Katha Ankahee 28th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Maya will not let Viaan marry a single mother.


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Maya got to know about Katha in bits and pieces, she needs to know her herself. Maya sends Teeji and Farha, she wants to spend time with Katha and Aarav, even Viaan was excluded. Maya apologizes to Kavita for not asking her first.

Maya comes to Katha’s bedroom; Katha would have loved to meet her in the apartment. Maya asks if Katha was asked about his opinion, wants to know if she is happy. Katha doesn’t think that she can be happier than this. Maya tells Katha about Viaan’s past, the emotional baggage he carries after being abandoned. Its Viaan’s first relationship, she used to see a businessman in him but today he saw love, love for Katha. Katha tells that Viaan got closure on this emotional baggage, he is free now, he broke the shell he built around himself, now everyone knows the pure soul he is. Maya thinks that she knows who brought this beautiful change. Maya finds Katha intriguing, wants to know every small detail about her and become best friends.

Arav and Maya had an ice cream race, he went to bring water for her. Maya got teary eye; Aarav reminded her of young Viaan. He used to be the same, caring and loving, used to get things for her unsaid. Katha asks her to stay here for Viaan. Maya remembers that Viaan is not the same, he was fragile before, needy for love. Maya has always protected him from everything, like a mother, now she has two more to take care of, Katha and Aarav. Aarav brings her water; he insists her to sleep over. Maya will do it with proper planning. He asks Aarav to take care of Katha, leave with the ice cream.

Mr. Garewal and Kavita discuss Maya, the find her loving, caring, and intelligent. They loved the way she supported Vanya. Mr. Garewal knows that Maya would give Katha the love she deserves.

Maya comes to Farah and Teeji asking about her entry. Farha loved it. Maya had to do it to defeat her enemies, it best to befriend them first and find their weaknesses. Teeji could see Katha’s admiration for Maya. Maya couldn’t have done it alone, Farha helped get Aarav tripped. The man who called Vanya an illegitimate child thanking Maya for the money. Maya thinks that the man earned it. Maya initiated the way she wanted, let the Garewal prepare for the wedding meanwhile they find Katha’s weakness. Farha asks Maya not to underestimate Katha, she is strong. Maya thinks everyone feels weak once in a while. Maya actually likes Katha, she is talented, smart, hardworking, and self-reliant but she isn’t single otherwise she would have asked her son to marry Katha. Maya cannot accept her son’s betrayal about marrying a single mother. Her Rohan forgets his mother for that woman. Viaan is an idol child whom Maya loved from her life; she will not let him become a puppet for Katha. Maya asks that Katha is self-independent, that’s why she didn’t take Garewal surname. Maya wants Teeji to ask Katha to take Raghuvanshi’s surname, it wont be acceptable for him. Katha would question, and that middle class morality would tremble over her relationship with Viaan. Maya will question Katha’s every decision. Teeji loves it, it would traumatize Katha.

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Vanya runs in the cabin with a brilliant idea, she collides with Eshan holding a model. They both trip but the model didn’t ruin. Vanya compliments him for not freaking out, Ehsan admires her than remembers Viaan considering his love a joke. Ehsan taunts Vanya for being clumsy. Vanya questions him for overreacting. Ehsan leaves the room while Viaan enters. Vanya questions him for being friends with Ehsan, he is silent while Ehsan is moody. Viaan didn’t know that Ehsan more than 2 or 3 moods.

Katha gets flowers is the office, Farah comes to meet her. Farah came as board members were asked to come, she brought her flowers. She has another surprise for Katha, no less than a love letter, Katha asks if the board approved a new design room. Farha tells that after marrying Viaan, Katha will become a board member having shares in the company as well. Katha has to sign this form, there can be a better wedding gift. Katha hesitates, she is busy with back-to-back meeting, will sign the form in a while. Farha welcomes her to the board.

Katha goes to Viaan. He can see that she brought his enemy with her, the worry in her eyes. Katha tells Viaan about the letter, she is being made a board member as well as shares in the company. Viaan loves it, only Maya can gather the board member in CEO’s absence and take such decision. Katha doesn’t approve of it; she is being offered promotion to and money to marry Viaan. He thinks that it’s a gesture. Katha doesn’t want this seat as a gift but by proving herself. Viaan understands her, she is only getting to a CEO who inherited the business while he is getting married to an excellent and an achievable architect. Katha thinks otherwise, she tells him about Maya calling her home for a meeting. Viaan will accompany her.

PRECAP: Teeii calls Katha Raguvanshi. Viaan doesn’t think that Katha has to sacrifice anything, Teeji questions as taking up the surname is a tradition. Maya decides to use Aarav as leverage to break Katha and Viaan’s relationship.