Kavya 10th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya cares for Shubh

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The Episode starts with Kavya, Adi and Malini seeing the news of the medicine scam. Adi asks how can this happen. Kavya cries and leaves. Adi says send someone to Babua and find out who is behind this scam. He asks Malini where is Kavya. She says she was here. Kavya comes to the hospital. She cries seeing the dead bodies of the children. Saxena sees her and gets a glass of water for her. She says I could have stopped all this and saved those children’s lives. He says its not your mistake. She says I m an IAS officer, I had sworn to save the children, I didn’t protect them, they have died because of fake medicines, I m the culprit, the govt and ministers are their culprit. The people protest outside the hospital. Kavya hears them and goes out to see. She cries and says I couldn’t save anyone. She shouts aloud and protests against herself. The reporters come there. Kavya slaps herself. Saxena worries. She sits crying. Anubha gets the call. She asks what, Shubh is injured, where is he. She rushes. Kavya goes to see Shubh.

She asks doctor how is Shubh. Doctor says he has a sprain in his hand, its good he didn’t get hurt on his head. She thanks him. She goes to see Shubh. She says I m sorry, Shubh, I had sent you here. He opens eyes and says I couldn’t do the work. She says I didn’t keep the villagers’ trust, what they lost, they will never get back. He says we tried a lot. She says no, its our mistake, I m an IAS officer and a would be mother, I can understand what those mothers are going through. He holds her. Adi comes there and asks about Shubh. He goes to see. He sees Shubh and Kavya. Shubh sees Adi and says I m always with you. Anubha comes and looks on. They go. Kavya says I don’t need anyone’s support, I can take care of myself. Anubha says Kavya is with Shubh. Adi hits a glass and his hand bleeds. Anubha stops him. Kavya says doctor said you will get discharged soon, I have to find out who did this, I will get the culprit punished. She gets hurt. Shubh holds her. She says don’t touch me, I will get treated for the pain. She leaves. Giriraj comes to meet Seema. He says 10 people died because of the fake medicines. Seema says don’t act innocent, you also did such things in the past. He says I m not involved in this matter. She asks what, you can’t get out of this mess. She goes. He says you are a clever Chudail. Anubha does the aid to Adi’s hand. She pacifies him. She says you aren’t able to tolerate Shubh getting close to Kavya. He says enough, how dare you say nonsense about my wife. Saxena says I didn’t get any proof. Kavya says find out again, there has to be something. Anubha brainwashes Adi. She asks him to come for a coffee as a friend. Adi smiles. Kavya does the aid to her wound. Adi comes home. He taunts her. She asks how did you get hurt. He says I got someone to do aid to my wound, you can focus on your work. He argues with her. He asks how is Shubh. She says fine, doctor said there isn’t anything serious, why are you talking about him. He says you can cry in front of him, how dare he keep his hand on your head. She cries.

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Kavya threatens Seema. She takes a disguise. Seema says I will defeat Kavya. Kavya and Shubh work on the mission.