Kavya 14th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kavya gets trapped

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The Episode starts with Kavya following the man. He hides and sees her. Adi says I won’t join politics. Malini says not all the politicians are corrupt, you set the example by becoming such a voice. He refuses. She says the reason is something else. He says yes, Kavya won’t want me to join politics. Malini asks is her choice more imp than your dad’s choice. He says you have supported a wrong man, is this right, Kavya inspires me, I will do something big in life, something good and true, but not politics. She asks why didn’t you forgive Kavya if you care for her. Kavya sees the blood marks. She enters the cold storage. Amanpreet scolds the villager and beats him. She asks Sangram to call Kavya. Sangram says she isn’t here. He calls Kavya. He says its not reachable. The man calls and asks how did Ashish go there, he can tell something to madam. Kavya sees Ashish shivering in cold. She asks are you fine, you are bleeding. She sees the tattoo and thinks I saw it somewhere. Adi says I had anger. Malini says its tough to apologize, she did it, you have to choose between love and anger, whenever you choose love, you will never regret. Kavya tries to save the man. She gets him outside. She asks who did this with you, tell me. Ashish says my friend died by drinking the poisonous alcohol, I know them. Kavya asks who are they. He says I m their driver, I carry the alcohol, I was going to tell the police, they caught me and beaten me a lot, I came here to hide, they would be coming. She says nothing will happen to you. She asks someone to help. She looks for her phone. She goes and gets her phone. The man locks her inside. Amanpreet asks Sangram to call Mayank and ask about Kavya. Sangram calls Mayank. He asks about Kavya. Mayank worries. The man takes Ashish. Kavya asks who is outside, open the door. The man wipes the blood marks. Kavya asks someone to open the door. She shouts for help. The man calls his boss and says I have handled Ashish and Kavya, she won’t come out alive.

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Omi asks Giriraj to listen. Giriraj scolds him. He says take rest at home, I m going to save my respect. He asks Adi to come for the meeting. Adi says you are daydreaming. Giriraj says I know you don’t like me. Adi says I don’t like politics. Giriraj says I need you today, won’t you do this. Adi says Omi is there. Giriraj says Omi is sick.

Adi gets a call. Malini asks what are you doing. Giriraj says Adi is my heir, that’s the truth. Omi gets sad. Giriraj asks Malini to accept it. He leaves. Mayank says Kavya is missing. Adi is shocked. He thinks of Kavya. He comes to Kavya’s office and asks where is Kavya. He asks Sangram to tell something. Sangram says calm down. Amanpreet comes. Adi asks about Kavya. He says please help me find her, tell me where she can be. She says calm down, control your emotions, she was working on the alcohol scam, she might have gone there. Adi says I will come along. She says no, you wait here. Adi says sorry. He rushes.

Giriraj says Adi will just come. Mishra says he didn’t come till now. Gupta says you can forward Omi’s name if Adi can’t come. Mishra and Giriraj argue. Amanpreet says find Kavya. Adi hears the old lady telling about area behind the old godown. He asks her to help. She says Kavya is the only one who asked about my sorrow. Adi cries and says there is no one like her. Kavya tries to find a way out.

She feels cold and shouts for help. Adi says please take me along, she came to apologize to me, if anything happens to her, I can’t forgive myself. Amanpreet asks him to sit. Adi thanks her. Kavya shivers in cold.

Kavya sees the temperature falling and shouts no. Adi looks for Kavya. She tries to safeguard herself. Adi reaches the cold storage.