Katha Ankahee 16th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Mr. Garewal accepts Viaan and Katha’s relationship.


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Viaan protects Aarav from the fire, the widow isn’t the best option to escape the room from, he turns towards the door, breaks it open from his foot. Mr. Garewal sees Viaan coming out holding Aarav in his hand, everyone rushes towards them. Viaan slowly faints.

Teeji and Farah tells Maya that Mr. Grewal is helping them by openly announcing his dissent towards Viaan and Katha’s relationship. Maya questions because Mr. Garewal loves Katha. Farha assures her that Mr. Garewal cannot see anyone at his son’s place and Katha will not marry without his approval. Maya wants every detail about Katha.

Viaan sleeps on katha’s bed, she slowly approached him, massages his head but he moves so she fixes his hair and backs off. Katha leaves the room.

Falguni brings turmeric milk to Aarav who is lying in Kavita’s arms. She forbids Aarav to move from here slightly. Mr. Garewal assures Yuvraj that everything is fine. Katha dares Aarav to make such mistake again. Kavita reassures. Katha is sure that Aarav will not repeat. Aarav promises over his father, reminding her that they don’t break this promise. Falguni takes leave to visit temple, Aarav promises to stay here. He wants to meet Viaan, Mr. Garewal approves.

Viaan wakes up, Katha and Aarav are standing next to him. Viaan asks for Aarav, he jumps on him. Katha wants Aarav to be careful. Aarav asks if Viaan will accept his apology, Viaan knows that he is sorry. Aarav feels like crying, Katha knows that Aarav will not repeat this mistake, but Viaan should know that as well. He calls Viaan papa, asks if he can. Viaan looks at Katha, allows Aarav, he is Aarav’s best friend, his batman and everything in this world. They tightly hugged each other. Katha looks at Viaan, he moves his hand towards her. Mr. Garewal sees everything.

He comes out to Aaditya’s photo telling him that if Katha moves on or someone takes his place in Aarav’s life Aditya will be lost forever. Mr. Grewal wanted to keep Aditya trapped in other people’s memories, but in reality, he has left. Mr. Garewal doesn’t need to visit someone else to meet Aditya because he lives within in. Kavita asks Mr. Garewal to talk openly, say everything out loud. Mr. Garewal frees Adtiya; he will remember him happily and in good moments. After seeing Viaan, Mr. Garewal realized that Aditya brought Viaan to Katha and Aarav, he asked Aarav to call Viaan papa. He asked Mr. Garewal to give Katha the chance with Viaan he couldn’t give her before. Viaan doesn’t want to take Aditya’s place, so Mr. Garewal will give him the place he deserves. Kavita hugs and thanks Mr. Garewal, he sees Viaan’s reflection in the photo and turns around. Mr. Garewal asks Viaan about his health. Viaan is scared about the future, Aarav considered him a father and he doesn’t know how to raise an intelligent son like him because Viaan never experienced that as a son. Viaan asks who will tell him how to handle a son in his teenage years, who to discussion on their first girlfriend. Aarav has called Viaan a father, but whom should he call a father. Mr. Garewal raised his hands to hug him, they were trembling. Viaan tightly hugs and calls him father. Kavita hugs Katha. Aarav screams in happiness. Kavita knew that this day would come, Mr. Garewal may have a villainous personality but has a father’s heart. Katha hugs Mr. Garewal, he openly allows them to happily live together. Teeji stands at the door witnessing the family moment. Kavita calls a party to celebrate this moment. Katha looks at Aditya’s photo. Teeji leaves the room.

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Mr. Garewal and Kavita brings Viaan to their home though he insisted to go home as Teeji must be waiting for him. Mr. Garewal needs to talk to Viaan, Kavita excuses her presence. Mr. Garewal asks Viaan about future plan. Viaan wants to take a shower because he is smelling bad. Mr. Garewal is asking about his plans with Katha. Viaan never imagined everyone becoming a family, he only foresaw being accepted by Aarav and Katha. Mr. Garewal wants Viaan to take a step in making his relationship permanent, start a new family. No one is ready for such changes, but planning weakens the trauma that comes with it. Kavita comes with ritual thali; she tells that by this they will declare Katha being his officially. They

PRECAP: Aarav asks Katha about he next step, that is a wedding. Katha blushes. Mr. Garewal meets Teeji as Katha’s father, he accepts that Viaan, Katha and Aarav are a family now. Viaan hugs Katha.