Katha Ankahee 4th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Katha will not have another child.


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Teeji wants Viaan to know that there is no better blessing than being a parent. Maya stops Teeji, she asks Katha to clarify what she said. Katha is not being pressurized to become a mother soon but say that one day she and Viaan will have a child together. Teeji assured Katha that Viaan loves her the most, she should admit giving Viaan a child. Katha cannot promise anything, she cannot become a mother again. Katha leaves apologizing. Maya turns to Viaan, they might have hurt Katha, but did he talk to her about it. Everyone is waiting for Katha and Aarav to join the family, just to be happy with Viaan’s decision. Maya is shattered to hear that Viaan would never be a father. Viaan excuses himself, Teeji hugs Maya mocking Katha for being blind for Aarav. Teeji can not let Katha be a part of this family, Maya assures.

Viaan follows Katha, calms her down as she was crying. Viaan agrees that she was being pressured to decide inside. Marriage isn’t a small deal; they are moving very fast with all the new relations and expectations. Viaan blames himself because he promised to protect Katha and that nothing in her life would change. Viaan wants her to forget thinking that everything inside was Teeji’s old thoughts. Katha wants to know about Viaan’s opinions, wants to know if he wants his child or not. Viaan hesitates. Katha was about to leave. Viaan explains that its fast for him as well, being with Aarav and Katha never made him think further, he never imagined discussing this topic with her in such situation. Katha blames herself; she should have discussed everything with Viaan, they are getting married. Viaan clarifies, the questions pecking them now came from Maya and Teeji, owing to their generation being grandparents is a dream for them. Viaan and Katha shouldn’t be arguing on this, they are smart enough to handle anything. He holds Katha from trembling emotionally, hugs her tightly.

Ehsan questions Liza for being late, he misses her a lot. Vanya discuss entrance details with Ehsan, she suggests giving Katha a majestic entry by giving her the spotlight as she makes a solo entrance. Ehsan questions, it’s a Punjabi Wedding hence there should be fountains and rose beds all over. Vanya calls it a soap advertisement. Ehsan questions her for rejecting Liza’s idea who a certified Bollywood planner. Vanya shows her a magical entry, makes Ehsan stand. Vanya tells that Viaan will lose sight of everything when Katha makes her entrance, the love of his life will be coming to him like a God. Vanya laughs at Ehsan as he sheds a tear. Vanya mocks him for crying over Katha getting Viaan, reason why he is coming with such bad ideas. They both call Katha and Viaan, none were picking up.

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Teeji bring her concern to Garewal mansion. Reet questions Yuvraj for the drama, wonders why Katha isn’t happy even after having everything. Teeji isn’t wrong or demanding another child. Kavita understands Teeji’s concern but thinks that this topic came to early on the table. Katha must have reacted under pressure. Teeji agrees, but this is a necessary discussion. Teeji understands Katha, she would have accepted her planning for it even after years but not. Teeji thought that a child’s topic would lighten everyone mood. People in love ought to have a family together. Katha ins not being stopped from loving Aarav, a mother cannot be deprived from that right. Maya assures that Aarav is equally important to them, being eldest of the house she confirms Aarav being the eldest son of the house. Mr. Garewal has no doubt. Teeji wants them to understand their wishes to play with their grandchildren. Kavita wants some time to discuss this with Katha before, she must have said this for a reason.

Viaan drops Katha home, plays a song for her. Yuvraj calls Viaan informing that Maya and Teeji came home to discuss the matter over a second child. Katha receives a call from Kavita informing her the same thing. Viaan wonders what has happened to Teeji and Maya. They must have thought about talking to Mr. Garewal and Kavita about this. Viaan assures handling the issue. Katha stops him, she wants to handle the matter alone without Viaan involving himself.

Katha comes home, Kavita wants her to share the problem about having another child. Everyone is worried, Kavita knows that Katha must have taken this decision for a reason. She asks if another child would devalue Aarav’s importance or there would be a huge age gap between Aarav and the new baby to form a bonding. Katha tells that it’s not the matter. Kavita questions, Katha is young and healthy and would surely want to share this experience with Aarav. Katha tells that she cannot have another child than Aarav, will clear this for everyone.

PRECAP: Teeji wants a grandchild. Viaan requests her to stop. Maya wants to know the reason. Katha tells that she cannot get pregnant again and leaves the room. Teeji is in shock after knowing that Raghuvanshi’s will not have a heir. Viaan stops Teeji, Aarav will continue his legacy and family name.