Katha Ankahee 14th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Viaan gives Seema the acknowledgment she deserves.

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Ehsan is in shock as Viaan tells him about Vanya being his half-sister, she is Seema and Viraj’s daughter. Ehsan questions. Viaan tells that they have been deceived all these years, the truth is different than they expected.

At night, Viaan sits with Katha asking if she will handle him, take care of him because he doesn’t know what he will do now. Katha will always support her; she is with him.

Ehsan questions Farha for running their childhood. He used to blame himself for not being able to cheer a friend, he had a troubled friend. Farha played good politics, changed history for her convenience, they played both hero and victim for Viaan but what about Viraj. Farha counter questions, if he is fighting for his friend than Farha did the same for her son years back. The luxuries Ehsan lives in are because of her. She stepped in to help Teeji take important decisions of her life, if not for her Vanya would have been the CEO of EarthCon. Ehsan must not dare teach Farha right and wrong, she knows well. Farha leaves.
Next morning, Viaan stands in front of the mirror staring himself.

In office, Katha comes to Viaan’s cabin, but he isn’t there. She wonders where he is.

Teeji notices Viaan staring himself, she is still waiting for his decision.

Yash is trying to convince Seema to visit the doctor. Vanya comes to her; Seema starts staring at her. Vanya tells her that she is Vanya, Seema knows, she was noticing something on her face. Seema cradles Vanya with love.

Teejs begs Viaan to listen to her first, Viaan is just being emotional. Teeji took and emotional decision, but Viaan doesn’t have to make the same mistake. Viaan giving Seema and Vanya acceptance would ripe their family apart, the troubles would end them. Viaan calms Teeji down, he will do what is best for the family.

Katha comes to her office, receives Vanya’s call telling that she is afraid because Seema will soon lose all her memory. She asks if they will be able to fulfil Seema’s list wish. Katha sees Viaan approaching.
She will call Vanya in a while. Viaan comes to Katha to tell about his decision.

Vanya receives a call that leaves her in shock.

Viaan comes down to press who wonder what he has to announce. He has Katha and Ehsan standing beside him for support. Ehsan initiates by thanking the press, tells that his father used to consider EarthCon family who value honesty, loyalty, trust, and respect more than cooperative ethics. Despite its preaching EarthCon underwent an unfortunate coincidence where family members of EarthCon were culprits along media. Viaan is standing here to fix that mistake and tell the truth.

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Farah questions Teeji for letting the secret out. Teeji did nothing, she blames it on Katha for investigating the matter than informing Viaan about it. Farah has been blamed for helping Teeji by her own son, she is a sinner for her son. Teeji tells that their children are not at fault. Farah accuses Teeji of creating chaos today, they were aware of Katha’s smartness and could have used it for their own benefit. Farah receives a text, turns on the television to find Viaan addressing media about his father’s death at house of a mistress.

Some humiliating adjectives were used for a lady without evidence. Today Viaan clarifies that Viraj didn’t have an illegitimate relationship with anyone. Viraj was in love with Seema Datta which the world tagged as an affair. The relationship media destroyed was dear to his father, with that he has another truth to share, members of EarthCon knew about that relationship including Teeji. Viraj and Teeji were in an unhappy relationship, so he had the right to choose happiness. Seema came into his life after that, but was character assassinated for being a home wrecker which is a lie and unethical, especially without knowing the truth. Viaan cannot reverse time so from now on he wants his father’s name to be addressed as a good father, husband, businessman and above all as pious human being including Seema Datta who should be mentioned as a respectable former member of EarthCon who stayed with his father till the end. Seema enters the office with Vanya, Katha helps her as she hesitates. Viaan brings Seema in front of the camera.
Teeji sits back in anger and despair after watching his son. Farah questions Teeji saying that her son will not go against her. He ruined the reputation they have been guarding for years.

Viaan introduces Seema to everyone who was an integral part of Viraj’s life, according to his words she was his home. Seema had a respectable and legitimate relationship with Viraj, she helped a broken man. After that Viaan calls Vanya to introduce her as Seema and Datta’s daughter and his half-sister. He calls it his and his father’s family.

Tears roll down Teeji’s eyes as she hears Viaan.

PRECAP: Viaan thinks that everyone can be fixed by having her by his side. Ehsan told Vanya that she will return. Katha visits gurdwara seeking help, asking for a sing. She sees Viaan standing on opposite side. He came here to serve, Katha joins him. Katha gets her finger injured while preparing meals.