Katha Ankahee 22nd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Reet accuses Yuvraj for having an affiar.


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Katha suggests calling Shamita to file her complaint and evidence, Viaan must be given time to go through those the case and proof his narrative. Teeji gladly looks at katha. The board member informs Katha that they will call Shamita to office today, the investigation will officially start tomorrow.

Katha seriously works on her laptop. Aarav tells that he thinks she isn’t working regarding her work, she has a very serious look on her face. Katha tells that she has been made a judge and is going through some documents for it. Aarav asks if there is some competition going on. Katha informs him about a girl accusing a man, she is asked to investigate the matter and make the decision. Aarav gets excited while Katha is tense, being a judge is not easy. She has to out all her emotion aside and judge by the facts. Aarav asks how the boy troubled that woman, did he not asked for woman’s permission. Katha told Aarav to always ask for permission, she asks what he have done. Aarav has always asked for girls’ permission before sitting with her. He asks what a man saying no means. Katha tells that a no means no, nothing else. Katha makes a pony in Aarav’s hair while playing with them, she send him over to finish his homework while she completes her work.

Aarav texts Viaan for not showing up at Karata academy, he wants to talk to him.

Viaan has received Shamita’s complaint. He reads Aarav’s text, replies that has been stuck in some work, will come to the club. Aarav will be waiting for him. Viaan gives his text a kiss and then sit back thinking about Katha. Viaan gets a call from Abdali. Viaan suspects Abdali calling him for a reason.

Ehsan is worried about Abdali. Farah questions him about it, he tells his mother that Abdali has threatened to give Dubai project to pyramid. Abdali got to know about Viaan’s case. Farah wonders if Viaan is actually guilty. Men with power tend to abuse it, Viraj used to think the same. Ehsan defies, Viaan is not a womanizer, he knows him better that Teeji aunty. After they lost their fathers, they were all they had. Viaan used to make all of Ehsan’s troubles his. Farah knows, she doesn’t want their business to crumble.

Reet bursts in office complaining about Yuvraj and his disloyalty when she has been everything to him. She is mother to his son, treated his parents like hers, took every responsibility to care for his house and family. Yuvraj asks her to be quiet. Reet knows about his affair while he tends to refuse. She asks who the woman is he gifting those pendants. Yuvraj questions. Reet saw that pendant in his coat, thought that he would gift it to her but he left. She started finding that pendant in his office. Yuvraj shut the office door, makes sure that there is nothing going on. Reet questions him for coming home late, makes excuse to stay away, doesn’t attend her calls or try his best to avoid her. Reet starts having pains. Yuvraj makes her sit, calms Reet. He complains about the load of work, says that Reet motivated him to work assuring to handle everything behind. Reet wants that pendant. Yuvraj serves her water, slowly takes Meera’s card off the gift on his table. He throws that card on floor. He hands Reet that pendant asking how he was supposed to give her the dinner gift before. He could have told Reet earlier, she feels another pain. Reet tells Yuvraj about the baby kicking for the first time. She wants him to realize that she has made a lot of sacrifice for him, his weakness would have deprived them of this Agarwal mansion. A weak man always needs a powerful woman. They both hug each other.

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Viaan visits Aarav in the karate studio. He calls Aarav. Aarav questions him for becoming an invisible man, he forgot about him after that date. Aarav wants to know about the date. Viaan tells about his date plan becoming invisible, he wanted the other person to know him better. Aarav questions him for wearing slippers, asks if he wont play squash. Viaan isn’t here to play, he informs Aarav about not coming to Karate studio for some time. Aarav calls Viaan his lucky charm, he will lose the tournament otherwise. Viaan apologize, Batman is powerful alone and Aarav has been practicing daily. Aarav questions, a single mistake can oust him from tournament. Winning and losing is always in the game but facing the fear is important otherwise it becomes our weakness. Viaan reminds Aarav about his first match, he broke the plank himself. He asks why Aarav’s mother isn’t here to cheer him. Aarav tells about some office emergency that she has to deal with. Viaan knows, sometimes the people we need most aren’t there to help up. Aarav ask Viaan’s reason for not coming. Viaan tells about his office fight he needs to prepare for. Aarav is sure that Viaan will win, he is really strong. He asks if Viaan got his support, no matter what Aarav will always support Viaan. He promises and guarantees his win. Aarav hug Viaan who wipes his tears.

Katha enters the conference room, she hallucinates Viaan sitting on one of the chairs telling that he will not be punished for a crime he didn’t commit, Katha must not back out.
Viaan gets ready, he receives a call. Neerja greets young hero. Viaan tells that its not the right time to call him hero. Viaan is a hero for Neerja, he covered the journey of becoming her hero. She asks why he is upset. Viaan tells that a man put to question should not be called a hero. Neerja tells that a man who filled her life with colors is a hero to her, she is able to see everyone’s true color now. She tells that a real hero come after complications, someone who helps eradicate other’s problems selflessly, the one who always supports the truth. Viaan’s super strength in his pure heart. He will win if he fights from pure heart.

PRECAP: Shamita tells Katha about Viaan calling her to his office, he then tried to become intimate with her. Katha recalls her night with Viaan. Yuvraj has found happiness in Meera, he wants them both to live together. Katha and Viaan cross each other in the hall.