Katha Ankahee 12th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Viaan expresses his love for Katha on Radio.


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Viaan asks Katha if she got mad, wonders if there’s something in her mind. Katha has some mood swings as well. Viaan wants to know more. Katha get fearful the minute everything gets better, life has been a rollercoaster for her, the people she loved left, her parents than her husband and then the difficult phase with Aarav. Viaan understands the troubled past she had, but he is here for the future.

They stop for lunch break, Viaan checks the map, they have a long distance to travel. Katha gives him the sandwich asking him to move forward. Viaan asks her to feed him fast. Since the day he learnt about his feeling for Katha there is something he wanted to do. Viaan yells out loud that he loves Katha and only her. He wants everyone to know that he only loves her, the sky, ocean, trees, and everything else. Katha laughs, as his voice must have reached the ears of a few stray dogs and birds. Viaan left his message for the winds to carry. Katha texts Khushi asking for a favor. Viaan get curious to know. Katha refused to show him the message.

Maya and Teeji visit the Garewal mansion. Maya adores Aarav for fighting a hard battle with cancer. Mr. Garewal considers Aarav a fighter. Maya heard that the Garewal’s weren’t able to help Katha with the money. Mr. Garewal sent Aarav to play with Kiara and Aarna. Kavita informs that they reached out to Katha a week before Aarav’s operation, but she didn’t attend. Mr. Garewal tried to contact her multiple times as well. Maya wonders how Katha arranged that money, it must be difficult for her. She wants to help Katha if she has taken a loan for it. Mr. Garewal tells that Katha never let them help her. Mr. Garewal asks them to let go of the past, he changes the topic to beverages. Kavita takes Reet with her. Maya understands that the guilt doesn’t want Garewal to know what Katha did. There must be someone who knows the whole truth but who.

Viaan is jealous of a watch, he promises to Katha that they will reach in time. Katha knows, she asks him to wait. In 5 seconds, Katha gets a call, she wants Viaan to park on the side. Katha attends the call, asking the person to wait for a minute. She tells Viaan that he wanted to tell the world about his love for Katha, so she arranged a live radio call for Viaan to express his love. Viaan attends the call where RJ Khushi introduces Viaan, she wants to know what a serious CEO type has to say something. Viaan tells that this serious CEO has a heart, whose heart beats for his office worker. Viaan sends message for his fiancé Katha Singh, who made him a roadside Romeo. She turned a simple man into a lover. RJ Khushi adores Viaan’s confession. Viaan was a nice man before but trapped in love. RJ Khushi wants Viaan to talk about Katha. Viaan wants to but will refrain from it, metaphorically relates Katha to a firefly, something that sparks magic in life. RJ Khushi dedicates a song to them, Katha and Viaan couple dance on the song.
Maya visits Neerja in Katha’s old apartment and adores the ambiance. Maya appreciates Neerja for being Aarav’s second mother from being his donor. She wants Neerja’s help, wants advice on what to give Katha. She will refuse to take a diamond necklace. Neerja thinks that they should give her lots of love. Maya wants to know why Neerja calls Viaan as angry young handsome man. Neerja laughs, Katha used to get mad hearing Viaan’s name. Maya loves hearing this story. Neerja tells that Katha and Viaan used to have a lot of arguments, but she kept her office gossip in office. Maya compliments Katha for her effort in arranging 1 crore for Aarav’s treatment. Neerja apologized, she has to be somewhere urgent, but will host Maya and Teeji the next time they visit. Maya and Teeji leaves, Maya wonders why Katha used to stay mad at Viaan.

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Viaan and Katha enjoy the beautiful view. Katha helps him get his wish fulfilled, wants her to ask for something as well. Katha’s wish had already come true, it was standing in front of her in a pink dress. She isnt a poet like, doesn’t know who to praise someone. Viaan understands that she left it for the wind, Katha left it for the sky.

PRECAP: Maya tells Ehsan that Viana took 1 crore form the company’s account to help Katha. Ehsan calls Viaan questioning him for it. Viaan panics, tells Katha about it.