Kavya 15th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Adi confronts Omi

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The Episode starts with the man thanking Kavya for getting light in the orphanage. She says educate the kids well, there is some scam, I will handle this, don’t worry. He says sure. The kids tell her about the neighbor workers taking the electricity connection and watching tv. They ask her not to tell Naren Sir. She smiles and asks them to watch TV. She comes home and sits crying. Shubh comes to her. He says I have called you a lot of times, I worry for you. She says I m tired, please not right now. He says okay. Peon says this letter is for Rajeev Bansal. Adi prepares to talk to Kavya and offer help. Kavya checks the letter and cries. Shubh asks what happened. She hugs him. Adi looks on shocked.

Adi gets sad and stumbles. She hears the sound and looks around. She doesn’t see Adi. Adi hides. She says I feel someone is there. Shubh says there is no one. She says I felt like someone dear, peaceful. Shubh says I m your family, your peace. Sanjeev comes to Adi and asks what are you doing here. Adi asks him to be quiet. They fall down. Kavya asks is there anyone. Shubh says no. Adi jokes and kisses Sanjeev. Kavya says thanks Shubh, you helped me, good night, its late now. She goes. Sanjeev says I came to see what you are doing here, did you talk to Kavya, did your love story start. Adi says it ended before beginning. He asks Sanjeev not to reject him. He asks him to give a kiss. Sanjeev runs away. Adi runs after him.

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He sees Kavya’s house and leaves. Anjali says Rajeev wanted to fix the lights himself. She misses Rajeev. Kavya cheers up Anjali. She feeds Anjali and Mayank. Sanjeev and Adi come home. He says I can solve this problem. He gives the beer can. Adi smiles. Sanjeev asks him to drink. Adi says I will drink, but not with you, idea is yours, but …. Alka is sleeping. She snores. Omi says she can’t sleep properly. He argues with her and leaves. Adi comes home. He acts drunk. Omi holds him. Adi says I think Bhabhi ousted you from the room, come, we will drink together. He fools Omi and makes him drink. Kavya takes care of Anjali. She says dad will come home, I promise. She sees Mayank. Mayank says you like to take tension on your head. She jokes. She makes some paper cigarettes. She asks him to scratch his head, he will get good ideas. They try it and laugh.

He asks did dad get suspended, you didn’t tell mum. She asks how do you know. He shows the papers. He asks will dad get released. Adi talks to Omi and says you have ended my love story, Kavya hates me. He claps. Omi says hit me, Adi, I have made a big mistake. Adi hugs Omi. Omi cries and says I did wrong with you. Adi says I know, you didn’t do this on your own. Omi says I did whatever dad told me. Adi is shocked.

Kavya says my dad is in jail, thanks to you and Giriraj, my dad will get released and celebrate Diwali at home. Adi is shocked.