Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Vishaka overhears Akshay and Prachi

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Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ranbir telling that they will serve them tea and snacks and asks the ladies to enjoy and get mehendi applied on their hands. Divya and Neha tell that Mihika is the lucky girl who got Ranbir. Ranbir brings tea for the ladies. Vishaka says today it is her (Prachi’s) fast. Ranbir asks Vishaka to tell about the Teej fast. Vishaka briefs them and tells that they do Shiv and Parvati’s puja and they pray for their husbands, or for their would be husbands, just like Mihika is going to pray for her would be husband. Mihika gets upset and goes. Everyone is doubtful. Ranbir comes behind her and asks if you are okay, why did you come suddenly. He asks if you are fine.

Prachi tries to open the door. Akshay helps her and opens the door, as she is having mehendi on her hands. Mihika tells Ranbir that she shall do puja for her real would be husband and tells that they shall not do this rasam. Ranbir asks then shall I go from here. Prachi tells Akshay that they can’t do this rasam as they are not married. Ranbir tells that what he will do, if she don’t want to do rasam. Mihika says we don’t like each other, so I am saying that we shall not do this rasam. Akshay talks to prachi and asks her not to worry. Ranbir says we will do something and asks her not to worry. Akshay tells Prachi that they will not do the rasam, and they will think that they are doing it. Akshay and Prachi decide the same. Mihika takes a sigh of relief as he takes out the solution. Prachi says it is a big thing for her. Manpreet comes there and asks Prachi to come there and stir the sweet in the last. Prachi goes to the kitchen. Akshay is also there.

Ranbir and Mihika come there. Mihika tells Manpreet that Ranbir wants juice. Ranbir is about to take the tray out. Prachi asks if you want all glasses of the tray. Ranbir says he will take whatever he wants, without anyone’s permission. He says he is taking it for everyone. Manpreet shows Prachi’s mehendi to Mihika. Mihika asks Ranbir to see. Ranbir says it is good but color is dull and asks Akshay why he doesn’t love you. He says if you love her, then should have identified her, and we all saw her upset. Prachi tells that she was not upset and says you can’t talk to my husband like this. Ranbir says even the children know that husband’s love is determined with wife’s mehendi color and says this means Akshay doesn’t love his wife and asks Prachi why her husband doesn’t love her. Prachi asks him to answer and says you can only give the answer for this. She argues. Akshay asks them not to drag the issue and says Prachi don’t do. Ranbir asks what love? Akshay says doubt. Ranbir says that means she doesn’t love you.

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Prachi asks why you are interfering between us. Akshay says it is her old habit, she doubt, and says where there is a love, there is a doubt. Ranbir says that means she loves you a lot. Prachi says there is a difference between doubt and accusations. She says doubt is good, but shall not do accusations. Ranbir says the couple shall have understanding and tells that accusation might happen in anger. Prachi says no, and tells that respect is necessary. Akshay thinks she respects me and cares for me, but why she don’t love me. Ranbir says he don’t want to answer, as their argument can be heated. Mihika asks Prachi to leave it. Manpreet says you both talked such intense things. Ranbir tells that thankgod, Mihika is in his life, who never fights with him. He says good discussion and goes with her. Akshay looks at Prachi and goes.

Manpreet asks Prachi to stir the sweets and gives it to everyone. Prachi comes to the room. Akshay tells that whatever happened is not right. Prachi says I should have fought with Ranbir. Akshay says not that and asks if she trust him. Prachi says you have done a big favor on me, by bringing my daughter in my life. Akshay asks then why she don’t love him. Prachi says I love you so much as a friend, but not like that. Akshay says I made you uncomfortable, and says you said many times, that you love me as a friend, but you shall understand that my feelings haven’t changed, and I love you more than before. Vishaka hears them and is shocked. Prachi says I care for you, more than anyone else. They go separate ways.

Ranbir comes to the kitchen. Manpreet says she is not here. Mihika comes there. Manpreet says she is talking about Prachi. She says you shouldn’t have fought with her. Ranbir tells her that she is cute and asks who proposed whom? He asks her to tell her love story. Manpret says he is shameless. Ranbir says he really wants to know. Manpreet tells that Ashok called her cute, she gets shy and goes. Mihika asks what did you do and says Mom never told us, she told you and went. She says there is surely some magic in you. She asks if they will like you then how they will reject you. Ranbir asks her not to worry and thinks he has found Prachi here, and will not go easily.

Precap: Prachi tells Ranbir that he was lucky as she was in his life and she was the best. Ranbir asks if you was best, then why did we get separated.