Keh Doon Tumhein 15th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant burns the shirt

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Keh Doon Tumhein 15th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ritu thinking to find some way. She slaps the man and says you have touched me. The man says no. Vikrant hears her shouting and leaves. Carpenter says sorry from his side. She goes. Kirti is sad and talks of Anju. Madhuri says don’t lose courage, do a job, you will get your mind diverted. She cheers up Kirti and says I won’t let you fail, I will remind Sarkar about your job. Dadi says Madhuri said Kirti makes halwa well, how shall I believe it. Kirti says I will make halwa for you. She smiles.

Vikrant thanks Ritu. Ritu says its okay, Sir, you didn’t tell me, what work did you have there. He says do what is told to you. He drops her home. Sudhakar goes to the shop and asks will I get this bracelet. The man says no, you can get it in Mumbai. Kirti asks Shreyas what are you doing here at the shop. She jokes. She asks him to give the halwa ingredients. She says you should keep the shop arranged. He says its dad’s responsibility. She says its your responsibility also. Neha comes and ask for wafer. Neha joins them. Kirti pays for the items and says don’t refuse, I m elder to you and this is my love. Vikrant says even if the police gets that necklace, police can’t reach me, but I have to find it for my piece of mind, that carpenter is gone. Dadi jokes on Madhuri. Kirti makes halwa. Vikrant calls Bittu and asks him to kidnap a man. Bittu says now the men aren’t safe in Panchghati. He laughs Vikrant says I have sent the money, I will send the details of that man. Kirti comes and gives the halwa. She says thank you. He asks why. She says I m dealing with Anju’s matter because of your support. He eats the halwa and says I like it, I have to go for some imp work. She says wait, I have some work with you. He locks the door and goes out. She stops him and says I want your help, can you tell me about this shirt’s store, its of international brand. He says of course, why are you asking. She says I thought to gift a shirt to Shreyas. He says I heard beautiful girls lie cleanly. She says I got this shirt in Anju’s house, it belongs to her BF, this shirt can make me reach him. He asks why do you think her BF killed her. She says she is dead, that guy didn’t come in front of everyone, it means he is hiding from us, I m sure he killed her. He smiles and thinks this girl can spoil my work. He says commendable, you are doing a lot for your friend, you have no job, you have to see Puru. She says yes, but I have to get this man punished, can you help me. He says I can find out. They hear Dadi shouting. Dadi says I will send Sudhakar to jail. She asks Vikrant to get Sudhakar arrested. Sudhakar says I will not stealing it, I was killing the cockroach. Vikrant sees the shirt and the diya kept there.

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Madhuri says don’t send him to jail. Dadi scolds her. Vikrant drops the diya. Kirti says I will get water. Vikrant gives the shirt to Sudhakar. Sudhakar puts the shirt in it to put off the fire. Vikrant asks what did you do, Kaka, it was an evidence, Kirti. Kirti says no, I didn’t know it was an evidence. She worries. She goes. Vikrant goes to console her. She says I thought I will reach that murderer. He says maybe Kaka didn’t think much. She says its not his mistake. He encourages her. She says right, we will find Anju’s murderer. He says we will get justice for her. She thanks him. She goes to Puru. Madhuri stops him and asks can you give a job to Kirti, Anjali is no more. Vikrant says I will talk about it at the school, I will meet you later. She thanks him and goes. The trash bin falls. He sees some box. He asks Madhuri to go, he will ask someone to clean it. She praises him. She goes. He says this jewellery box is here, I was after that carpenter. He goes home and relaxes. He opens it and finds it empty.

Vikrant bribes the carpenter. Bittu and Vikrant kill him. Madhuri says Vikrant is smiling, it means you have stolen his heart.