Katha Ankahee 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Vanya tries to convince Katha to let Viaan and Aarav meet

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Vanya tells Viaan this will be their first Bhai dhoug so if he tells her then would get a gift of his own choice, Viaan says he does not need anything other then her prayers when she says he would get it but there will be something, Viaan says she can indeed give him something and advises her to not fight with Ahsan explaining he has seen his bad time so gets worried seeing him or Katha tensed, she says that Viaan wants her to support the Grandfather and not worry of her brother who is sad, Viaan replies he is not sad but just hopeful and does not get worried if Ahsan or Katha say anything.

Vikram hugs Aarav who says he is glad that he came back soon from the camp as they were eagerly missing him, Aarav explains that even he was missing them, Pari asks what did he do there when he replies he will tell them later. Raghav returns and takes the blessing of Vikram, he asks where is Aarav as he has to take him to the mall, Aarav explains he is standing right here when Raghav asks if they should leave right now, Pari says that he should also bring something for her, Aarav promises to bring some sweets. Katha is getting ready to leave when Vikram asks if she is also going, katha replies she will come back quickly. Pari explains that it is a very big project so Katha says tat she is not the only one handling the project and it would not be finished today. Katha leaves advising them to take their medicines on time.

Katha knocks on the office of Viaan when he praises her so she gets nervous, he notices she is tensed so asks if anything happened but she refuses, Viaan questions if Raghav said something to her when she replies there is nothing of the sort and he must not be concerned for her, Viaan then questions if Aarav returned, Katha is shocked asking how did he know, he replies she is never tensed for herself so asks if she is worried how Aarav would react seeing him. Katha explains she knows how Aarav would react, Viaan requests her to let him meet Aarav when katha says so her son can once again suffer a nervous breakdown, Viaan says that Aarav needs some closure when Katha says that he is a child and does not know what not to say, Viaan says she is tensed he would get hurt when katha replies she would think the same for anyone else and informs she must go back home soon as there is Diwali, Viaan replies he does not need Lakshmi pooja since the Lakshmi is sitting right in front of him. Katha tries to leave but turning back explains that Aarav has recovered a bit after so long and she cannot let him meet Aarav again, Viaan notices how Katha is very tensed so slowly hugs her when she cannot stop crying, katha suddenly wakes up from her dream and tuns back to find Viaan sitting on his seat after which she leaves while Viaan also gets worried, thinking about Aarav.

Raghav brings Aarav while keeping his eyes closed and shows him the Rangoli, Raghav asks if Aarav would light the Diya and so brings the lighter while giving ti to Aarav, who suggests they must also pray while lighting the Diya as this is what his mother does. Aarav asks if Raghav understood the reason they light the Diya and so he lights it, then says they both should pray Raghav agrees to the desires of Aarav when he asks Raghav to also add one more thing explaining jst as Raghav always makes him feel loved and happy then would even make the other children feel like it, Raghav promises Aarav asking if he makes him happy when Raghav explains this is the best Diwali gift. Raghav asks if he can ask for something else then he helps Aarav sit on the chair mentioning his gift is a question and asks what happened in the camp. Aarav replies that nothing so Raghav explains he returned quickly after taking special permission from the teacher but Aarav is worried when Raghav explains they can burn all of the problems quickly when Aarav says this is why he came thinking they would celebrate Diwali and burst the crackers so who would stay far away from his family. Raghav explains that they should burst all of the problems and send them away otherwise it would be in their heart and cause problems. Aarav says he enjoys safe Diwali without any cracker.

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Vanya tells katha that she must move ahead leaving all of the problems behind, Vanya explains there was a special bong between Viaan and Aarav. Katha explains that Aarav used to enjoy the company of Viaan as Batman and Robin which is why he was not able to deal with the situation when Vanya asks if they cannot talk with him, katha explains tey cannot reason a lot with a child and her life was at risk. Katha says she has seen her child suffer from the trauma and a desperate person tries to save only his own life so her child was her top priority, she explains that Aarav has always been an independent child and he made himself her protector so he became the man of the house after being free from the illness when Viaan came to their house and they thought their family was complete, Katha explains she tried a lot to make Aarav trust Viaan once again and he must accept it if Viaan comes in front of him but how can take such a big chance with her child. Vanya understands it all along with her fear saying she knows Viaan who would be able to make a place in the heart of Aarav and she is sure of it. Katha accepts that Viaan manages to convince Aarav but the thing that should have remained between him and Viaan has become a truth so if Aarav finds out how much she had to suffer for his treatment and the person he thought of his father did it all then that child would start hating himself. Vanya agrees with katha explaining even she got a bit scared but Aarav would find out the truth some day then why can they not take it as a probability as then there would not be any reason to hide the truth. Vanya explains that truth can heal them again, Katha says she knows what it is like to live with this fear and she has lived a lot of her life like this she knows what she is doing right now is temporary but she has to give some time to her child to recover which is why she took him away from this life but it came finding her. Katha says Aarav should never find out the truth and it is the truth for the moment.

In the night Aarav and Ruhi are lighting the Diya when Paranv asks if they can see the entire stall of sweets being eaten. Vikram says that he has decided to go with Aarav for jogging before the Yoga class of Katha, Pari gives him another name when Raghav says they must first go to light the crackers to they leave.

Katha asks Paranv to have some sweets when he says today is Diwali but tomorrow they would talk of Viaan when katha says she knows it will happen and she has decided to talk with Aarav explaining how Viaan has come to their life while even their new family knows him to, so that he should not be shocked.

Ahsan is with Vanya explaining he knows they have had a difference of opinion but he requests her to be on his side and make Viaan understand that katha and Aarav are the past while he must focus on the future otherwise Viaan would get hurt. Vanya mentions she loves Ahsan a lot but at present the love story of Viaan and Katha Bhabhi need her support.

Viaan is lighting the Diya when he promises his mother that this is the last Diwali which the will separate alone while next year both katha and Aarav would be wit them.

Paranv asks katha if it would be right to tell the entire truth to Aarav, katha says she will surely try her best that Aarav does not come in front of Viaan and understands why it all happened.

Vanya thinks Katha would not let Viaan meet his son but she is surely going to make it happen.

Precap: Viaan goes to Aarav while he is celebrating Diwali but Aarav pushes him away saying e is nether his father nor his friend, Aarav getting furious starts breaking the wooden desk so Katha and Raghav take him away, Viaan sits down crying.