Kumkum Bhagya 13th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Mihika gets Ranbir out of lock up


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The Episode starts with Vishaka coming to Ashok and tells him that they shall go to the PS and get Ranbir freed. Manpreet says Didi is right, atleast you shall go and bring him out. Akshay asks no need to get him out and says he has done wrong and will be punished. Prachi says this is wrong, you shouldn’t have done this. Akshay asks Prachi why she gets worried and defends when the matter is about Ranbir. Ashok threatens to throw Akshay and his stuff out of the house, and says don’t cross the limits so that I don’t regret for losing you. Manpreet tells that she had called Ranbir once, and he came running here with a phone call. Akshay says he didn’t come because of your phone call, and tells that Ranbir was feeling guilty and that’s why he came running here. Ashok says Akshay is in the other world and will not understand. Akshay says you people are not understanding and says I agree to be thrown out of the house, but don’t want Ranbir to come out of jail.

Mihika comes there and slaps Akshay hard. Akshay shouts Mihika. Mihika says Dad should have slapped you. She asks him not to call himself as her brother and accuses him for getting her love arrested. She says first become my brother. She goes. Akshay goes behind her. Vishaka faints. Ashok and Abhay make her sit. Akshay sits in Mihika’s car. Mihika gets down the car outside the PS. Akshay says if you get him out then nobody will be bad than me. Vikram comes back to the PS and tells Pallavi and Dida that he had gone to Lawyer, and the lawyer said that they can’t bail him out, as there is weekend and holiday for 2 more days. Pallavi says Ranbir can’t stay here. Ranbir asks her not to worry and says what Dad could do, it is long weekend holiday. Pallavi says she can’t be relieved until Ranbir comes out of the lock up, and says she wants him out at any cost. Mihika says I will get Ranbir out at any cost and asks why Ranbir shall suffer because of you. Akshay asks her to stop her drama and come home with him. He is taking her, when Manpreet and Prachi stop him.

Akshay asks Prachi if Mihika is worried or you are more worried for him. Manpreet shouts at Akshay for talking to Prachi like that and asks him not to force her to raise her hand on him again. Mihika says I know how to handle him. Akshay is taking Mihika to home forcibly. She sees Police constable and shouts for help. The constables hold Akshay. Mihika says she is an adult, and he is taking her home forcibly. Constable holds Akshay. Vikram pleads infront of the Inspector to free his son.

Mihika gets inside the PS. Pallavi sees Mihika. Mihika asks her to let her do for what she has come, and says sorry. She comes to Ranbir and says I am so sorry. She says I will fix everything. She tells Inspector, that you have come to take my statement when I was unconscious, and tells that Ranbir has no role in her suicide attempt. Inspector says your brother said that Ranbir provoked you. Mihika says my brother has problem with Ranbir and that’s why doing this, and tells that Ranbir has not done anything. Inspector says this means Akshay has forced you to commit suicide and that’s why we have to arrest him. Mihika says yes, he had provoked me. Akshay says you tried to commit suicide as Ranbir left you. Mihika says nothing of that sort happened. Akshay gets upset on Mihika and asks are you mad? Inspector asks Constable to arrest him. Prachi says Mihika was not in her senses, she was upset and angry and that’s why she took this step. She says sorry Mihika, I have to say the truth. She says you would have thought about your mother and us, and asks her to say the truth that she has done it herself, and had done in anger. Mihika tells Inspector that she has taken this step herself in anger, and tells that she will not do it again. Inspector says he is a father himself before being the Inspector and don’t want anything wrong to happen to anyone. He asks Constable to leave Ranbir. Ranbir comes out of the lock. Pallavi gets happy. Manpreet and Mihika fold their hands before Pallavi.

Divya tells Ashok that Mihika has come. Ashok hugs Mihika and asks if she is fine. Mihika says she is fine. Ranbir and his family come there. Ashok says thank god, Inspector left Ranbir. Vikram says Mihika got him freed else our lawyer had said that he can be bailed out after three days. He says we will leave. Mihika asks Ranbir not to go and says if you go then I will think that you want to end this relation. Ranbir says I am really sorry, but I can’t stay here anymore. Mihika says Ranbir. Manpreet asks Akshay to apologize to Ranbir. Akshay refuses. Vishaka says mistake is yours, apologize to him. Ashok says don’t do anything which will lower our head. He says if you want then I will fold my hands before him. Akshay says you don’t need to do this, and says sorry to Ranbir. Ranbir says fine. Vishaka asks Ranbir to stay back for Mihika and us. Mihika says I beg infront of you, to stay back. Ranbir asks her not to take stress and says I will stay back. He asks her to come, and says you shall take rest. He thinks he is staying back, to know truth about Prachi’s fake marriage, what she is hiding from him. Prachi says she will bring water for them. Ranbir takes water glass from Prachi, and drinks water. He thinks I wanted to ask you now itself, but will not ask now. Prachi gives water for them and says she will get the tea made. She goes.

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Mihika thanks Ranbir. Ranbir says don’t thank me, I haven’t come here you and don’t love you either, and says I have come here for your family. Vishaka asks why you are saying this. Ranbir says I am very angry on her, whatever she has done is not right. Mihika says Akshay…Ranbir says I am not talking about Akshay, but about you, and asks her to get fine then he will talk to her. Ashok tells Mihika that he didn’t like any guy till now chosen by you, but don’t let him go, and let him become my son in law, he has made place in my heart. Mihika, Pallavi and Vishaka smiles happily. Pallavi says I want you to become my bahu and that’s why I will say the same, don’t let this relation ruin. Mihika smiles. Pallavi says take care of yourself. Mihika thanks her. She asks Vishaka to take rest and says Divya is with her. Vishaka goes. Divya tells Mihika that her love is winning. Mihika says I will choose Ranbir over Akshay, and can do anything to get him. Divya looks on.

Ashok comes to Ranbir and says surely something would have happened, if you had not done this for my daughter and us. He thanks him for thinking good about them.

Ranbir says don’t thank me, I have my own reasons to stay here. Ashok says if you had not stayed her then don’t know…he gets emotional. Ranbir says its ok. Ashok says I got emotional, I look strong, but weak from within specially when the matter is about my daughter. He says I can just thank you. Ranbir says I should say sorry, as this is happening because of Akshay and me. Ashok says Akshay should say sorry and says if I could then wouldn’t have let this happen. He says I am helpless now and can just thank you. Ranbir hugs him and says don’t thanks me, I can understand your helplessness, as I am also a father. He asks him to rest. Ashok says you also rest and goes.

Vikram comes to Dida and asks what you are searching. Dida says she doesn’t know what is right and what is wrong, and says it doesn’t seem to be right. She says she is feeling strange and I am shaken up within. Vikram asks what is bothering you so much. Dida says she is worried, the way Ranbir returned. She says first Akshay blamed Ranbir for provoking Mihika to commit suicide, and then Mihika accused Akshay and told Police that Ranbir has no role in her suicide attempt. Vikram asks why you are worried about this? Dida says Mihika and Rhea, both are same, their behavior and thoughts, they are ready to give their lives for him, and can go against their families too. Pallavi and Vishaka come there. Vishaka hugs her and tells that her words will work as the amrit for Mihika and will heal her wounds. Pallavi says this marriage will happen and reminds Vishaka of her promise. Vishaka says my promise will be fulfilled. Pallavi hugs her. Dida tells vikram that Vishaka is Pallavi of the house. Vikram says I can’t tell you that you are over thinking as you are thinking right. Pallavi tells Vishaka that she will come tomorrow and goes. Akshay says they are coming more closer. He comes to the room and takes the drink. Abhay says it is someone’s gift. Akshay drinks and asks how much money you have taken from him. Abhay asks from whom? Akshay says Ranbir. Abhay says you are losing your conscience and if this continues then you will lose your place and value. Akshay pushes him. Abhay says the way you are handling things, you will lose Prachi also very soon. Akshay hits him in anger.

Precap: Prachi tells Ranbir that this is wrong. Ranbir says you have told me yourself that you loves me and also told me in inebriated state that your marriage with Akshay is not real, and says I want to know what is forcing you to stay with Akshay and stopping you to return to me. He says I just want to know that.