Keh Doon Tumhein 11th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant loses the evidence

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Keh Doon Tumhein 11th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Bittu saying why is police and ambulance going to the jungle. He thinks to call Vikrant. Constable questions Kirti. Vikrant says I invited her here, she isn’t related to this case. Kirti asks whose dead body will it be. He says don’t know, divert Puru’s mind. She says Anju… He says don’t worry, go, I will tell you when I find out. The men dig out the dead body. Vikrant thinks no one will doubt me. He goes to inspector. He asks how did this big crime happen when you are here, file the FIR, keep the paperwork right, I will not let anyone question you. Inspector thanks him. Kirti says I got your super shanky, don’t lose it again. Puru says okay, why did the police come. Kirti says police came for treasure hunt, I called them to find super shanky.

She calls Madhuri and tells her the matter. The people see the dead body. Kirti comes there and gets shocked seeing Anju and cries. Bittu looks on. Kirti says why did you go Anju. Anju’s parents come. Anju’s dad scolds the police inspector. Vikrant acts good and consoles him.

He says I will get justice for Anjali. Media comes and blames the police. Vikrant asks them to stop it. He asks them to support the police. Bittu says I left my bracelet there, police shouldn’t get it. He goes to pick it. Constable asks him to leave. Kirti asks Vikrant to handle Puru. He goes. He talks on call. Bittu signs him. Kirti’s family comes there. Vikrant goes to Puru. He cheers up Puru. He gives him chocolates. Kirti hugs Anju’s mum and consoles her. Madhuri asks Shreyas to go to Puru. Bittu calls Vikrant. Vikrant says don’t call again and again. Shreyas says I will take Puru home. Vikrant sends Puru. Bittu says my bracelet fell there, save me. Vikrant says I wish to bury you beside Anjali. Bittu says no, save me. Sudhakar talks to Vikrant. He sees Anjali’s hand. Madhuri says we will go home, call us if you need help. Vikrant sees the bracelet. Inspector picks it and says it’s a big evidence, it might belong to the culprit. Sudhakar sits to drive the scooty. Vikrant hurts him by the thorn. Sudhakar hits Yadav. The evidence falls. Neha steals the bracelet. Sudhakar says something had hurt me. Vikrant looks for the bracelet. Kirti cries. Dadi consoles her. Kirti goes to Puru. She tells him a story. Neha hides the bracelet. Constable comes home. He says I came for investigation. Neha puts the bracelet in Kirti’s bag. Kirti says I won’t leave the city till the culprit is found. She asks did you get any info about the jewelry receipt, Vikrant would have told you. He says no. She gets the bracelet in her bag. She sees Neha. She thinks from where did Neha get this.
Bittu goes to find the evidence. Vikrant sees Kirti and Neha at the spot. Yadav comes there. He asks Kirti what are you doing there.

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