Katha Ankahee 7th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Katha will always be there to help Viaan.

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Viaan apologizes to Vanya, asks if there is something he can do, he knows some good doctors.

Katha wishes to be by Viaan’s side in this difficult time like he has been. He trusts the God to take care of everything.

Seema gains a little consciousness, stats asking Viraj not to leave her or else she will be taken. Vanya tells that he is not Viraj but Viaan. Seema considers her a liar. Vanya shouts at her, Viaan is not her father. Seema slightly faints. Yash takes Seema to her room. Viaan stands still as Vanya cries.

On his way back Viaan recalls the day he interviewed Vanya, their conversations on their family. Viaan was so consumed in his thoughts that he meets an accident.

Katha wonders why she is still anxious, receives a call and panics. She rushes to the hospital to find Viaan lying on a stretcher. He gets up, she runs towards him to see if he is okay. They were both shocked. Viaan asks her to clam down, she wants to know what happened. Viaan moved his steering wheel aside to avoid an accident, he fainted for a while but is alright now. A doctor comes to examine. Katha asks him if Viaan was properly checked. The doctor had Viaan properly examined, will be discharged in a while. Viaan was advised to return for a routine check up in few days. The doctor leaves. Viaan was about to fall, Katha grabs him.

Sitting near a tea stall Viaan tells that he went seek answers from Vanya but the truth that he came to know raises more questions. Viaan is not ready for this. Katha requests him to tell what happened. Katha was in shock knowing what happened there. She realizes why Seema didn’t recognized Viraj and why she came to meet Viaan in office. Viaan came to know that his father and Seema Datta have a daughter together. He can not keep mad at a woman who was crying for his father, he never dreamt anything bad for her. Katha restrained from physically touching Viaan. She asks Viaan to feel comfort for the reality he came across, he will figure things out with times. Viaan cannot understand that his father as a daughter that will keep reminding him about his betrayal, he can neither question his father nor Seema Datta for it. Who will be answerable for his childhood, his frustration and peace of mind. Katha will be with him, to search for all the answers, she promises. Viaan wonders what to tell Teeji, it will destroy her. Katha thinks that its best for Viaan to tell it himself because the truth will come out one day. Viaan narrates Ghalib’s poem which explains Teeji’s life. He doesn’t know how to tell that Teeji’’s husband settled in life and has another daughter. Katha knows the truth will evoke pain of her past, but Viaan will be there for her, to face everything with her. Katha looks at Aarav whenever is distressed, he is a miracle in her life, Viaan is a miracle in Teeji’s life as well. Viaan wanted to hold Katha’s hand, he couldn’t have taken this step without her. He ditched that accident because maybe Katha was somewhere praying for him, she saves him every time. Viaan’s driver will drop Katha home. Katha can take a cab, but Viaan insists. He sees her off.

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Teeji roams around worried for Viaan. He comes home, she has asked him many times to text if he is getting late. Viaan hugs her and swings, she asks if he is doing a dance practice. Teeji notices Viaan in tears, he has something to tell her, makes her promise not to panic, he is here with her. Teeji questions, she feels afraid.

In the car, Katha calls Neerja. She questions her for being late. Katha wants Neerja to do her a favor, she wants her to go near Aarav’s bedside and send all the material there to an address. Neerja questions. Katha will tell Neerja everything but for now its important for her to not let Viaan drown back in his terrible past.

PRECAP: Viaan asks Vanya what she wants. She wants Viaan to acknowledge Viraj and her mother’s. She was Viraj’s true love. Viaan asks why Seema never came clean about it. Vanya wants Viaan to ask Teeji for the truth.