Keh Doon Tumhein 7th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant gets rid of Anjali’s phone

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Keh Doon Tumhein 7th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Vikrant talking to Puru and distracting him. Constable says the phone is somewhere around. Puru calls out Vikrant. Vikrant comes from behind and scares him. Puru throws the phone. Vikrant says you can’t fight the alien if you get scared. Puru says don’t worry, I will save you. Vikrant says go home, your mum is finding you. He picks the phone. The police comes home. Inspector asks constable to keep calling. Vikrant hides the phone. Inspector says we got to know Anjali is here, I will catch her. Anjali’s phone rings. Constable says its ringing. Inspector asks Vikrant to take his call. Vikrant says credit card people are troubling. Constable says its ringing, but Anjali isn’t answering. Vikrant says I have to go to bank for an imp work, I will see you. Vikrant switches off the phone. Constable says Kirti and Sudhakar went to the hospital yesterday, they live here, I think Kirti has hidden Anjali. Inspector asks why will she come to file complaint. Constable says we will go and see. Kirti cheers up Puru. She makes pakodas and asks him to have it. Sudhakar says I think pakodas are prepared. Madhuri says yes, don’t eat it, you have an upset stomach, go to the store. Sudhakar and Dadi leave. Madhuri likes the pakodas. Kirti says Puru was asking why doesn’t his dad call him, I have blocked Dev’s number, Dev used to beat me and fight with me in front of Puru, he left a gun after coming from duty, I can’t take a risk. Madhuri says Puru will forget everything when he grows up. Kirti asks if he comes here finding me, what will I do. Madhuri says he won’t come, we all are here for you. Sudhakar and Dadi talk to the police. Kirti asks them to come and have pakodas. Inspector goes to have the pakodas.

He says you all are under suspicion. Kirti calls him lazy and scolds him. Vikrant looks on. Constable says she is calling us lazy. Kirti says we are going mad finding Anju. Inspector says she is switching her phone on and off. Dadi says Puru is using mobile since yesterday. Kirti asks how did he get a phone. Dadi asks don’t you know. She asks Puru how did you get the phone. He says I got it outside the house. Constable says I think its Anjali’s phone. Kirti asks where is the phone. Puru says aliens might have taken it. Vikrant leaves.

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He checks Anju’s phone. He deletes the pics. Kirti asks Dadi about the phone. Constable gets a call. The man says phone got switched on, the location is going out of city. Constable asks Inspector to come. Inspector says I will come, get the jeep. He thanks Kirti for the snacks and leaves.

Vikrant hits a man on his cycle. The people shout and gather. They scold Vikrant. Vikrant gets down. The people greet him. Constable says the phone location is 300 m away. Vikrant says sorry, you came in front suddenly, are you fine, I will take you to hospital. The man says its okay, sorry. The people leave. Vikrant gets the call again. He sees the police coming. He sees a truck passing by. He throws the phone in the truck. Inspector says Sarkar’s car. He stops and greets him. Vikrant says the car broke down. Constable says the phone location is going away. Vikrant talks to the inspector. Constable asks inspector to come fast. Inspector says sorry, I have to go, I m on duty.

Vikrant smiles. He drives to home. Kirti asks did you take any phone from Puru. He says I didn’t get you. She calls Puru. She asks when did Sarkar take phone from you. Vikrant asks when did I take the phone from you. Puru says you took it in afternoon when I was talking to aliens, aliens came out of the phone and Sarkar uncle killed them. Vikrant smiles and says I will teach you using a laser gun. Kirti says he is a storywriter’s son, sorry to ask you. Vikrant says I was scared, I thought you are misjudging me. She says you are decent and serious. She goes with Puru. Vikrant thinks Kirti talks lovely things, she questioned today, she can raise voice, I have to make her quiet.

Kirti and Vikrant find about Anjali. He says sorry Kirti, you are next.