Katha Ankahee 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Ehsan tries his best to stop Maya.


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Viaan and Katha play a game, Viaan gives her a tough on by asking the capital of Vienna. Katha tells that Vienna is capital of Austria, she just taught that to Aarav. Katha doesn’t wish for the night to end. Viaan will create more nights like these, thinks tha there is no one having a bad eye on their relationship.

Teeji throws Vanya’s gift from the balcony. Maya hopes she is feeling better, she has a good lead but just needs proof. Teeji wonders how, only Katha and Viaan know the truth. Maya questions, there must be a resort of hotel booking. Maya asks who handles the bookings at the company.

Ehsan wonders if they booked a hotel, Jeeny must know but she is on leave. Ehsan will contact Jeetu, only the accounts office has access to old records.

Teeji tells Maya that they need to contact Jeetu. Maya wants the information, it would eventually lead her to hotel’s footage, the proof she needs.

Next morning, Viaan questions Katha for being lost in her thought. Katha fears losing what someone she got. Viaan cannot think about losing her, he will not let that happen. Katha adores his confidence. Viaan agrees, cannot let her go, will fight destiny if it took her away from him. Katha asks what if she leaves, Viaan will find her. Katha asks if everyone goes against them, Viaan will fight everyone, well settle a new life with Katha alone. Katha asks what if they start fighting and he eventually hates her. Viaan will handle the issues, convince himself otherwise. Katha knows that her prince charming exits in real life, but he doesn’t own a horse but a car that’s been abandoned in a deserted area having her phone, identity card and everything. Viaan sees his watch, hotel helps knock the door. He hands Viaan the car keys and Katha’s bag. Viaan informs that the police found the car and is in search of those thieves. Katha needs to go home now; Aarav cannot live without her. Viaan receives Aarav call, tells that his wish to have hundred dogs is about to be fulfilled. Aarav shows his bags, he packed everything to go to Garewal house and from there to Viaan’s house permanently. Aarav didn’t pack Katha’s luggage. Neerja is packing hers, she is leaving for Delhi.

Maya is on call with someone asking him to keep Neeja occupied in Delhi for a long time. She goes to Jeetu asking him to tell about a hotel Viaan once mentioned, she ought to book suite for him as wedding gift. Jeetu decides to call Viaan, but Maya stops him, it has to be a surprise. Ehsan rushes into the office. Maya requested Jeetu to find a way to know about the hotel name. Ehsan sees her, wonders what to do. Jeetu checks the booking history; Maya wants him to check the booking history in the month of November. Ehsan plugs out the main serve. Maya asks him to connect hotspot, Jeetu refuse, it’s impossible. She suggests him to check the history on his phone.

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Neerja tells Viaana and Katha that someone sent a legal notice on her shelter home, she needs to handle this. Viaan asks her to wait, he will do something about it. Neerja refuses, she cannot take more favors from him. Katha questions Neera for not being at the wedding. Neerja comforts Katha, wedding is just a mark while she has seen Viaan and Katha’s love grow over time. She wanted them to be together, will pray to God for their togetherness. Neerja is jealous of VIaan for stealing Katha from her. Aarav calls Katha inside. Neerja held on the googles Viaan gifted her, thanks Viaan for filling her life with colors. She gives him a small advice, she is leaving Viaan behind with Katha and Aarav’s responsibilities. She requests Viaan to never leave Katha’s side. Aarav gits Neerja a hand painting of her shelter home. Neerja isn’t leaving forever, she refuses to let anyone see her off. Aarav stops her for a selfie.

Jeetu was near the month of November but receives a call and leaves in hurry. Ehsan stops Jeetu in the office, tells him that his wife is alright. Jeetu complains, he almost had a heart attack. Ehsan has arranged a vacation for him and his wife in Kerala, Jeetu doesn’t need to attend any call or message. Ehsan asks him to leave his office phone behind. Jeetu realizes that he left the phone on his desk.
Maya takes hold of the phone but Vanya spills coffee on the hand before she could go thorough anything. Vanya apologies. Maya needed some help from Jeetu, but he had left already. The phone was locked, only Jeetu knew the password. Maya leaves the office. Ehsan enters, Vanya doesn’t know what’s happening but felt the need to stop her. Ehsan hugged her in return.

Maya searches Viaan’s cabin in hope of finding something, she eventually finds an envelope with some money. She counted the money; it was 83 thousand. Maya knows now that Viaan gave Katha 1 crore, and her ethics made her return the extra 83 thousand. The money is untouched because of Viaan’s guilt, she appreciates her efforts.

Katha says her final goodbye to the apartment, it has been her friend for many years. It knows all about her pain, struggles, sorrows, happiness, it has seen it all. Viaan, Katha and Aarav hug. Viaan still has the key, they can visit anytime they want.

Ehsan calls Viaan, he ignores the call. Ehsan texts him. Viaan takes Aditya’s photo as it would complete their new home. They leave.

Maya hears some employees discussing that the server plugs were taken off. Maya questions, they think that there is some hidden mission being sabotaged here. Maya wonders who is the person getting in her way, all fingers go to Vanaya.

PRECAP: Ehsan takes Viaan upstairs to talk to him. Ehsan has something to discuss but asks Viaan not to panic. Katha overhears Teeji telling the house help to put Aarav’s bag in storeroom instead of Viaan’s room.