Kavya 26th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Giriraj and Omi’s plan works

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The Episode starts with Giriraj and Omi shocking Kavya by getting the ward boy there. She argues with them. Giriraj asks her to leave Adi if she wants to see him free. She scolds Giriraj for being a bad father. He says I m a clever dad, I m doing this for him, you have to break his heart, its upto you, what you decide, the decision is in your hands, you have less time. Kavya cries. Adi sleeps and dreams of Kavya. They have a moment of romantic proposal. His dream ends. Giriraj comes to meet Adi. He asks how did this happen, look at me. Adi asks about Kavya. Giriraj says I met her outside, she said she is busy in work. Kavya leaves.

Kavya comes home. Rajeev says I asked you to stay away from that guy, swear on me, you will stay away from Adi. She goes to her room and shuts the door. She cries and thinks of Adi. Naina…plays… She pours water on her head. Adi asks the constable to let him make one call. Constable helps him. They see the media reporters coming and protesting against Adi. Kavya says no, I can’t leave Adi. She calls Amanpreet. She asks will anything happen to Adi, he is innocent. Amanpreet says the proof is against Adi, the villagers are angry on him. She asks Kavya to see the news. Kajri threatens of burning herself. The reporters cover the news. Kavya is shocked seeing it.

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Giriraj and Omi see the news. He praises Omi’s work. Kavya comes to meet them. Giriraj asks her to come. He asks how are you. She says if I leave Adi, then he will ask the reason. He says you have to make the reason. She says you don’t know our love, he won’t agree. He asks her to tell her decision. She cries. She recalls Adi’s words. Giriraj asks her to say it. She says fine. He laughs. She says you free Adi from all the blames, I will make him believe that I left him for the sake of my job. He smiles.

Rajeev asks Kavya will she ruin her life. She says I swear, I will leave Adi. Adi gets freed. He runs to meet Kavya.