Keh Doon Tumhein 14th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Kirti rescues Puru

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Keh Doon Tumhein 14th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Vikrant seeing Kirti and saying sorry Kirti, I m giving you pain, its imp to scare you and make you away from this investigation. Kirti’s foot bleeds. She prays. Puru feels thirsty. He sees the water tank. Vikrant checks the cctv footage. Shreyas comes. Kirti cries and says Puru got kidnapped. He asks what. She says find him. He says we will find him. Puru climbs the ladder. Kirti gets a call. She says you take my life, don’t do anything to my child. He says I can’t take your life. He gives her a hint. She thinks and says what’s the place, from where can Puru fall, terrace. Puru says I will take water from the tank. Kirti runs. Shreyas runs to home. He asks did Puru come home. Dadi says you pick him from school daily, Kirti also went. He says my scooter broke down, I asked Kirti to pick him, he is missing. Kirti goes upstairs. Madhuri asks what. Shreyas says she was saying Puru got kidnapped. Kirti sees the terrace door locked. She says security guard will have the key. She knocks and shouts Puru. Puru slips inside the tank and shouts Maa. She says I m here, are you inside. He prays.

Madhuri says did that killer do this. Dadi says Kirti doesn’t listen to us. Shreyas says we have to find him. Kirti breaks the lock. He says I will go to the police station and take help from Jadhav. Neha says no, kidnapper can know it and do wrong with Puru. Kirti sees Puru slipping into the tank. He shouts. She catches his foot and pulls him back.

She hugs him and cries. He says Ganpati has sent you, I have no powers. She says don’t get scared, I will always protect you. She gets a call. Vikrant threatens her and ends call. He says I can’t say how hurt I feel by hurting you, I just want to give you my love, I hope you won’t force me to do this. Madhuri says we will go and find Puru. Kirti gets Puru home. Madhuri cries and gets them inside. Kirti recalls Vikrant and Dadi’s words. She says I downloaded a new game for you, Puru, will you play, use earphones, go. Puru goes. Kirti cries. Madhuri holds her.

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Kirti says I came here to give a new life to Puru, he locked into trouble because of me. She packs her bags. Madhuri and Shreyas stop her. Kirti says I can’t stay here. He says Puru has come back, we all will take care of him. Kirti says no, that killer gave me warning, if he does anything to Puru, no, I will go mad if anything happens to him, everyone warned me, I didn’t listen to anyone, I will go from here to protect Puru. Vikrant thinks of Kirti and cries. Madhuri says stay here and focus on Puru well. Shreyas says yes, you are strong, don’t go away, Puru is my responsibility from today, I swear I will take care of him. Dadi says I praised your courage, you melted down, we can face the troubles together. Kirti cries and says Puru isn’t safe here, don’t stop me. Dadi says no, you won’t go anywhere.

Kirti says fine, I will stay here with you all. Madhuri says yes, forget this now, I will make the food ready. Kirti sees the bruises on her hand and recalls Puru. She says sorry, I had to lie to you all, else you won’t let me go. She writes a letter.
Madhuri says Kirti took Puru and left Panchghati. Vikrant gets angry. He calls Kirti. He asks her not to go. She says sorry, our friendship was till here.