Katha Ankahee 17th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Viaan calls a board meeting

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Katha comes to her apartment; Aarav shows her poster of his karate tournament. He questions Katha after looking at her face which sits idle. Katha hugs Aarav, he knows Katha is a little troubled. Neerja comes from the kitchen. Katha tells Aarav that she is a little tired, the cinnamon milk will cure her. Neerja will put Aarav to sleep after telling a story. Neerja aggress, she has thought of a haunted story specially for Aarav he laughs as her stories are more funny than scary. Neerja takes Aarav inside. Katha sits down recalling her night with Viaan, remembers Viaan willing to talk to her, apologizing, his opinion about women being opportunistic. Viaan explained himself for everything, apologized for it. Though Katha never forgot yet that night became less terrifying for her, thought that the other person was as helpless but now everything is back to square one. She knows not the person she met in that hotel room or the person she met in Lonavala trip, who regrets that night. Katha rethinks about Shamita accusing Viaan of taking advantage of her.

Jeetu talks to his friend, tells him about Shamita willing to go to police and media. Ehsan enter the office telling that Shamita is not ready to negotiate, she is calling her lawyer willing to take an action against Viaan. Viaan suggests to call a board of director meetings, he cannot put their reputation at risk thus considers it wise to inform everyone first. Shamita wants to know Viaan’s response, they must be ready. He cannot let her destroy them. Jeetu leaves. Ehsan goes out to make some calls. The hotel manager calls Viaan to confirm about reservation, everything is prepared as demanded. Viaan cancels the reservation.

Katha stands near the window in sorrow. Neerja comes to her telling that Aarav wanted to talk to his mother, it was hard to put him to bed. Katha had to story tell for a whole hour. She comes to Katha with cinnamon milk, its trouble immune. Katha tells that nothing is alright, says that in office. Neerja get worried, questions Katha. She refuses to tell. Neerja reminds Katha about the perfect family photo, she cannot share everything with Aarav, so Neerja is here for her. She asks Katha to solve this issue together. Neerja insist Katha to tell. She tells her about Viaan and an employee named Shamita who was terminated a while back joined again today. After a while she came down from Viaan’s office.

Jeetu called the board meeting, a problem made him call everyone urgently. He informed everyone about Shamita and her accusation against Viaan for s*xual harassment. She wants an immediate action against Viaan or will go to press. Teeji bursts out in ager on Jeetu for listening to Shamita. Jeetu tells her about the text message she is using as evidence. Teeji still questions, there are million ways to hack anyone’s phone, she refuses to believe. A board member considering this a serious matter sends Viaan and Ehsan outside, he asks Teeji and Farah to leave. Teeji refuse, he tells that being Viaan’s mother Teeji can create more issues for Viaan. The board member will discuss everything with Teeji after making a collective decision. Farah requests Teeji to leave.

Viaan tells Teeji that he has no idea what happening, he fired that woman month ago for openly flirting with him. Shamita called two days back apologizing for everything. Today she came to Viaan requesting a recommendation letter, he doesn’t know anything about the letter. Teeji believes in her son, she will hire the best lawyer in town to fight this case. Ehsan enter the office with Farah, he takes Viaan outside to discuss something.

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Ehsan wants offer money to Shamita and put an end to this matter. Viaan doesn’t reply. Ehsan questions as this is their company and their rules. Viaan refuse to do any such thing. Ehsan asks is he wants Shamita to go to police and humiliate him in front of everyone. People love to see controversies. They need to come up with something because Shamita that can destroy everything for them.

Katha tells Neerja about the message. Neerja refuse to believe in the text message. Katha argues, problems like this are handled by evidences. Neerja argues back, evidence can be wrong. Viaan cannot do anything like this. Katha questions, it’s not easy for a woman to come up front and speak. Neerja aggress but a person like Viaan who helps without asking won’t put this ridiculous condition. Katha remembers Viaan doing the same to her, she gets up to drink water. Neerja asks not to believe in anything without further investigation, this can be implanted as well.
Farah asks Teeji about the problem with men on this house. Teeji questions, Viaan has done nothing, the woman is falsely accusing Viaan for it. Tells that Shamita was fired months ago, she is doing everything for revenge. It’s a hard pill to swallow for Farah but a message was sent form Viaan’s phone. Teeji knows that it was planted out somehow. Farah is worried because history is repeating itself. Incase Viaan is not proven innocent things will end for everyone.

Neerja tells Katha that the truth always wins. Tells her about the rabbit and turtle story, the false rabbit wants to prove himself right, but truth prevails slowly and steadily like turtle. Katha asks who is the rabbit in Viaan’s and Shamita’s case. Neerja tells the impatient one is the rabbit. Neerja asks Katha if she doubts or hates Viaan. Katha doesn’t know what to feel. Neerja suggests her to not think as a pessimist. Neerja has no doubt on Viaan hence have no worries. Katha needs to think from her heart.

The board member knowing Viaan as a child supports Viaan. Viaan is honored but wants board committee to act by the books, draft a committee with majority female in front of whom Shamita can present her case. The board member questions as the committee can go against Viaan resultantly he would be terminated from his executive post. He asks if Viaan wants to lose his company. Viaan doesn’t want any of his employee to feel threatened in this office environment. He requests for immediate investigation.

PRECAP: The board nominates Katha as the presiding member of the committee drafted in this investigation. They inform Katha about it. Viaan tells everyone in his office about his decision to temporarily step down as the executive till the investigation continues. Farah tells Ehsan to consider Viaan’s tragedy an opportunity for himself. Katha takes the elevator with Viaan.