Katha Ankahee 20th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Katha goes to meet Viaan.


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Farah wonders what’s happening with Ehsan, he is excited as well and tensed about Viaan’s wedding. Ehsan fears losing Viaan than recalls Katha being the bride, enduring a lot of mood swings. Farah recalls requesting Meera to keep Ehsan out of it. Maya questions, she cannot let Ehsan meet Viaan right now, she wants Farah to give her son a sleeping pill. Farah does what she said and sends him off to sleep. Viaan leaves asking Farah to give him a call as soon as Eshan wakes up. Farah messages Maya that Viaan left without meeting Ehsan.

Katha comes aside to attend Viaan’s call, he has a feeling like Katha misses him as well. Katha wanted to tell him what she heard Teeji said but instead asked Viaan to rest. Viaan says goodbye after asking her to feel free to call him anytime she wants. Reet asks Katha why she looks stressed, did Teeji or Maya say her something. Katha is just tired; Reet asks her to share anything. Aarav intervenes dragging his mother to a dance, Yuvraj and Reet dance so does Mr. Garewal.

Teeji comes to Viaan while he sleeps, she pats his head than slowly takes the phone form this bedside apologizing for it.

A person interrupts the Garewal’s dance, Kavita’s choora is here. Yuvraj closes Katha’s eyes, Reet thinks that Katha saw her choors, it’s a bad omen to see it. Mr. Garewal steps forwards, Reet gets scared, he tells Reet that bad and good omens are not important when intentions are pure.

Teeji knows Viaan’s password. Maya searches for the message, found the text of the messaging for hotel booking. Maya will get the hotel footage and put an end to this game once and for all.

Everyone dances at the Garewal mansion; Kavita wants to send Katha to sleep because she looks tired. Mr. Garewal refuse, they need to practice the bride’s entrance. Aarav plays the song; Katha starts waking under the dupatta. Yuvarj requested her to walk slowly like a bride. Mr. Garewal and Kavita were getting emotional; Reet records everything. Mr. Garewal sends Yuvraj to bring rice. Katha questions but does so because Mr. Garewal insisted. Kavita wipes her tears. Reet falls on the couch unable to find more space to record the practice. Mr. Garewal forbids everyone from getting emotional. Katha thinks being a little emotional will do no harm, they hug each other. Reet texts Maya to hurry now.

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Maya takes a picture of that message, sends Teeji to put the phone next to Viaan but on silent. Teeji is worried about Viaan, what if all this hurts him. Maya will not let that happen, but this wedding needs to stop.

Katha dreams about Viaan calling her repeatedly, but she is unable to get to him. Katha wakes up from the dream, and calls Viaan. The phone was silent so he couldn’t pick up.

Katha comes down to her family, Kavita, and Mr. Garewal questions. Kavita brings her aside. Katha isn’t feeling good, she is having palpitations. Teeji asked Viaan and Katha not to meet till the wedding, Katha accepted but now she feels sad. Kavita asks Katha to create a relationship of harmony and balance with her mother-in-law. She might have some issues with Viaan and Katha’s relationship before not anymore. Kavita sends Katha to relax. Mr. Garewal and Yuvraj signal each other.

Yuvra and Mr. Garewal goes to Katha sending her to meet Viaan, they suggest her not to use her brain and listen to voice of her heart. Katha leaves. Kavita scolds both Mr. Garewal and Yuvraj for doing so.
Ehsan wakes up, calls Viaan but he doesn’t pick up. Farah doesn’t find Ehsan in his room, informs May about it. Maya questions should have kept an eye on him or have given him another sleeping pill. Farha questions, she would never do so. Farha hung up. Maya calls Teeji, informs her about Ehsan, she should make sure that he doesn’t meet Viaan.

Katha waits for Viaan in the lobby, Viaan drags her aside. She questions him for not attending her calls. Viaan was asleep, he got thirsty, woke up to get water but found her instead. Viaan questions her being here in his house all alone at night, is she spying him. Viaan takes her to his bedroom, he wants her to tell what bothering.

PRECAP: Viaan shows Katha the stare he named after her, is lightens her mood. Maya plans to use Katha’s secret past to ruin her future.