Keh Doon Tumhein 14th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant takes Ritu’s help

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Keh Doon Tumhein 14th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kirti talking to Anju’s parents. She says I will get the culprit punished, police got a phone number in the call logs, we will find him out soon. Anju’s dad says take care of yourself and Puru. They leave. Vikrant sees Kirti going and thinks its her day to die today. He speeds the car to hit her. He gets a call and stops the car. Sudhakar asks did I disturb you, I want your permission, thief has come home, can I fix a net on the window. Vikrant says I didn’t treat you like tenants, do anything you want. Sudhakar thanks him. Vikrant comes home. Puru asks why didn’t mumma come till now. Vikrant hears this. He sees some footsteps in his house. He checks his house well. He picks a hockey bat. He looks for the box. He says the box disappeared in front of you, let me think. He sees the cctv camera. He checks it and sees the carpenter stealing the box and chain. He says its imp to find the necklace. Shreya pastes the newspaper cutting in a book. Madhuri calls him out. He keeps the book. She asks him to give the tea to his dad. Sudhakar is at the store. Shreyas gets the tea. Vikrant asks did anyone come to my house. Sudhakar says carpenter went there, I told you on call. Vikrant says okay, can you give me his number, I will also get a net fixed. Sudhakar says yes, but he is greedy, give him less money. He gives the number. Vikrant goes to the carpenter’s store. He sees the man leaving and follows him. Kirti comes home. Kirti says I got Anju’s belongings, Shreyas can you tell me about this shirt. He says this looks costly, dad might be knowing. Sudhakar comes. Kirti asks about the shirt. Sudhakar says I wear cheap shirts. Madhuri tells about her Maayka. Kirti asks can you tell me about the store. Madhuri says just Vikrant likes to wear costly shirts, ask him. Principal talks to Vikrant. Vikrant goes to Ritu and asks can I see your book. She says yes. He says come and meet me at the school gate today. She smiles and says I will come. He says good and goes. She dances happily. Kirti thinks of Anju’s words. Puru wears the white shirt and acts as alien. Dadi scolds him. Kirti says remove the shirt, I will not leave the alien. She takes the shirt and says I will find you. Titu gets decked up and comes to meet Vikrant.

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He asks who. She says Sir…. You didn’t identify me, I knew it, you will be surprised, my fashion sense is good, right, I m going out with you for the first time, I should look good, where are we going. He says I will tell you, come. They leave. He says it’s a small work, you can do it for me, that carpenter has stolen imp things from me, I have to enter his house and check, keep him distracted. She says I know what will people say if you get caught, right, don’t worry, I m there, I will handle everything. He says good, now go. She goes.

She talks to the man. She signs Vikrant. Vikrant goes to check the man’s house. Ritu makes a story and engages the man. Vikrant gets the chain. She sees the carpenter and thinks Vikrant had shown me his pic. She worries. Vikrant doesn’t get the box.

Vikrant bribes the carpenter. Bittu and Vikrant kill him. Madhuri says Vikrant is smiling, it means you have stolen his heart.