Katha Ankahee 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update:Viaan wins the competition against Anirudh


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Katha and Viaan stare each other as the girl asks the guy about waiting for her, he is ready to wait for her forever. They hug each other. Viaan and Katha leave, say good night to each other. They keep looking at each other, Viaan keeps stopping the elevator door from being closed until Katha waves good bye to him.

Next morning, Viaan prepares a table for himself and Katha. His friends come asking about Katha. They heard about an architectural contest, point Anirudh making public relations before contest. Viaan stops listening the conversation as soon as he sees Katha enter the room, she greets everyone. The friends will wait for Viaan and Katha in panel discussion, they leave. Katha shys as Viaan notices her outfit. They start having breakfast, Anirudh comes asking about their participation in contest. He wonders how because te subject does not concern Viaan, he will surely send Katha to fight his war. Anirudh has to participate because new aspirants look forward to him, he is here to defeat Viaan. Anirrudh leaves. Viaan asks Katha about the omelet , she wants Viaan to speak up. Viaan has shown Anirudh his position by taking all the projects, ignoring his talks is the best option right now.

In workshop, the host guides them to make something lovely from the trash present in front of them. Viaan will participate on behalf of EarthCon. He collects some items for his project. Anirush was first one to complete his model, a sky scraper. He defines love as comfort, providing your loved one with comfort of the world. His building is gift from a Maharaja to her Rani. Everyone claps for him. Viaan finishes his project, tells that a Maharaja who used to battle in far areas but loved his wife the most. He was sure about his success in war so in order to capture his moments of love he collected every piece of glass in the city to create a glass castle. True love knows how to give, its always one sided and complete. It only knows how to give expecting nothing in return. Viaan wa applaud for it. Anirush objects, his design has all the luxuries, everyoe would want to live here. Anirudh thinks that love comes with a price. For Viaan having loved ones insight is enough, their presence deters all other pain.

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Coming back from workshop Katha complements Viaan for handling Anirudh well, she learned something from him today. Viaan was right about ignoring him. Anirudh leaves from the side. Viaan thinks that Anirudh not learning from his mistakes is his biggest issue. Katha asks Viaan about the presentation slides she emailed. Viaan didn’t have time for it. Katha wll bring her laptop to his room for discussion, Viaan questions, thinks that coffee shop would be a better place. Katha objects, she will bring her laptop to his room.

Ehsan discuss the design with new joiner,he suggests new color scheme for children’s playground. Vanya objects, tells that that color was decided by Katha and Viaan. Ehsan wanted to shift the artificial pond, Vanya tells that it was already decided. She asks Ehsan to give her valuable insights. Ehsan complements Vanya for knowing everything, he heard her willing to do everything from front. Ehsan tasks her to handle everything from now. Vanya questions as it would be time taking. Ehsan send other employees home. Vanya’s honeymoon period is officially over, Vanya loves challenges and so does Viaan.

Katha asks Viaan’s permission to enter his room, he sets a stool for her beside the bed. She questions him about the noises coming from behind the wall, his room is next to the auditorium. Katha question Viaan for standing behind her rather than sitting. She trusts Viaan, otherwise wouldn’t have come here with him. Viaan sits down, discuss the presentation. Katha sees chocolates besides his pillow. Viaan gets hungry at night, they share the chocolates.

PRECAP: Viaan and Katha present together, Katha was about to fell from the stage but Viaan saved her. Viaan thretens Anirudh for crossing his limits for by hurting Katha.