Katha Ankahee 26th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Viaan and Katha hallunicate about each other.

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At night Katha sees Viaan in her apartment asking her to tell what she wants. He pushes her to think that he will be gone to another country. Katha tells her that he is going away from her whether it be for a meeting or vacation.

Viaan struggles to sleep, gets up from his bed and sees Katha sitting on his bed questioning about his challenge to find the truth. Viaan questions her for not showing any empathy, he thought of reading her, but her eyes are too deep. Katha asks if he will miss her.

Viaan asks what she will miss about him. Katha will miss peace, having him around brings her comfort, him being far would make her feel homeless.

Will Viaan miss Katha, he will miss himself. Viaan met his true self around her, her presence makes him feel lively, he only exists in her absence. He wonders how he would survive two weeks without her. The lights turn off, Katha disappears. Viaan sits down, she left him alone.

Katha tells that Viaan is leaving her alone, she tried to tell him about her feeling, but he couldn’t understand. Viaan disappears. She knows that he will keep thinking about it, they both will feel lonely. Katha wishes to tell him.

Next morning, Robin asks Batman about his wish list from Paris. Batman wants 6okg of Robin, asks about his weight. Batman has to find his mother’s best friend in Robin’s absence. Robin would have to wait 2 weeks to hear what his friend has to say. Batman will pray for him. Robin is also an ex – innocent kid, will pray for Batman as well. Batman asks Robin not to forget him, video call daily. Batman gets anxious in his mother’s absence, felt the same when Robin left but this time, he feels happy. He is getting a vibe that something good will happen.

Neerja talks about her shelter design. Aarav asks about it, questions her for not telling that she needs Aarav’s approval. Neerja credits Viaan for this design but he wouldn’t take it. Aarav asks who. Neerja names Viaan, he is Katha’s boss. Katha has two bosses, Ehsan, and Aarav. He recalls Katha mentioning Aarav, wants to meet her. In order to meet him he plans with Neerja to watch a movie, will pick katha from office. He wants to surprise her. Neerja agrees.

Ehsan calls Neerja telling about meeting address. Vanya is headed there, will meet Ehsan at the location. She was waiting at the elevator, Viaan comes in. He asks about her meeting, questions her about leaving without Ehsan. Vanya thought of riding through her bike. Viaan sees Ehsan coming downstairs, question him for sending Vanya alone. Ehsan counter questions Vanya didn’t know she was in office. Viaan finds something fishy, questions Ehsan for it. Ehsan denies everything, Vanya’s helmet. They will be living together. Ehsan reminds Viaan about the Paris trip. Vanya calls Ehsan weird, he keeps gazing. She reminds him to board the elevator. They leave.

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Viaan sees Katha in her cabin, she was coming to him. Jenny calls Viaan, he leaves with her, unable to talk to Katha.

At night, Viaan tells Teeji to pack everything. Teeji has packed everything. followed his checklist. She packed his world charger. Viaan activated her international number, reminds her to bring her number. They can track each other in Paris, will be inseparable for two weeks. Teeji asks him to come home early. Viaan comes to Katha, apologize for not meeting her entire day and now Katha knows that its time for him to leave. Viaan asks if she needs something from Paris. Katha asks for the Eiffel tower. Viaan was astounded, she asks him to enjoy his time with Teeji there. Katha has something to say, she now knows Viaan better. Seeing from his perspective Katha wants to share something on Lonavala project, she proposed a common ground to bring everyone together. Viaan loves the idea, now it looks like a dream project now. Viaan asks if they are fulfilling this dream. Katha has invested in the plan, will build the monument once he returns. Viaan questions, monuments are built to remember people. She asks him to consider this a monument of their dreams. He receives Teeji’s call. Viaan wanted to tell that despite being in Paris he will be available; she can call him anytime. He stops at the door, returns telling that he left something. Katha questions, he leaves. Viaan comes back in, Katha asks if she remembered what he forgot. Viaan asks her to tell what she wanted to share, he will be away for two weeks, can stay a little longer here if she wants to share. Katha refuse, Viaan leaves. Katha controls tears in her eyes.

Aarav and Neerja enter Katha’s office. Neerja forgot her umbrella in the cab, went to get it. Aarav sees Katha, wants to find Viaan, hopes he isn’t like Ehsan. He hears someone calling Viaan’s name, he was shocked to see Robin being addressed as Viaan.

PRECAP: Viaan receives a text from Katha, takes a u – turn to reach office. Katha confesses her feelings to Viaan.