Kavya 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kavya is unsure about Shubh

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The Episode starts with Kavya saying I didn’t say yes for marriage. Anjali asks what, you said yes, I heard it. Rajeev says stop it, she knows what she said. He asks Kavya to say. Kavya says I didn’t say yes, I m not able to find any answer. He says I m not able to understand. She says it was my dream to marry Shubh, but I was broken after he kept that condition, when I m getting the same love, I should be happy, right, why am I not happy, why do I feel restless instead peace. She cries. Anjali says he has changed. Kavya asks can people change. Anjali says yes, he apologized and helped you, he loves you. Kavya says heart never lies, my heart isn’t agreeing, I m sorry. Adi asks for food. He sits upset. Malini and Omi look on. She goes to Giriraj and says you would be happy after snatching Adi’s happiness.

Rajeev says we have no control on our problems, but we don’t want to become a reason of your tears, your mum isn’t wrong, she wants a good family and good life partner for you, I was scared seeing Adi and you together, we are middle class people, we can’t think of getting you married in that house, Jaideep’s family will understand us. Malini argues with Giriraj. He says Adi is my son always. She says then look at him, he has tears in his eyes today, he is broken. Anjali says we can’t leave you alone in posting, try to understand. Rajeev says we were also upset with Shubh, but they helped us. Kavya says he was with me before also, if he didn’t keep that condition, I would have not said this, I wish I could say yes, sorry, I don’t want anything, but just time. He asks her to think. He stops Anjali.

Alka talks to Adi. She says love of some people is like govt file, it doesn’t go ahead and it doesn’t end. She explains him. She says I m confident, your love story will complete, my eyes and nose are sharp, I have seen Kavya’s love in her eyes for you. Adi recalls their meeting. Malini says truth is, since Kavya opposed you, you see Malini in her, you can’t tolerate this, you aren’t able to see that Kavya is Adi’s love, you are ruining his life. Giriraj says its not a father’s duty to fulfill his stubbornness, but happiness, I m removing everything that can’t give him happiness, Kavya isn’t suitable for him. She says you aren’t understanding. He says I understand, you had snatched my life’s biggest happiness, you remember it, its Shraddh of our child, you have snatched my first child to become IAS, anger has ended, but sorrow doesn’t end, I worry that such sorrow can come in our son’s life. She cries. Mayank talks to Sanjeev about Kavya and Adi.

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Sanjeev says we have to make them confess love, we will make them meet in Diwali party here. Mayank says idea is good, but Kavya won’t come there, send me the invite, I will do something. Sanjeev agrees. Kavya recalls Adi. Giriraj sees Adi and cares for him. He gets sad and goes. Kavya goes and hugs Anjali. Anjali pacifies her. She asks don’t you like Shubh, do you like someone else. She asks her to sleep.

Its morning, Alka calls Kavya and invites her home in Diwali party. She says get your brother and friend along, we all will enjoy, will you come. Kavya says sorry, I can’t come, thanks for inviting. Alka says she isn’t coming. Sanjeev and Mayank worry. Kavya says Anusha, you are invited in Adi’s birthday party. Anusha says you come along. Kavya asks Mayank to pass the bread. He ignores her. Kavya takes him aside and asks what happened. He says you aren’t telling me the matter. She says Shubh, marriage… He says I know you don’t want to marry Shubh, why don’t you refuse.

Anjali looks on and goes. Kavya says I don’t think Shubh got that letter, I feel something is wrong. He smiles and says yes. She asks how will we find out. He says crime scene, we will go to Giriraj’s house and find the truth.

Adi and Kavya dance in the party. Tum kya mile….plays… Giriraj asks what’s happening, you both have no match. Kavya says Shubh, I love Adi, not you. She goes to Adi.