Katha Ankahee 14th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Viaan and Katha escape!


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Viaan was asked to stop the car, the man asks what Viaan can offer them. Viaan can give 1 lac, the other man questions. Viaan stops the car, he convinces them to come out and settle the matter alone, this issue must not reach home. Viaan comes out of the car with the two men.

Ehsan understands the guilt which changed Viaan. Ehsan worries about Maya finding it out. He called the accountants, but his number was busy.

Maya calls the accountant ordering him to being past years ledger, including Viaan’s. Teeji takes over the call, asks him to bring the documents himself and not tell anyone.

Ehsan calls the accountant, someone else picks up the call and informs him that Mr. Mehta left after receiving a call from Maya.

Ehsan races on the road to stop the accountant, and while doing so he gets into a car accident.

The men asks if Viaan carries such cash. Viaan does not, was about to transfer online. Viaan texts Katha to child lock the back doors. Viaan note down their numbers, sends them one rupee to confirm the account, understands those men are thief. VIaan insists to sit in the car, the mosquitoes outside are bugging him.

The men sit down, Katha gets out, Viaan and Katha runs away. The car doors were child locked; it took those men some while to get out, bought Katha and Viaan enough time to run out of sight.

Teeji and Maya greeted the accountant, he was injured. Teeji asks him about his injury, he recalls getting in an accident with Ehsan. Maya asks him if Viaan transacted 1 crore from the company’s account or not. The accountant refuses. Maya checks the document himself. Ehsan requests the accountant in the car to inform why Maya summoned him. The accountant hesitated at first then told that she asked of previous ledgers and Viaan’s account statement. Ehsan takes the documents, removes the page containing information about Viaan’s transaction. He forbids the account to inform anyone about it. Ehsan threatens the accountant to keep silent on the matter.

Maya checks the folder, failing to find any news about the withdrawal money. The accountant was asked to leave. Maya wonders how Katha got the money if Viaan didn’t help, where is she going wrong. Neerja comes to meet Maya and Teeji, might not real but is Katha’s mother, she has some responsibilities. Maya questions, they meet in the morning before. Neerja didn’t buy gifts then, Maya’s questions raised questions in Neerja’s hearts. Maya is Viaan’s aunt, she should ask direct questions. Maya appreciates Neerja for asking directly, Maya has right to investigate about the people they are bringing in their life. Neerja questions, the marriage has already been arranged. Maya thinks there is nothing wrong with people double checking, what is there to worry about Katha. Neeraja wants to tell something about Katha, they are not blood related, but she made her a family. Neerja as an aunt erased all the doubts Maya had. She requests Neerja not to share anything with Katha, she refrains starting new relationships with misunderstandings. Neerja and Maya hugs, Neerja leaves, Maya considers her a threat. Maya wants Teeji to remember any small detail about Viaan and Katha. Teeji has told everything about Katha, Viaan’s record has been speckless. In fact, Viaan even got a clean check on Shamita’s case. Maya was surprised to know that Katha was head of the committee, asks who else was on the committee.

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Katha and Viaan run away from the thief. The thieves decide to kill them, their life in a threat to their existence. Viaan ran out of breath, he doesn’t practice yoga like Katha, Viaan wants water. They saw the thieves approaching. They hide themselves from them. Viaan distracts them from a pebble, they leave to the other side. Viaan and Katha hug each other, were able to reach the holy shrine. Katha brings Viaan water. Viaan agrees with Katha, they reached the shrine because they were invited. Katha is thankful to Viaan for not leaving her side. She feared something wrong happening, but not now.

Maya offers hefty amount of bribes to someone in return for a small amount of information. She wants every small detail from the Shamita’s case, especially the conversation between Viaan and Katha.
Ehsan tries calling Viaan.

Viaan and Katha cleanse their faces. They perform rituals and prayers at the holy shrine. They both pray together, Viaan keeps adoring Katha while she makes prayers.

PRECAPL: Liza sends Ehsan a picture of Maya, Teeji and an office colleague. Ehsan wonders what Maya wants to extract from him. Viaan informs Maya their car broke; hence they would have to stay in hotel for a night. Maya considers it a golden chance to complete her investigation. Teeji didn’t expect Viaan to offer a girl for…