Keh Doon Tumhein 18th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kirti learns Vikrant’s split personality

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Keh Doon Tumhein 18th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kirti looks for Vikrant in his car. She comes home to see him. He hears her footsteps and hides. She doesn’t see him anywhere. She calls him out. He changes his clothes and comes out. He says you came back so soon. She says I got late in finding the earrings, come, Madhuri is waiting, you changed your clothes, why. Vikrant says juice fell on my clothes, this also looks good, right. She says yes. He says go and sit in the car, I will come in 2 mins. He goes to the washroom. She recalls the blood on his hand. Vikrant cleans the blood stains. He hides the blood stained clothes. She says maybe he got hurt and he isn’t telling me. She knocks the door and calls him out. She asks are you fine. He says yes, wait in the car, I will come. She says no, I will wait here. He thinks time is running bad.

He keeps a smile on his face and comes out. She says I was thirsty, blood fell down my hand, do you want water. He says no. She says I will pick this. She gets scared and recalls seeing the blood drops on the floor. She looks up and sees the blood falling down the ceiling. She goes upstairs and gets shocked seeing a dead body. Vikrant asks is everything fine. She says yes. He asks shall I help. She says no, you will get hurt, just give me 5 mins.

He gives her earring and says it had fallen near Dev’s dead body. She gets shocked. He recalls looking for her. He gets her earring on the staircase. FB ends. Kirti gets scared and gets back. She gets hurt. He asks what do you do, you got hurt, is it hurting a lot. He says look at me, Kirti, I didn’t want to kill him, in fact he came to kill me, whatever you have seen, it happened in self defense, you think I can kill someone, no, I didn’t want you to see all this, I asked you to go out and sit in the car, you don’t listen to me. She asks self defense, are you telling the truth. He says of course, I m surprised you are asking this, we are together since many days, do you think I m a murderer. She asks why didn’t you call the police. He says I didn’t want any hurdle on our marriage day, they would investigate this case and get justice for this animal, he has hurt you all his life, you think he should get justice. She says you killed someone, you have no regret on your face. He says strange thing is, I m waiting for you since many days, you aren’t seeing it, you are just seeing that I killed him, I can kill Dev 1000 times for the sake of my family, I won’t regret, I regret that you are doubting me. She says I don’t find you right, maybe you are in shock, I find you changed, I will call the police, you tell them that you did this in self defense. He takes her phone and slaps her. She gets shocked.

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He says I didn’t hit you, sorry. He gets angry and scolds her. She says I don’t find you right. He stops her. He talks to himself. Kirti is scared. She says I have to kill this girl. She shouts no, Vikrant. He stops himself and pushes her. He asks Kirti are you fine, I m sorry, I didn’t do anything. She says what happened, I felt someone else is there in you, are you okay, who is he, I don’t understand. He catches her neck and suffocates her. He says you will die today. He leaves her and says sorry. He slaps himself and says I love Kirti, you can’t hurt her. He hits himself. She sees the door open and tries to run. He stops her and shuts the door. He says you had promised to support me always, you got scared. She asks who are you. He asks don’t you know me, I m Vikrant Deshmukh, but second one, who stays inside this Sarkar, just he can hear his voice.

She says you have split personality, do you have any disease, are you under medication, do you have any problem. He cries and says I couldn’t go to anyone, I just know that I like to kill people, I have a thirst of blood, no one could understand it, I regret you also won’t understand. She says it means you are the serial killer, you have killed those innocent girls and my Anju. He smiles and gets up.

He claps. He says you had blamed this on Ganesh Chaturthi also, no one knew that your blame is true, yes, its me, Anjali, carpenter, Ritu, Bittu, Jhanvi, Dev and more 11 murders, why did you take much time in finding Anjali’s BF, its okay, I will send you to your friend, because there is no other way now. She kicks him and runs. She recalls Anjali and Dev’s words. She says I was so foolish, my doubt was right, but I came in their words. Vikrant smiles. She says I couldn’t identify you.

Kirti points the gun at Vikrant. He says Vikrant was always weak, he is weak today, I will handle him today. He catches her neck.