Keh Doon Tumhein 5th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant meets Kirti

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Keh Doon Tumhein 5th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kriti talking to Bua and Puru. He gets adamant that he wants to play a game. Kirti scares him of the mobile’s bad radiations. Puru says I don’t want to play. Bua says you scared him. Kirti says no, I m just teaching him, I m his mum and dad. Madhuri goes to see Sudhakar. Sudhakar asks Shreyas to stop Madhuri. They all argue. Doctor shouts shut up, go out. He sends the family out. Doctor asks is there pain in this leg. Sudhakar says no, the pain is in the other leg. Madhuri and Dadi come back. The doctor says its not a fracture, but he needs a plaster. He asks Sudhakar about the bruise on his face. Dadi says it’s the mark of getting hit from a pot. She beats him.

Vikrant cuts Anju’s hair and keeps it. He says I loved you a lot, none of the girls were you, I was ready to give you everything, except control, I will miss you a lot. Bittu comes home to take the dead body. Vikrant scolds him. Bittu takes Anju’s body in the car. Kirti and family hire an auto rickshaw. Kirti says we will sit in the lap. Madhuri says no, wait, we will go and then you come. Sudhakar asks Shreya to stop the taxi. Bittu comes. Sudhakar scolds him and asks him to drop him home. Bittu says no, the car isn’t empty. Kirti scolds him. He asks them to sit. Shreya asks him to open the dickey. Bittu says dickey won’t open, it has a dead body. Kirti says he speaks nonsense. Sudhakar asks Bittu to drive well. Bittu asks him to stop the commentary. Sudhakar jokes. Bittu is tense.

Sudhakar takes a phone and switches it on. Bittu takes it from him and scolds him. He drops them home. He says I don’t want the money, just go. He drops the phone there and goes. Puru sees the phone fallen on the road.

Its morning, Madhuri, Kirti and Puru have a walk. Kirti says my book didn’t get sold. Puru says we have 1000 copies in the house. Kirti says yes, I got inspiration here, I will write a book. Madhuri says I will talk to Sarkar for your job, Vikrant Deshmukh runs a school, he is rich, everyone calls him Sarkar, we live in his house, you decided right to shift here. They come to Anjali’s house. Madhuri asks the maid about Anjali. Maid says madam said Anjali went yesterday and didn’t come back. Kirti says I m much worried. Madhuri says don’t worry, nothing wrong happens here. Bittu buries Anjali’s body. Kirti and Madhuri come to the police station. They file a missing report about Anjali. Inspector and constable start arguing. Kirti ask can we talk about the case if you are done. Inspector says two months ago, a girl came to complain that her friend is missing, I told her that girls have many reason to go, I asked her to check, the girl’s friend went for horse riding. Kirti says you don’t worry for my friend, do you want a bribe, that’s impossible. She scolds him.

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He says its peaceful city, you don’t worry, go and have icecream. Vikrant comes there and sees Kirti. He asks what happened, is everything fine. Madhuri says yes. Inspector asks how did you come. Vikrant says I came to file missing report, Anjali works in our school, she is missing, even 4 lakhs are missing from school account. Kirti is shocked. Madhuri says I was coming to talk to you, Kirti is my niece, she is Anjali’s close friend. Inspector says your friend took away the money and ran away. The man says no, I m not blaming Anjali, I m just saying that the money is missing. Kirti argues with the inspector. She says I know Anjali well, she can’t do a fraud, start investigation, she is missing. Vikrant sees Puru with Anjali’s phone. He is shocked.

Kirti says he had a BF, she never told his name. constable says check her call record. Vikrant goes to Puru. Kirti says I will get her BF punished. Vikrant says I have to send you to Anjali.