Keh Doon Tumhein 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant joins Anjali in investigation

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Keh Doon Tumhein 8th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with villagers wishing Vikrant for the festive coming. Madhuri says I will wear a good saree, Devimaa will go to Sarkar’s temple for a year, Sarkar is our King. Sudhakar says so the villagers came here to get the Devi’s crown. Vikrant talks to the inspector. Kirti asks did you find Anju, her parents are in tension. Inspector says I will talk to you later. She says talk to her parents once. He goes. Vikrant greets her. He thinks I have to kill her before she digs out the skeletons. He goes to school. A girl Ritu sees him and smiles. Vikrant explains to some other girls. The first girl Ritu gets angry and breaks a tube by her hand. She sees Vikrant’s pic and makes a lips mark with the blood. She asks him to check the solution once. He says good job. She thanks him. Kirti meets Anju’s parents. She asks them not to worry, Anju will come soon. Principal says everyone is asking about Anjali, what shall I tell the trustees. Vikrant says don’t worry, come to me if you get any news about her. Principal says maybe its low romance case. Vikrant says everyone has a personal life. Principal asks him to meet his niece Shamita. Vikrant says I have to leave. Principal says check her social media account once, she is modern. Kirti and Anju’s parents meet the inspector. Inspector Yadav says your daughter has played this game to run away with money. Anjali asks what’s the proof. Yadav says nothing, maybe she isn’t a thief, but her BF might be a thief. Kirti says you can’t call anyone a culprit until its proved, give me her house keys. Constable says we can’t give it to you. Kirti says fine, we will put mattresses here and sleep, Anju’s parents have no place to live. Inspector asks constable to give the keys to Kirti. Kirti gets Anju’s parents to Anju’s house. Constable leaves. Kirti consoles them. She says Anjali liked someone, she was going to tell you about it.

She gets a jewelry receipt. Ritu hears the girls planning to ask Vikrant for lift. Ritu goes to ask for lift. He asks Vikrant to drop her home. He asks where do you live. She says near your house. The girls look on. Vikrant says sit in the back seat. They leave. Ritu asks will you forget about Goa promise. He says I told about 100% results. She asks do you know swimming. He says yes. She says if I m sinking, then you will save me, I mean you will save any student. He sees Kirti and thinks what is she thinking now. He stops the car. He says I m going home, come, I will drop you. She says I was going to Laxmi jewellers. He says I will drop you, come. He gives the bags to Ritu. Kirti sits in the front seat. Ritu makes a face. Kirti says I have to make an enquiry, I got this receipt from Anju’s house, I should go there and find out, maybe I find some clue. He says I know the owner, if he knows anything about Anjali, he will tell me, I m much worried for Anjali. She thanks him.

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He asks Ritu to wait in the car. They go to the jeweler’s store. The man says Sarkar, Anjali gave 50000rs advance for this ring, but she didn’t come to take it. Kirti checks it and says its gents ring, it might be for her BF, Anju isn’t greedy, I m sure she is in some problem. He says I will ask the police to find Anjali, give me this receipt, I will see what to do. Kirti asks did she give you anything for ring size. The man says yes, Ganesh didn’t come today. Vikrant says its okay, I will get it collected. They leave. Kirti says I got shifted here permanently, I came here because Anju was here, I will find her and bring her back. He asks why do you doubt her BF angle, did she tell anything, just out of curiosity, I m asking, don’t worry, nothing will happen to Anjali. He drops Ritu. Ritu says I will manage from here. Kirti says we will get the ring of Anjali’s BF, do you think we can reach that man. Vikrant says police will find that man, focus on Puru. She says I won’t give up, I have decided it, I will catch that man. He comes home and checks his ring. He sees the girls’ pics who he killed. He puts Kirti’s pic there.

Vikrant saves Puru from a truck. Kirti thanks him. She says I will get Anjali’s BF punished. He pushes her down the cliff. She screams.