Keh Doon Tumhein 1st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Dev arrests Kirti

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Keh Doon Tumhein 1st November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Vikrant seeing Bittu and saying don’t know how people have a deep sleep. He gets Jadhav’s call and goes. Bittu gets up and cuts the bars of the window. Dev barges into the school and thinks I have a proof against Kirti that will take her to jail. Puru gives the chocolates to his friends. Kirti smiles seeing him. Dev calls her out. He says we have come to arrest you for Ritu’s murder case. She asks what, I didn’t murder her. Dev says we have a proof. She asks what. He says if you want your case to not spoil, then come with us.

She sees the handcuffs and says its wrong, Puru is inside, I didn’t do anything, don’t arrest me. She gets arrested. Puru sees her and says you came here to wish me. She worries. Vikrant gets in between and wishes Puru. He signs Kirti. Dev gets angry. He says how long will he save Puru, Puru will know his mum is a murderer. Vikrant looks on and signs her not to worry. Dev smirks.

Shreyas gets Puru home. The family cheers him with a birthday surprise. Madhuri asks Shreyas where is Kirti. Shreyas worries. Madhuri says we will cut the cake after Kirti comes, we will watch cartoon till then. Puru agrees. Shreyas says Dev got arrested for murder blame. They get shocked. Kirti says I didn’t kill Ritu, please don’t do this. Dev says maybe you are saying the truth, but I m getting entertained seeing you here, you remember what blames you have put on me, I m a devil, you will know it now.

Kirti begs him and says don’t get Puru here, he can’t see me in jail. Dev says we will check more evidences. He goes. Vikrant comes and sees Kirti. He says I want to talk to her. Jadhav says fine, I will try to stop Dev inside. Vikrant says Puru is fine, I will save you. She says its not easy to save me, find Ritu’s murderer. He thinks can you love me after knowing the truth. She recalls Ritu’s words and says Ritu wanted to show me something on her phone, does her murderer have something related to her. Dev comes and says two lovers have met, amazing. Vikrant controls his anger. He says you are doing this deliberately. Dev says you are making stories, there is a difference between us, we have a proof, you have nothing, so stay in your limits. He taunts Vikrant. He asks Rani to practice to sing happy birthday song for Puru. Vikrant says Dev can’t cause any harm to you, trust me. Kirti cries. Dev starts laughing.

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Puru sits upset and waits for Kirti. Everyone distracts him. Madhuri says Sarkar didn’t call us, shall we go to the police station and check. Shreyas gets Vikrant’s call. Dev recalls Kirti’s words. He checks Ritu’s phone. He asks Garud and Jadhav to get the phone unlocked. He goes. He comes home and says I came to wish Puru on his birthday. Madhuri says you didn’t need our permission to meet your son, Puru was insisting of meeting you, I have sent him with Shreyas to your house. He says you think I will believe you. He calls out Puru and checks the house. Neha hides Puru. Dev smiles.

Dev gets angry and says I have seen the criminal hidden in Vikrant. He argues with Kirti. She slaps him. He says you can hit me. Puru looks on and cries.