Katha Ankahee 18th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Aarav plans a suprise for Viaan and Katha.


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Katha tells Viaan that she plans every day and everything in her life, but she isn’t able to do that with Viaan. It will take time for everything to be normal. Viaan has something that will make things easy for Katha. Mr. Garewal and Katha went to meet Teeji, they sorted everything. Katha and Viaan have blessing from both the families. He wonders what to do now. Katha asks him to wait, Viaan questions. Katha tells that everything is happening fast, feels like their story writer took a shortcut towards the destination. There is no journey which is most important, where are the milestones, the speed brakes, the twists and turns, and jumps. Viaan wants her to ask him about the long journey he had. Katha asks him. Viaan would tell after asking her Mr. Raghuvanshi. The thought of everything being a dream frightens Kahta, Viaan wants her to continue speaking. Katha did everything alone for seven years. She hid her tears from Aarav, did everything calculate, finances, work, relations. The hardships became her habit, now when everything is easy, she is having a FoMO. Katha feels like her life is being taken form her. Viaan asks if his dreamy world is changing her, asks if she is feeling afraid. Katha is afraid. Viaan gets up, opens his arm for a hug. Katha hugs him. He asks if she is still afraid, Katha is not. Viaan takes her to the couch, asks her to clarify the things that are changing. It’s not necessary for Katha to move, Viaan can come to her. A house doesn’t matter, the life is their family, Aditya, Aarav, and their parents’ memories. Viaan and Katha can take that life anywhere with them. Viaan assures that their world will only expand but would never change. They need to change one thing and that is Katha’s fear of considering everything good a dream. Katha wonders how that would happen. Viaan will make her life a dream, he will walk in her life to make it more beautiful. Katha asks what to do now. Viaan is astonished to know that except them everyone is ready for their wedding. Aarav will tell what to do. Katha questions, he was asleep. Viaan and Aarav question Katha at the same time. Katha allows him to speak. Aarav has a condition, he wants Viaan to stay the night. Viaan cannot, he has a lot of work tomorrow. Aarav says that tomorrow is Sunday, he wants them to spend Sunday tomorrow. Viaan assures that he will come early morning. Aarav blackmails him by saying that he will not speak, and Katha will scold him. Viaan didn’t come prepared, has no clothes for the night. Aarav asks him not to worry about that. Viaan asks for Katha’s permission, she allows. Viaan leaves to make a call. Katha puts Aarav to bed.

Viaan informs Teeji about his plan to stay at Katha, he knows it’s a little awkward. Aarav insisting on spending Sunday together and owing to his cuteness Viaan couldn’t say no. He already asked Faraha to accompany Teeji, he will not let her be alone. Teeji refuses. Viaan assures spending quality time with her. Teeji asks Viaan to enjoy.

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Viaan reads Aarav a book in bed. Katha brings them mid night snacks, they forcefully make Viaan eat them as well. Katha shows them their wardrobe, Viaan and Aarav playfully score her clothing choice. After that, Aarav and Viaan dance together. Katha joins them, they get in an argument, Aarav falls asleep on the couch.

Next Morning, Viaan sleeping on the couch wakes up to drumbeating. Katha comes out questioning the sound. Viaan laughs at her, Aarav drew a mustache on her. Viaan would love her anyways. Katha notices and laughs at Viaan’s photo sticked on back. Viaan loves the drawing. Aarav comes in, he asks everyone to get ready since they the entire day to celebrate. Viaan asks Aarav about his clothes. Aarav already took care of it; he bought new clothes for Viaan. Katha questions Aarav about going out alone. Aarav clarifies, the shopkeeper is friends with Mr. Garewal, so he had the shop open early. They were concerned about Aarav talking to Mr. Garewal. Aarav had something important to discuss with him, it’s a surprise. Viaan loves surprises, wonders what it is. Karha asks him to wait and watch.

Aarav notices Viaan being busy on his phone. Viaan texts Teeji asking her about breakfast and leaving a reminder about medicine. Teeji remembers everything. Aarav questions Viaan for using phone in their fun time. Viaan apologizes, remembers that they were about to paint. Katha wants to know what Aarav is up to. Viaan reminds Aarav about the robin painting he made for him. Viaan jokes about throwing it away although he has it framed. Katha wants Viaan to frame his cartoon photo. Viaan is a cartoon and wants to stay this way. Aarav has another task for which they need to go out. Katha asks Viaan to just follow.
Viaan asks Aarav about the main plan of the day while eating ice cream. Aarav has something planned; they will get to know in a while. Katha comes back with some shopping bag asking for her ice cream. Aarav sent him to buy some essential stuff for Viaan since he will be visiting often. Viaan puts the bags in his car, Katha takes Viaan’s ice cream. She refuses to give it back. Aarav wants to go him, Viaan requests him to share the important venture of the day. Aarav wants everyone to stay patient. Viaan plays a song, its Aarav’s favorite, they all sing along.

Katha, Viaan and Aarav come home to Mr. Garewal, Teeji, Kavita and Ehsan sitting in Katha’s lounge. It was Aarav’s planning. Teeji asks her to relax, wants Katha to sit with her, she needs Katha for future planning.

PRECAP: Teeji thinks that they must not wait for the engagement. Mr. Garewal suggests deciding the wedding date as well. They all dance and celebrate Katha and Viaan’s engagement. Katha assures Viaan for carrying his mark with her forever. Viaan hugs her.