Katha Ankahee 24th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Viaan is leaving for Paris.


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Viaan receives Batman’s call telling that he found a friend for his mother. The option is good and bad, he is her boss. Robin understands option being bad but why is it good. Batman tells tha the man likes his mother, and his mother likes him as well. Batman assigns Batman to bring his mother and her friend together. Batman agrees.

Next morning, Aarav tells Katha about his school assignment to write a story and create drama. Aarav wants to write a story like Titanic but about yachts. He wants to write it through experience, otherwise it will be shallow. He suggests contacting Ehsan for hi yacht. Aarav will learn a lot from him and his yacht and make up for last time by being super nice to him. Katha will send Aarav Ehsan’s number, but he should call him after school. Katha leaves. Aarav apologizes for lying but he is doing it for her.

Teeji runs fast on the treadmill, Viaan stops her, calms her down. House helps ask permission to serve breakfast, she hasn’t eaten in three days. Viaan questions Teeji for doing intense workout without proper nutrition, it will badly affect her health and anti-anxiety medicine. Teeji doesn’t know what he is up to, she is tired of everything, wants a break. Teeji suggests going on a break. Somewhere far, wants Viaan to accompany her. She recalls consulting Farah on how to solve this issue with Vanya and Katha. Farah advises her to go on vacation with Viaan, take him away from Mumbai, Vanya, and Katha. Teeji reminds Viaan about their Paris trip, suggests going there. They can meet Maaya there, she admires Viaan a lot. Teeji requests, the trip is only for two weeks. Viaan recalls his moments with Katha, Batman, and Vanya. Teeji selected a hotel as well, the balcony view show Eiffel tower. Viaan should go to office, they will leave for Paris tomorrow.

Viaan comes to meet Katha in her cabin, he wants to tell her something. He hesitates, Katha asks if he came here to talk about that thing. Viaan denies, he was here for something else. Viaan stood silent. Katha says that he could have done that in his cabin. Viaan tells that he is leaving for Paris for two weeks. Katha heard that Paris is beautiful. Viaan tells that Teeji wanted to go. Katha thinks that its good for Teeji and Viaan to take a break from everything. Viaan doesn’t want any change, he loves it here, his work, leaves to make a call.

Vanya asks Viaan about his Paris trip, she read his message. Ehsan has ordered some jackets for Viaan, he should take them with him. What would Viaan do without Ehsan. Viaan has contacted a doctor for Seema. What would Vanya do without Viaan, hugs him. Ehsan asks for a hug. Viaan asks Vanya to send him her shopping list, he will do it for her in Paris. Ehsan asks for it as well. Viaan is leaving Vanya in Ehsan’s care. Ehsan leaves, he isn’t a babysitter. They all went back to work. Jeetu requests Viaan not to stress about work on his trip, Katha will take care of everything in his absence. Katha comes from behind, she doesn’t talk to Viaan, he goes to his office.

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Vanya comes to Ehsan, questions him drinking coffee instead of whiskey. Ehsan taunts her presence, to avoid accidents he stopped drinking hot beverages. Vanya came her to suggest making a presentation on Rajasthan project. He asks her to prepare it on her desk. Vanya questions him for doing work solo, asks if she should ask Viaan to assign this project to someone else. Ehsan questions, knows that Viaan is her brother, but he is her boss as well. He is giving her work; she can email him her notes otherwise he will manage everything. Vanya left. Ehsan receives Aarav’s call. Ehsan was shocked, and asked if Katha wasn’t attending his call. Aarav wants to video call, whilst the call, Vanya returns to office giving him all her work on the project. Aarav asks Ehsan if he likes her, Ehsan shockingly questions him for knowing this. Aarav tells that Katha told him. Ehsan wonders how she knows everything. Ehsan doesn’t know if she is hi special friend or not, the feelings are complicated. He advises Aarav to focus on school and education, ends the call and leave to meet Katha. Aarav plan went to waste, Katha doesn’t have any special friend.

Eshan barges in Katha’s office informing that he has zero emotions for anyone, he is happily single so there should be no confusion. Katha questions. Ehsan is running a marathon away from relationships and emotions, he leaves.

Viaan comes to cafeteria, Katha came as well. They both came here to find each other. Viaan asks what she has to say, he suggests going on a dinner with her before leaving. Katha was thinking the same. Viaan wants Indian food, will text her name of restaurant. He leaves, Teeji calls him asking for dinner. Viaan informs her about his plan with Katha. Teeji and Viaan will be having all 3 meals together in Paris.

PRECAP: Katha comes to the restaurant, Viaan suspects her confessing something important. Katha wants him to understand. Mr. Garewal and Kavita interrupt her, joins them at the dinner table.