Katha Ankahee 9th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Viaan, Katha and Aarav spend a day together.


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Aarav waits for her mother to return. He excitedly opened the door as the bell rang. Aarav jumps to hug and kiss Viaan. He brings him inside. Aarav was happy that he understood, Viaan is worse than him. Viaan also needs Teeji to explain him things like Aarav. Viaan agrees, but Aarav took his life. Aarav was just pranking him. Viaan brought Viaan his most prized possession, a dog toy. The toy travels through his childhood which he never shared with anyone except one. Viaan will make Aarav’s childhood beautiful. Since Viaan has been allowed to enter Aarav life, they will be enjoying a lot of mischievous activities, not only in sports club but everywhere else. Viaan is the best secret keeper as well, will keep Aarav secret safe as well. They will only eat ice cream for lunch, veg biryani for dinner, unlimited movies, and popcorn, go on long drives and steal Guava. Viaan notices Katha, corrects himself, they will ask for permission first. Katha reminds Aarav about their Lucknow home having giant Guava tree. Robin will steal all the happiness for his Batman and Cat woman. They all hugged each other together. Viaan asks how to celebrate this day. Aarav suggests spending the whole day together.

Katha, Viaan and Aarav cook in the kitchen. Viaan cooks, Katha helps. Viana tries his best to be romantic with her from time to time, Aarav happily annoys them. After that they all watch a movie together, Aarav sleeps on Viaan’s shoulder. Katha lies with him, Viaan spreads his shoulder to reach Katha. Aarav was put to bed. Aarav tells that Katha is his roommate, she sleeps on one side. Katha’s side is warm, but the other side is not, he asks Viaan to join, his warmth will make him sleep faster. Katha signals Viaan to join. Aarav falls asleep. They both receive texts from each other’s parents respectively asking them to start fresh and talk, requesting them not to inform each other. Katha asks Viaan if everything is alright. Viaan gets up to leave, he didn’t let Katha leave Aarav’s side. He turns around because he left Katha. Viaan comes out, closes the apartment door.

Next morning, Mr. Garewal was finding his glasses. Aarav tells that its on his head, also the fun he had with Viaan yesterday. Aarav if well aware of his problems with Viaan but request Mr. Garewal to give his Robin a chance, will surely fell in love. Mr. Garewal can make Viaan his friend. Aarav requests him to meet Viaan once, he takes care of him and Katha, loves them both. Aarav request. Kavita backs Aarav. Mr. Garewal thinks that anyone perfect and innocent like Katha and Aarav get loved. He left for an important work.

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Mr. Garewal comes to his office, Viaan was waiting there with a gift of books. Mr. Garewal asks him to take a seat.

Katha meets Teeji at a restaurant, she brought Teeji prasad. Teeji inquires if she told Viaan, Teeji didn’t want to worry him. Teeji isn’t against Katha, she is just in support of her son. Seeing from her lens, she can only see pain in Viaan’s future.

Mr. Garewal can see that Viaan is a gentleman. He apologizes for the past mistakes and gratitude for not informing Katha about this meeting because it would have worried her. Mr. Garewal doesn’t want to worry her more. Viaan is well aware of Mr. Garewal’s sentiments and concerns regarding Katha but today he came to talk about Aarav. Aarav is a gem of Garewal family who lost his father at a small age, replacing a father is impossible, tells that time does heal things, but pain of losing of a father only grows with time.

Teeji shows her concerns about Mr. Garewal unable to accept Viaan, he may have accepted Katha has his daughter but for him she will always be wife of his dead son. Mr. Garewal is a nice person, but her sentiments for Aditya are sane as hers for Viaan. A lot has happened to her family, the past came forth, Viaan brough Vannya. Katha has a past that will haunt her one day. She has witnessed Viaan, herself and Mr. Garewal suffering from their past. Teeji wants Katha to know if after all this Viaan still deserves to carry burden of Katha’s past.

PRECAP: Viaan and Katha question each other about their meeting with the parents. Viaan tells that Mr. Garewal doesn’t find him worthy or capable of keeping Katha happy. Katha talks to Mr. Garewal who refuse to wrap his head around Viaan being a worthy person. Katha requests him to trust her, he gives a negative response.