Katha Ankahee 28th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Katha tells Viaan about Aarav being his Batman.


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God placed love in everyone. Viaan understood that she has been trying to tell him since the day in Gurudwara. Viaan was too stupid to understand before, he was peacefully leaving for the airport when he came across their picture. Katha knew which picture; he questions her for stealing his pose. Katha became like him, it’s nice to be like him. Viaan needs to better himself, be like Katha. He promises to fill Katha’s practical life with poetry, he will make him tea, take over the kitchen, will be the domestic help for her as well. Katha asks what she would do then. Viaan will let her do anything she wants; she asks if he thinks that she would let him do everything alone. Viaan has never seen a strong and independent woman like her, he wants to take her burden away. After all the work he can ask Katha to massage his head in her spare time. Viaan had thought of everything. Katha tells that everything in his responsibility but whenever he feels tired, she will be with him, will do boring groceries together, consider parent teacher meetings dates, make their boring rides into long drives but whatever they will do they will do it together. Viaan still can believe it, asks if he can touch her to confirm. Katha refuses, truth will touch him itself to tell about its reality.

Teeji tells her sister that the plane was about to board, and announcements were being made. She was mad enough to leave herself but knew that Viaan didn’t come to her he must be with Katha.

Katha touched his face. Viaan read a lot of love storied, admired, and imagined himself in it but this is the best love story, thanks Katha for giving him his love story. Katha was in tears.

Teeji couldn’t leave Viaan with Katha, she tracked Viaan. He installed the tracker for Paris, she was right, Viaan was with Katha. There was something different between them, she is afraid to go home and hear what Viaan has to share. She neither wants to hear nor believes what he has to say.

Viaan and Katha sat at a tea stall, he promises. Katha stops him, she knows that he can bring stars for her. Viaan can not do that but now he doesn’t have to live in imagination. She is finally hers, everything that’s her is his, her son as well. Everything that belongs to him is hers now. Katha recalls Aarav being mad at someone calling her boss his father. Viaan was eager to break the new to Katha’s son. Katha stopped Viaan, thinks that she should talk and prepare him for this first. Viaan agrees, he wants to be his best friend. He understands that breaking this news to a little child would be hard, Katha thinks that it would be as hard as it would be for Viaan to inform Teeji. Viaan disagrees, Katha reminds that he was going on a trip with her. Paris isn’t going anywhere; he can plan another trip with her. Viaan is anticipated to meet Aarav, wants to meet him now. Katha shows him Aarav’s picture. Viaan recognized him as Batman. Katha tells that Aarav is Batman, and Viaan is his Robin. Katha had known this for a while. Viaan was shocked.

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Aarav silently sat on the couch, Neerja questions. He tells that Falguni complaint about Neerja not talking to her. Neerja questions, she met him yesterday, she will talk to Falguni herself. Arav says that Falguni didn’t complaint, he noticed it himself. Neerja asked what was bothering him. Aarav wants some space, wants Neerja to spend time with Falguni. Neerja questions. Arav tells that he is the man of the house, needs to talk to Katha in private. Neerja leaves.

Viaan recalls meeting Katha in sports club, he knew it. Katha didn’t understand what to do, it was shocking. Everything was a beautiful coincidence, there is no plan bigger and better than of God. She didn’t want to break their beautiful friendship. It wouldn’t be easy for Aarav to digest. What Katha considers coincidence is magic for Viaan, he only had one friend Ehsan than had a bond with Aarav. They both never asked each other’s names. God handpicked their family, he wants to meet Aarav, talk to his friend. Katha stops him, tells him that being his mother she knows how unpredictable children can be. He might be happy or go in a shell, for him its matter to two most important relationships of his life. Viaan understands. Katha asks him to deal with this patiently. Viaan will talk to his mother while Katha will discuss this with Aarav.

Teeji was in trauma, her sister calmed her. She will help Teeji better her situation.

Viaan drops Katha home. She will meet him tomorrow, asks him to leave. Viaan will leave on one condition, wants her to call him by his name.

PRECAP: Farah asks Teeji to accept Viaan and Katha’s relationship. Teeji refuses, she hates Katha. Teeji opens her front door to find Aarav standing there. Jenny asks for Viaan’s advice for Katha’s birthday cake. Viaan sees Aarav talking to Teeji in his house. Viaan wishes Katha happy birthday, Teeji and Farah came as well. Teeji couldn’t stand Katha and Viaan taking pictures together. Viaan celebrated Katha’s birthday.