Katha Ankahee 13th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Police stops Viaan and Katha.


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Viaan asks Kahta to talk to the air, it will take her up to the sky. She closes her eye wishing for Viaan to get what makes him happy and not what makes him sad. She prays to the creatures of the sky to bless them. Viaan brings a flying lantern, says Ameen for her wishes, they release the lantern in the sky.

Ehsan danced with Liza. Vanya wants him to practice dance with her, be serious for once. Teeji and Maya enter the room, Maya sends Teeji to her room. Ehsan greets Maya, tells that they will win against the female side. He asks Maya about her skit; Maya couldn’t succeed because Ehsan didn’t help her. She wanted to add a single mother’s victory but failed to find one, she wonders that Viaan failed to help Katha despite being a CEO. Viaan didn’t help, wasn’t aware of anything. Maya refuse to believes, asks Ehsan saying that Viaan changed after Katha. A Bank doesn’t give loan simply, Katha didn’t have anything to give to Katha in return. Ehsan wonders if she is asking everything for sake of skit or there is something else. Ehsan makes an excuse and leaves.

Katha navigates Viaan the way, there were two passages, he is willing to take whatever Katha takes him on. He will forever love the trip Aarav sent them on.

Ehsan wonders why Maya has been asking him about the money Katha arranged. Ehsan looks into the accounts, he links the dots together, his discussion with Katha and Aarav on the matter. Ehsan was left perplexed as he figures what Viaan must have asked from Katha in return of 1 crore. He called Viaan, there was disruption in the call, yet Ehsan asked if he took 1 crore out of the company’s account. Viaan asks why he questioned that all of a sudden. Katha lost signal, tells Viaan that they took the wrong way. Viaan panicked, he didn’t know where he was. Katha asks if he is alright, should they return. Katha tries to calm him down; they have only lost their way but will find another way. Viaan is anxious, Katha tries to calm him down, they are together to handle this situation. Viaan want surety about them staying together. Katha makes him park on the roadside, wants him to talk to her. Viaan tells her that Ehsan asked about the 1 crore he extracted from company’s account. Katha goes silent, Viaan thinks that there must be an audit, or that he must be going through some check and balance. Viaan will admit that he took the money for personal reasons, but won’t let that come between him and Katha, they guilt might never leave Viaan, but he will handle it. Viaan assures, Katha knows that it was a big mistake, but in the past and they have moved past it. Now they hold onto the light of their togetherness, fear and guilt should not prevail anymore. They both hugged each other. A police office flashes light at them, wanting them to come out. Viaan asks Katha to stay in the car.

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Maya knows that Viaan was the last person Katha met, though Ehsan couldn’t tell her much, so they are left with only one option. Teeji and Maya knows that they need to talk to the accounts officer to know whether Viaan withdrawal 1 crore or not.

The men question Viaan for engaging in illegitimate activities. Katha was asked to come out as well, the other man tried to come close to Katha. Viaan questions, asks them to bring a female constable. The men argue, taunt Viaan and Katha’s couple for using a desolate area for their personal wishes. Viaan argues, they are engaged couple. Katha tries to show them pictures, but they refuse to listen. Viaan wanted to make a call, but he wasn’t allowed. They accompanied Viaan and Katha in the car towards the police station. Katha was asked to sit back with the other male. Viaan notices the man getting close to Katha, he plays the music out loud to distract everyone. The men questions Viaan about his work. Viaan tells that he is an architect, design buildings for government as well. The men are government as well. Viaan proposes to handle the situation with money. Katha questions, wants to go to the police station instead of bribing. Viaan requests her to let him handle this.

PRECAP: Viaan and Katha reaches the holy shrine to pray in. Maya calls the accounts office home with details from last year. Ehsan calls the office to talk to the accounts officer but got to know that he had already left to meet Maya. Neerja questions Maya for not asking a straight question.