Katha Ankahee 27th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Viaan helps Katha in finding Arav.

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Teeju thinks that Katha has changes Viaan. She and Viaan have been through a lot, but Katha has affected him the most. For Viaan Katha’s problem was more real and different than all other. Teeju finds Viaan very different since he got to know about Viaan. She noticed him behaving indifferently in his office the other day. Viaan disagrees with it, he leaves to attend Teeju’s guest.

Ahsan interviews Arav while Katha works in the chicken. Arav finds that Ahsan also likes cricket so he asks him a questions about cricket which Ahsan was unable to answer. Ahsan asks Arav if Katha likes circket as well. Arav informs that Katha loves hiking. Aarv gets very skeptical about Ahsan.

At the dinner table, Arav gets jealous seeing Ahsan serving Chinese to Katha. Arav tells Neeraj that Ahsan is very strange, he has been questions Arav about Katha. Neerja and Arav plans to handle the situation before it gets out of control. Arav is the only man in Katha’s life.

Next day, Jenny asks Katha to give the project updates to Viaan herself as everyone else in the office is on leave. Katha was leaving when she receives a call from Viaan that she can update him via video call, she doesn’t have to come to his office. Katha recalls Ashan words of leaving a deep impact on Viaan. Katha video calls Ahsan, he starts briefing her when Katha gets interrupted with a call. Viaan offers Katha to contact him when she gets free, she can call him after going home. Katha attends Neerja’s calls who informs Katha that he isn’t in school. Katha calls Arav’s teacher. The teacher saw Arav leaving with his bag but will reach Katha after giving it a recheck. Arav isn’t with Falcony as well. Katha starts packing her bag. Arav’s teacher callbacks Katha to inform that Arav isn’t in school. Katha shouts on phone, begging teacher to find Arav. Viaan notices Katha. He insists Katha to let him help her find her son. They both leave in elevator to find Arav. Viaan notices Katha crying. He calls driver to reach the front door.

Neerja isn’t able to find Arav, she checked everywhere. Katha doubts her mother skills for leaving her son alone. Viaan comforts her, asks her to channel her telepathic connection with her son. Her intuitions are telling her that Arav is alright. Katha is sure that she will find Arav, she won’t let anything happen to him. Viaan comforts her, God doesn’t do anything bad to those who don’t do bad to his people. Viaan is with Katha to help her find Arav.

Guard stops Katha from entering the school premises. Viaan argues with Guard, tells that her son is a student here who is no where to be found. Guard tells them that there is no one inside. The teacher informs Katha that she checked everywhere, Arav is not in the school. Katha starts questioning. Viaan notices the security camera on front gate, he pleads to have the security footage checked.

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In the footage Katha finds that Arav got in the wrong van. Viaan can have the van traced. The security Guard gave him the drivers number. The van driver didn’t attend the call. The guard informs that all the can are dispatched from a near bus corner. Katha calls the driver another time, he attends the call. Katha asks him about her son who mistakenly got in his van. Usually, the drivers drop the students back to school, but a black car stopped his van. Arav saw the man who came out of that black car and went to him willingly. Katha asks about the man whom the driver doesn’t know. Katha starts panicking. Viaan assures that everything will be alright. They went back to recheck the CCTV footage. Katha keeps getting Kavita’s call keep rejecting them. Finally, Katha attends the call, Kavita informs that Arav is with here. Mr. Garewal who went to Arav’s school to talk to him noticed that Arav’s van was taking the wrong route so he stopped the van and brought Arav home with him. Kavita knows that Katha must be worried. Mr. Garewal and Arav forgot to inform Katha. Katha will come to pick Arav herself. Katha apologizes to the teacher. Katha wipes her tears. Viaan and Katha leaves thanking the school staff for helping them.

Katha insists on taking a cab, but Viaan refuses to let her go alone after such a mishap. He opens the car’s door for her.

Viaan questions Katha for being stressed though she found Arav. He gives her some water. Arav is alright, he is in no danger. Viaan suggests Katha to take deep breath, her current condition will traumatize Arav. Katha has kept Arav save his entire life, but the world right now is not safe for him. Katha needs to keep herself strong in helping Arav face the world, her fears will have an impact on Arav as well. Katha recalls Ashan telling her about Viaan’s trauma. Viaan doesn’t want Katha to show her fears to Arav.

He drops her off. Viaan wishes to see Arav. Katha doesn’t know how long it will take her inside. Viaan agrees. Katha will call him for the project update. Katha turns around to thank Viaan who in return reminds Katha to carry a smile.

PRECAP: Teeju questions Viaan for being happy today. Arav asks Katha if she was finding him alone. Katha’s boss was with her as well. Viaan receives a thank you card from Arav. Viaan informs Ahsan about his previous day endeavor to help Katha find Arav. Ahsan invites Katha to his house.