Katha Ankahee 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Reet tells Maya about Katha’s secret.


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Aarav finds Teeji unconscious in a room, he tries to wake her up. Katha taught him how to treat this, he performed acupressure on her. Aarav sends Kiara to call Katha. Everyone comes to Teeji. Katha asks him to let her lie down. Aarav informs Viaan that she is fine now. Katha asks if he performed acupressure, she is proud of her son. It was Aarav’s responsibility to save his grandmother. Aarav wants to massage Teeji, she hugs his hand asking not to worry. Maya recalls Ree telling that Katha arranged money for Aarav.

They come to a room, Reet informs Maya that Aarav has bone marrow cancer, and her life savings wouldn’t have been enough to arrange 1 crore. Katha asked for Mr. Garewal’s help, but he refused. Reet wants Maya to figure out how she managed to arrange 1 crore for Aarav’s treatment. Maya thinks she must have taken help from an NGO. Reet refused, owing to Katha’s ethics she would give them credit. Reet is curious, she knows that Katha didn’t get help from a bank as well. She pushes Maya to figure out how Katha arranged 1 crore in a single night. Maya wonders why Reet didn’t figure it out. Reet didn’t, its above her pay skill but she assures that this piece of information would out an end to Katha and Viaan.

Next day, Katha gives Teeji her medicine. Maya shows them the wedding invites with gift hampers. Viaan loves her style, he got it from her. Viaan has to go to the office, has many pending works to complete. Aarav calls Viaan asking about Teeji. Teeji talks to Aarav herself. Maya asks him about the wedding clothes. Maya asks Viaan to take Aarav out for shopping. Viaan leaves. Teeji is anticipated to know what new piece of information Maya has got to break Katha and Viaan. Maya tells that no one knows how Katha arranged 1 crore for the treatment. Teeji recalls that Katha refused to be the face of their NGO as well. She wonders how they will figure this out. Maya thinks that one person might know, Ehsan.

Maya and Teeji meets Ehsan, she tells him about their plan to perform on Sangeet by enacting Katha and Viaan. Maya wants to know about their love story and how it began. Ehsan says that they were impressed by Katha’s presentation, though she was late for it. Later she gave Amita Mehra work, who was on Viaan’s blacklist, Viaan was infuriated. Katha didn’t back out, later Viaan realized her intention and gave her a written apology and thankyou by making her a permanent employee. Anirudh tried to bribe Katha, but she refused. Viaan still didn’t trust her fully, but the day she got permanent Katha resigned, than Ehsan stepped in and brought her back. Ehsan has ideas how to mock Katha and Viaan. The took a lot of time to come close, that’s why they are strong. Maya asks if Aarav was a cancer patient while she joined EarthCon. Ehsan stops her form presenting that, it would hurt Viaan. Maya thinks it would be empowering to show Katha as a single mother striving for her son. Maya still doesn’t know how she arranged the money. Ehsan doesn’t know as well; it came to a shook for Viaan and Ehsan about Katha being a single mother. They didn’t use to hire married women back then; Maya calls it a rubbish policy. Ehsan tells that Katha went to Teeji to ask for a loan, but they couldn’t give a temporary client such a big amount. Reeva told that Katha came to ask Ehsan for help, but he was absent, so she went to Viaan. Maya thinks that Viaan helped. Ehsan refused, Viaan cannot go against company policy. Ehsan and Viaan were disheartened after they found the truth, but all they care about is that now Viaan and Katha are together. Maya will write a script and run by Ehsan, till than he should seal his lips on it. Ehsan leaves. Maya wonders how Katha arranged the money.

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Katha comes to Viaan in the office to show him some designs, Viaan grabs her by the waist. Katha questions his growing confidence, Viaan considers sweet harmless gossip a fundamental need. He calls it social service. Viaan is impatient, he kisses her hands. Viaan has a surprise for Viaan, he is getting married this week, gives her an invite. Katha asks what will happen if she doesn’t come, Viaan tells that his wife is most beautiful person. Katha is getting married on the same date, her husband is the most caring person, she can smell something burning. Viaan isn’t jealous, he heard incredible things about him as well, heard he is best hugger. Katha asks him to try, they both hug each other. Maya knocks on the office door, she has come to invite everyone to the wedding, Jeetu, Nivedita, and especially Katha. Viaan thought the gift hampers were only for close friends. Maya considers work people family who are there in all ups and down. She will take Katha will her, they aren’t married yet.

PRECAP: Maya asks Kahta why she wanted to resign, was it because of Aarav’s treatment. She asks Viaan if Katha came to him for money. Maya tells Teeji to wait and see if Viaan withdrew 1 crore from the account or not. Ehsan calls Viaan asking if he gave Katha 1 crore or not.