Katha Ankahee 5th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Katha confronts Vanya for hiding the truth.


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Viaan notices Katha in shock. She slightly closes Vanya’s diary, looks at her computer with Vanya’s resume. Viaan apologize for what happened before. Katha is alright, he wants to know if she is bothered by something. Katha wants to leave, it’s late. He hands her a protein bar; she takes it with a thank you. Viaan leaves to get his jacket. Katha puts Vanya’s diary back from where she took it. Viaan and Katha leave. Vanya returns to EarthCon to get her diary in the middle of the night.

Vanya wanders around while her mother sleeps. Seema is asking Viraj to understand in her sleep.

Next morning, Katha calls Viaan to inform that she will get late today. She asks Viaan to delay the client call. Viaan asks if everything is alright, he gives her ease in taking the time she needs for her personal errand because Vanya is still working on the designs. Katha will meet Viaan in the office. Katha directs rickshaw driver to take turn to Seema Datta’s address.

Vanya comes to the office; notices that Katha’s cabin is empty. She asks office boy about any late-night meeting. He informs that only Katha and Viaan were in the office. Vanya comes to Viaan who informs about the rescheduled client meeting. Vanya asks about Katha joining the meeting. Viaan informs about Katha being late to office today, she informed him about it. He felt her being in stress since last night, tells that everyone shares a mutual feeling for Katha in this office, she is a lifeline. Everyone worries about her. Vanya thinks Katha read her diary; she might have gone to meet Seema.

Seema is with Yash, tells that she is losing her memory. Her daughter is a victim of her condition, she lost her father, city, home and now her mother. Seema wants to tell Viaan everything for once, for her daughter.

Katha reaches the address. She asks locals about Seema Datta, than asks about Vanya. A woman recognized and directed Katha to her apartment. Vanya stopped Katha, asked her to return to the office. Katha wants to know who lives here and why she is collecting information on Viaan. Katha knows that the ‘D’ in Vanya’s name stands for Datta, Vanya is related to Seema Datta. Vanya acknowledges. Katha wants to know why she is working in EarthCon, what does she want from Viaan. Vanya asks Katha not to interfere in her matter. Katha cannot remain silent after knowing the truth. Vanya has he reasons to hide the truth that she can not share with Katha. Katha questions, truth build trust and Vanya hiding it must have a reason. Vanya will not harm Viaan, it her life’s journey and its better for Katha not to interfere. Katha will not hide anything from Viaan. Vanya questions, Katha knows half the truth which is dangerous. Vanya has a history with Viaan, a purpose she is hiding yet trying to get close to Viaan. She has seen Viaan suffer because of his past before, wont let it happen again.

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Katha comes to Viaan in his cabin, he asks if she is done with her personal matter. He offers her water, notices Katha in despair. A calls interrupts Viaan. He sees Vanya standing outside the office, he calls her inside to discuss the Seol project. Vanya decides to tell Viaan truth before Katha tells him.

After the meeting ends, Vanya asks Viaan to spare some time as she needs to discuss something personal with him. Viaan asks if its top secret, a secret after which she would have to kill him. He laughs at his joke himself. Vanya tells that she had a purpose for joining EarthCon and having him as her mentor. She reminded him about their discussion on different perspectives. Viaan gets interrupted by a message, it frustrates him because the client demands new designs in the same deadline. Viaan tells Vanya that some clients can never change, Vanya asks if she can help him on this. Viaan tells that this belongs to another team. Vanya continues from her perspective; she was about to tell about her mother. Katha knocks on the door asking about the discussion between mentor and prodigy. Katha asks Vanya is she has something important to discuss. Viaan notices the cold sentiments still leaves to renegotiate with a client. Vanya tells Katha that there is a right time to discuss certain topics. Katha thinks that it’s not time but rather the topics which are right and wrong, there is no need to find the right time to discuss the right topic.

PRECAP: Katha tells Viaan about Vanya being Seema Datta’s daughter, Viaan leaves. He confronts Vanya at her home, blames Seema for dragging his father from him. Seema hugs Viaan calling him Viraj. Yash takes her away. Vanya tells that Seema has dementia, she forgets her own daughters sometimes.