Keh Doon Tumhein 4th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant kills Anju

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Keh Doon Tumhein 4th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with a man seeing singing. He gets a call. He says work is done. The person on call asks did you get the ring out safely. The man says yes. He digs out the soil and takes the ring from the dead body’s finger. A day before, Kirti gives her novel to the people at the book store. The man says your book copies didn’t get sold, sell it to the junk buyer. She says a writer should have value, I will not give it away. She gives her wedding album to Shambhu. He says its your wedding album. She says that marriage was a mistake. He gives her 25 rs for it. Her son comes and asks for icecream. She says its our last day in Bhopal. She asks her son Puru to wait. Puru falls in the dirty mud. She cheers him by jumping in the mud. The other kids also join them. Kirti gets Anju’s call. Anju asks did the packing get over. Kirti says yes, am I doing right to start a new life. Anju says I m with you, your aunty is also life, think of a new start. Kirti says we will see where life takes me, I will settle in Bua’s house. Anju says no, stay with me, I have no family, my Mr. Dashing has a big bungalow. Kirti asks who is he. The man Vikrant is seen taking class. The students talk. Anju says you will just see him once you meet him. She praises Vikrant. A student Ritu gets up and smiles seeing Vikrant. Vikrant says if you get 100 percent result, then I will take the class on a picnic. The peon says principal has come to meet you. Vikrant says I will go and meet him. He warns the boy and goes.

A man asks Vikrant to come in the shop inauguration. Other man asks for his son’s admission. Vikrant calls the MLA. He says I will come in the rally, sorry, I can’t give the seat to your nephew, I have promised to give the seat to some deserving student, sorry. He asks the man to fill the admission form. The lady thanks him.

Kirti and Puru reach Panchghati. She calls Anju and says we have reached. Anju asks her to take a taxi soon and reach Bua’s home, I will send her address. Vikrant comes to Anju and hugs her. She says I can’t tell anyone about our relationship, I have to hide our relation even at school. He says I have a surprise. She says you are saying like you will make me wear the ring.

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Kirti asks the cab driver to take her to Panchghati. The man says that cab driver Bittu will drop you. The other man says she is a lonely woman, why did you send her with Bitty. Bittu drags some sack. Kirti asks him can he take her to Panchghati. He asks about her husband. She jokes and asks the rent. He says 1800rs. She buys guava and also takes some red chilli powder. She warns Bittu. Vikrant shows the ring to Anju. She asks is anything special today. He says its special evening for us. He makes her wear the ring. She says you have to be with me till the last breath. He says I was thinking the same. She says I m so happy, I will show the ring to everyone tomorrow, everything will be in my control. She hugs him. She says Kirti is waiting for Bua’s address. Kirti calls her.

Bittu stops the car and goes. Kirti looks for him. She sees the blood marks. Bittu comes and says you got scared, I went to get water for the car, coolant got over. She asks what’s in the dickey. He says it can be anything, dead body. He shows the vegetables in the sack and says I buy vegetables at low prices to make some money. Kirti gets Bua’s call. She says I m reaching there.

Bua’s family is seen. A man Sudhakar runs from their house to Anju’s house. Bua’s son comes to Vikrant and says a thief has come here, I will look inside. Vikrant says I will check, you go there. The man Sudhakar sees a lady in the washroom and thinks if she sees me, then it will be bad. He runs and comes in front of a car. Kirti sees him and says Phupaji, are you okay. Bua’s son asks Sudhakar is he okay. Bua comes and hugs Kirti. Vikrant looks outside. Kirti sees him. He signs to greet. He takes a drink and goes to the washroom. He sees Anju and sits talking to her dead body. He says when someone tries to snatch my control, I snatch their breath.

Kirti says Anju’s house is locked. Vikrant says Anjali is missing and 4 lakhs are also missing from school account. Kirti says she had a BF, he is wrong. Vikrant and Kirti have a moment. He thinks I have to send you to Anjali.