Keh Doon Tumhein 6th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant struggles to get Anjali’s phone

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Keh Doon Tumhein 6th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Vikrant recalling talking to Anjali. He checks her phone and deletes their pics. He says police won’t get the phone. Kirti says Anju can’t steal the money. Puru goes out. Kirti scolds the inspector. Vikrant goes to Puru. Kirti says Anju had a boyfriend, its weird, she never told me his name, he might be wrong. Inspector asks how did he come. She says she was dating him since a few months, she said he is rich. Vikrant looks on. Inspector jokes.

Vikrant says I m also worried for Anjali. Kirti says I don’t think so, you look worried for money. She argues. Madhuri says Sarkar isn’t bad, we live in his house, he keeps everyone as his family. Constable says check Anjali’s call history. Kirti says yes. Madhuri asks her not to worry. They leave. Vikrant looks on. He leaves. He asks the manager to come in rickshaw. He says I mean, I have to go in a meeting, please manage. He calls Bittu. He goes to meet him.

Bittu says I always take your command. Vikrant hurts him and threatens of killing him. He drops Bittu out of the car and leaves. Sudhakar and Dadi are at the shop. She sells a hair oil to the customer. Madhuri says Sarkar has done a lot for us, just apologize to him. Kirti says fine, I will do it for you. She gives her a gift. She tells her a story. Madhuri enjoys the story. Kirti does a drama and runs out. She falls in Vikrant’s arms. Madhuri says you, here. He says I came to apologize to Kirti, sorry. She says its okay.

Madhuri calls Sudhakar and says Sarkar has come, come soon. Kirti says sorry, you might have done some mistake in life, do you have ego. He says I want to find Anjali soon. Sudhakar and Dadi come and greet Sarkar. Dadi praises Vikrant. She says Vikrant has written a book for his dad. Sudhakar says Kirti is also a writer. Kirti says no, if he reads my book, then this will be our last meet, I can’t take risk with his wife. Madhuri says Kirti, he will like the book. Kirti says its not his type. Vikrant asks are you a mind reader. Kirti says its okay to know you, I have observed you, you are serious type, you would choose politics, history or world economy, my book was on romance and murder, you won’t be interested, I guessed it right. He smiles and says I think I will like to read your book, sign the copy and give it. Madhuri says go and get it. Puru comes and keeps the phone there. Vikrant looks on. Inspector talks to the doctor. He asks the constable to check cctv footage. Constable says that girl didn’t come to the hospital yesterday. Vikrant goes to take the phone. Madhuri asks him to have the snacks. She says Kirti has come here to get a job. Neha likes the phone and goes to help Madhuri. Kirti says read this book at your own risk. She goes. Vikrant tries to take the book. Shreya sees the phone and says new mobile cover again. The phone gets on. Constable gets a call. He says Anjali’s on got on. Inspector asks where is it. Madhuri asks Vikrant for a teacher’s job for Kirti. Puru takes the phone from his hand. Vikrant says I will see, I have to go. Vikrant goes to Puru. Inspector rushes to Vikrant’s house. Vikrant says Puru…..

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Inspector says the phone is getting tracked. Vikrant has the phone. He worries. Kirti says I know Anjali’s BF is behind this. He thinks I have to send you to Anjali. He pushes her down the cliff.