Katha Ankahee 17th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Aarav returns from his trip


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Katha enters the room where the design board is placed, Katha starts looking at the designs and gets a smile on her face from it, she goes to look even at the other deigns placed there which resemble that of a mosque. Viaan notices Katha looking at the designs while standing outside the room so he slowly walks behind her saying he made it, she gets shocked but then he pulls her close to him. Katha gets a bit uncomfortable so apologizes for coming to his room and then praises the designs mentioning she did not know he brought the designs home. Viaan says that what they are making is the love of Raghav but the idea of love belongs to him, like the story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz as the world knows of their love but are unaware that the design was made by the friend of Mumtaz named Sheraz, which was his love for her. Viaan mentions in every aspect of this design the love he has for Katha is shown, and all it says is that I LOVE YOU KATHA, hearing this Katha tells Viaan that there is immense difference between stories and real life while even in the story Mumtaz and Sheraz never got together. Viaan says that this is their story and he would make sure that he fulfills it explaining that it was is son who called outside and they had to lie so he is wondering why did they lie, he says that she never liked it and was always honest. Viaan says he is just asking for a single chance to get back in the life of katha and Aarav and make everything right, Katha gets emotional when Viaan tries to hug her but she says it is not right when Viaan replies it is the truth of them both. Raghav notices how Katha is crying in the room.

Ahsan asks Teji if she is fine, she replies she remembered her mistakes after seeing katha in this house who has entered as a fiance of someone else while her son Viaan, she has no idea what he must be going through. Ahsan says he told Katha in the office to not come here but has no idea why she came, Vanya explains that certain things can never be done by thought but only with their emotions as Katha is the true love of Viaan Bhai and he will keep pulling her close to him, which is love.

Raghav entering the room is confused asking Katha why is she crying, Katha picks the design explaining she got emotional seeing it, Viaan turns to Raghav who says that he got scared so asks for the design and starts looking at it, Raghav says that it is the fault of Viaan who poured his heart onto it and it can make anyone cry. Raghav says but he is wrong as only the one who can understand the price of this design can feel it, an architect which is katha. Raghav says he wants that the one whom Viaan loves a lot should see this design as Viaan is the one who filled it with love and this could not have turned out so good, he says he is sure that Viaan is making them smile through tears. Katha tells Raghav that it is very late and they should go back home so Viaan agrees to let them go while he keeps standing there and breaths a sigh of relief.

Ruhi while being on her bed is once again reciting the poetry of Viaan sir, she calls Aarav asking why did he get so angry at her so ended the call, Aarav also questions why does she keep teasing her and what does she get from it, Ruhi replies it is the right she has being her elder sister so is preparing him for the world, Aarav replies he goes to school for it. Aarav further says that have hyped up their visit as they only went to the house of papa’s friend and he asks the name, Ruhi remembers how Katha told her that she would talk with Aarav herself. Ruhi replies truth be told it was not at all that fun so she asks if Aarav did horse riding.

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Vanya asks Ahsan to not be worried when Raghav returns with Katha and Viaan asking where is Teji so Ahsan says that she got tired so went to sleep. Raghav replies that even katha is tired so they should leave, he tells Viaan that he should tell him the name of the girl he loved. Viaan says that she is katha hearing which everyone is tensed so Viaan explains that it is not just a story but an entire Katha when Raghav makes Viaan promise to make sure they meet her since when she returns he would surely get Viaan married to her. Raghav and Katha leave when Ahsan asks Viaan what is he dong so Viaan replies that he would surely bring back his family together but Ahsan replies he is not going to support Viaan in this when Vanya hugs her brother explaining that she is surely going to support her brother.

In the morning katha is talking with Paranv who says that Aarav called during the dinner when Katha replies that she is glad they did not meet but Aarav is about to come tonight so she does not know how he would react after hearing the name of Viaan. Raghav and Ruhi come informing they have a gift for Katha as their son has returned from the mountains, Aarav enters the house so katha is excited seeing him and hugs him, Ruhi asks if he came by himself or was thrown out of the event. Aarav replies that he did not come to meet her but for his lovely family when Ruhi says she knows he came for her and even asks for her gift but Aarav replies that they went to dinner alone and now want a gift from him, Ruhi insists she needs a gift so leaves with Aarav. Katha suggests to Raghav how she feels they should not tell Aarav about Mr Raghuvanshi as it might not be right at the moment when Raghav agrees with her and so says they would tell him about Viaan after a while since Diwali is a private affair. Raghav explains he is going to take Aarav to the mall for Diwali shopping and will return before the pooja so Katha replies even she is going to come back quickly from the office.

Viaan is anxiously waiting for Katha when Vanya says that he should not wait as she will surely come so Viaan replies he cannot wait for her, he explains that Aarav called last night during the dinner so Vanya asks what did she say when Viaan replies she lied as she is also a mother and so cannot think of anything else other then her son.

Ruhi asks Aarav what did he bring for her as gift when Aarav replies he went to the mountains so what could he have brought her, Ruhi gets a bit tensed when Aarav asks what is this in his bag so takes out a wooden statue of dog, Ruhi is excited to see it when Aarav says he is the one who made it for her, Ruhi gets emotional so starts crying when Aarav stops her, Ruhi says her body is not in her control and she needs a hug. Aarav mentions that he needs to go and take a shower so he leaves when Ruhi wonders if something actually happened during the trip.

Vanya brings the coffee for Viaan and asks what does he want as a gift when Viaan refuses so she says that if he tells her then she will gift him something which he desires otherwise he would have to work with what she gets him, Viaan says he just needs her prayers so Vanya replies she will always pray for him.

Precap: Katha tells Viaan she is really scared about what would happen to Aarav as he has just started getting a bit better. Aarav an Ruhi are enjoying the Diwali celebration when Viaan goes to meet Aarav who gets furious saying Viaan is not his father and he starts hitting the bench, Katha and Raghav leave with Aarav while Viaan sits down feeling heartbroken.