says Ranbir is really lucky. She excuses herself and goes. Rhea claps and says wow Prachi…friend. She asks what happened to that honesty idol and says why didn’t you tell Mihika that I am love of Ranbir’s life, his wife and he is the love of my life whom you have snatched from me. Prachi asks her to stop her nonsense. Rhea says I am saying truth and you have said nonsense and many lies. She says you should have asked Mihika not to do this marriage and says you knows well what happens to me, when someone tries to take my place. She says I lose my senses and gets mad, and the person who tries to take my place, I wipe that person. She says I don’t understand why you are letting this marriage happen, and then says I remember now that you have married Akshay and don’t love Ranbir. She says for you, money was big, and says you married Ranbir when he was rich, and after you left him, he has ruined. She says I am disgusted with you and can’t bear you even for a second. Pallavi smiles hearing her. Prachi tries to go behind Rhea, but stops.

Pallavi comes to Prachi and asks what happened, what was it, she said so much to you, and you didn’t tell her anything. She asks her to go and scold her, she said so much to you, you shall reply to her, you are expert in this and asks her to go and tell her what she has done and she herself is bad and has done bad things. She provokes Prachi to go and reply to Rhea. Prachi goes from there. Pallavi smiles. Prachi goes to Rhea and says stop. Rhea says Prachi…I am searching Ranbir. Prachi asks what did you say that I married Ranbir for money? Rhea says yes. Prachi says your eyes were closed always and that’s why you don’t see the truth. She says money didn’t matter to me, and you always hate me and thought my bad, don’t know why? She says you had asked Ranbir to break my heart, then he fell in love with me, and even I fell in love with him. She says then you blackmailed me that you will get Papa marry meera aunty, and says I left Ranbir for my Maa. She says I always thought good about you, and when I left home and when I returned, I didn’t tell anyone that I am alive, and you say that money matters to me. She says Papa had so much money, and one day everything left. She says even Ranbir had money, and it went from his hands. Rhea says you was with Ranbir even though you used to fight with him. She says Ranbir and I had spent a night together then also you was with him. Prachi says I loved him with true heart. Rhea asks really? Prachi says Ranbir is the love of my life, and I love him very much. She sees Pallavi standing and says now I don’t love him, that love is over, I don’t love him as I don’t feel for him and he is going to marry Mihika. Rhea says I will not let this happen. She goes. Pallavi comes to Prachi and asks if you said truth to Rhea. Prachi says yes. Pallavi goes from there.

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Akshay sees Rhea standing and recalls inviting them for his marriage and Rhea telling him that tomorrow is Ranbir and her marriage too. He comes to Rhea and says you was with Ranbir, you are Rhea. Rhea asks really, you know who am I? Akshay says I know ofcourse, you are Rhea. Rhea says you must have remembered that Ranbir and I were about to get married on the same day and asks how can you get your sister married to Ranbir. Akshay asks if you are married to Ranbir even now. Rhea asks him to come to side and says I will tell you. Ranbir comes there and holds Rhea’s hand. Akshay says we were talking. Rhea says I want to talk to Ranbir and goes. Prachi sees Ranbir holding Rhea’s hand and taking her with him. Manpreet stops Prachi and asks her to give puja list.

Ranbir takes Rhea to kitchen and asks why did you come here? Rhea says you held my hand. Ranbir says so that I can bring you here. He asks what you are doing here. Rhea says Ranbir, look at me and says I love you a lot, don’t you miss me and think about me ever. She says I am madly in love with you and asks how can you get engaged to any girl though I am here. She says I love you so so much, and says I can’t see you with someone else and can’t bear even for a minute and will let you become of someone, never. Prachi and Shahana come there. Rhea says not again, why did you come here again and again and asks why did you come here to disturb us, I was talking to Ranbir. Prachi turns to go. Ranbir asks her to stop. Prachi asks with what right, I shall stay back and says it is the matter of Rhea and you. Ranbir says it is not between us, but the matter of three of us. He says both sisters have ruined my life, and says I will question you and you shall answer me. Prachi says with what right, you want to ask me, and says I came to get the stuff for puja. Ranbir asks Shahana to take the stuff and says prachi will stay here. Shahana asks Prachi to talk to him once and she goes from there. Ranbir asks Prachi what is your problem? He says when I tell you, you don’t understand and when someone else tells you, you understand and says you don’t value me even a bit. Rhea says I can say this for you, and says even you value my words. Ranbir says just as you get the chance, you speak up. He asks Prachi and Rhea, until when he will be grinded by their unpleasant relationship and until when he will suffer for their relationship bitterness. Pallavi comes to Vikram. Vikram asks what happened? Pallavi says Rhea..I had talked to Rhea just now and says her avatar is changed and says her mannerism, behavior and everything is changed. Vikram asks what does she want? Pallavi says she wants to cancel this engagement and don’t want it to happen.

Precap: Rhea tells everyone that she loves Ranbir. Vishaka asks Ranbir if he was married to her before. Rhea threatens asking them to cancel this engagement else she will cut her nerve. Mihika asks else what, and asks her to die. Ranbir is shocked.