Krishna Mohini 16th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Mohan gets injured

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Krishna Mohini 16th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Mohan angrily leaving. Namit also leaves. Krishna breaks down. Anuradha says Mohan wants to breathe free. Krishna says this happened because of you, stay away, you have changed him, I will never forgive you. Mohan thinks of Krishna’s words. He cries and shouts. Sid follows him. Krishna asks why did you do this, you are happy in your life and got someone to love you, Mohan is young, you may be having strength to tolerate this, if Mohan doesn’t have it, then… Mohan gets dizzy and falls down the stairs. Sid shouts Mohan and runs to him. Mohan gets injured. Sid says I will call your sister. Mohan says no. Sid says I should take him to hospital. He lifts Mohan. Krishna says if Mohan doesn’t get normal… Anuradha asks what’s normal, I have everything like you, just one thing is different, how did I become abnormal, world is free to do anything, why can’t we do it, what contribution do the people have in our lives, zero. Aryaman hears the guy saying about a student getting hurt. He says is that Mohan, no, I will go and check once. Aryaman sees Sid taking Mohan. Anuradha says I didn’t expect this from you, Mohan said you can give your life for him, you are snatching his happiness. Krishna asks are you done, I want to go and meet Mohan. Anuradha says fine, go, read this speech written by Mohan, you can know what he is going through. Sid puts Mohan in the car.

Aryaman comes and asks what happened. Sid says he fell down the stairs. Aryaman asks did you do anything. Sid gets angry and asks do you think I m some goon, I m just trying to help him. Aryaman and Sid take Mohan. Krishna reads the speech and thinks of Mohan. She cries. Namit comes and says Mohan got hurt, he is taken to the hospital. Krishna is shocked. Aryaman says Mohan, everything will be fine, relax, I will call Krishna. Sid says she was in the college, my mind was not working and I just got Mohan. Aryaman calls Krishna. He says Mohan is hurt, we are taking him to the hospital, meet us there, don’t worry. Anuradha covers the costume and says Mohan made this, but maybe its not in fate that the truth comes out. Doctor asks how did he get hurt. Sid says he fell down the stairs. Doctor says wound is deep, we have to take him for CT scan. Krishna comes and asks about Mohan. Aryaman says Doctors are treating him, don’t disturb them. Krishna says its my fault, he trusted me. Aryaman asks what do you mean. Sid says I know you and Mohan had a fight, but this is an accident. Aryaman asks why did you come to college. Krishna says I…. Doctor says patient is critical, if he has internal bleeding then his life will fall in danger. Krishna sits in shock. Aryaman says I promise, nothing will happen to Mohan. He asks Aryaman to complete the formalities. Aryaman says he will be fine, I will just come. Krishna sees Mohan on the stretcher and says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Mohan asks why are you crying, you didn’t want to feel ashamed in front of Aryaman and society, Lord is with you, so I couldn’t on stage, my dream is left incomplete, my hardwork didn’t come in front of the people. Krishna says don’t say this, I wish you get my age and happiness, I get your pain and sorrow, open your eyes. He is taken ahead. Anuradha informs everyone about the medical emergency with a student. She says we will start our fashion show soon. Srijala says Sid isn’t here. Ananya says Arya isn’t here. Rajshri says call Arya. Pia comes and says Mohan met with an accident, he is taken to the hospital. Meghna jokes. Isha stops her. Anshuman says I will call Aryaman. Isha says Krishna won’t know about this. Rajshri says Krishna can’t leave Maa alone at home. Krishna prays for Mohan. She recalls his words. She rushes. Aryaman asks where are you going. She says college, I have an incomplete work to complete, promise me, you will be here with Mohan, I will tell you everything later.

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Anshuman says Aryaman and Sid are with Mohan, Mohan is serious. Kundan gets angry. Isha says Mohan should get fine. Anshuman says don’t know if Krishna knows about it or not. Meghna says Aryaman might have told Krishna, she would be there. Kundan says inform Krishna and ask her to reach the hospital, else she will blame us. Srijala says I will talk to her.

Anuradha starts the show and says the theme today is colors of life. The models walk the ramp. Everyone claps for Pia. Mohan gets unwell. Aryaman says I m with Mohan, I promise. Krishna goes. Doctor gives an injection to Mohan. Aryaman looks at Krishna leaving.

The episode ends.